Review: Prenatal Workout DVDs

31 Jan

At long last, here’s the prenatal workout video review I said I’d do.

I’ve always enjoyed the variety that having a few good workout videos provide so over the course of this pregnancy, I’ve been on the quest to find some good prenatal ones. Below are the ones I tried. I rated them on a scale of 1 to 5 (1=would never do again, 5=awesome, bought it) with hearts instead of stars, since WordPress doesn’t give me a star option:

prenatal pilates10-Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates – ♥♥♥♥♥

I love this video – it’s actually the only one I bought out of all of these. It has 5 workouts that are each 10 minutes long, so your workout can be as short or as long as you want it to be. The 5 workouts are: Standing Pilates, Core Pilates, Pilates for Buns and Thighs, Pilates for Flexibility, and Total Body Pilates. The Standing Pilates workout is done standing up, and actually got my heart rate up nicely in the 2nd trimester (it might be a little too intense for the 3rd). The other workouts are done either laying down (on some pillows), on all fours or kneeling. The instructor is very clear and easy to follow. I really liked this video because the workouts weren’t too challenging or intense, and yet I finished feeling like I got a good workout. It might be a little easy for a 1st trimester workout, but it’s great for the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

fit n firm pregnancyDenise Austin Fit & Firm Pregnancy – ♥♥♥♥

If you’ve ever done a Denise Austin video, you know that she’s overly peppy and enthusiastic (but not annoyingly so in my opinion) and that her instructions can be a little hard to follow the first time through. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this video. There are 3 30-minute workouts – Cardio, Strength for 1st & 2nd Trimesters, and Strength for 3rd Trimester. The cardio workout is mostly aerobics and while the moves were fairly straight-forward (walking up and back, mambo, step-touch, etc) and not particularly challenging, the workout did get my heart rate up. The strength workouts involve basic moves and show a few variations so that you can make the workout easier or harder.

The main reason why I wouldn’t buy this DVD is that you have to listen to Denise talk for about 5 minutes before you even get to the menu to select which class you want to do. You can’t even fast forward past it! Since a workout video is meant to be used over and over again, this would get very old.

yoga mamaCrunch Yoga Mama – ♥♥

This was a relaxed, slow-paced yoga video and a good upper body workout for someone like me who hadn’t been doing yoga or strength regularly for a few months. But I only gave this video 2 stars because the instructor talks a LOT about preparing for labor, connecting with your baby, etc. Since you pretty much end up memorizing what the instructor says during a workout video, I found her comments excessive and annoying. (If I wanted a labor video, I’d watch a labor video.)


Prenatal Yoga #1 (free online video) – ♥♥

This was also a very relaxed slow-paced yoga video but again, I found it to involve too much talk about labor/delivery and baby stuff. If that’s your thing, definitely check this out (it helps that it’s free and online!)

38f32ce9b2944893_prentatal-yoga-dvd.xlargerPrenatal Yoga with Desi Bartlett – ♥♥♥♥

This was my favorite yoga video out of all the ones I tried. Even though she talks about connecting the sky and the earth and other “yogi” phrases (which aren’t really my bag), it’s not excessive. She does mention how certain poses will help in labor or with your baby, but only a few times. The 40-minute routine is done mostly standing, using the warrior poses and goddess pose for the main workout. I liked that instead of completely altering a yoga routine from what a non-pregnant woman would do, Desi uses a lot of the same moves and adjusts them appropriately for pregnancy. If I wasn’t getting to the end of my pregnancy, I might be tempted to buy this video.

wk-237_1zPrenatal Fitness Fix with Erin O’Brien – ♥♥♥♥

I was very surprised by this video. First, I expected it be like any other workout video – taped professionally in a workout studio. Instead, this video looks like Erin recruited a friend who knows a few tricks with video editing to record her doing the workout in her living room. It was a little off-putting and I thought about just turning the video off, but I stuck with it and ended up really enjoying the workout. Erin is funny and talkative and keeps you entertained. The 45-minute workout consists of a warmup, cardio, strength and cool down. Out of all the prenatal workout videos I did, this was definitely the most intense workout – a little too intense for me at 26 weeks. I would recommend this to someone looking for a sweaty workout in the 1st or 2nd trimesters.

41KKWRDXE6L._SL500_AA300_Leisa Hart’s fitmama Prenatal Workout – ♥

When I first got this video from the library, I was pumped to see that there were several different workouts, including a salsa cardio routine and a yoga segment, both about 20 minutes long. But I have to say, when I tried out the yoga portion, I was very disappointed. I wasn’t a huge fan of her teaching style, the weird breathing she had us do, and the routine repeated for too long – I was ready to move on long before she did, and then the workout was over. I was so over it that I didn’t even try the other workouts (that and the video was due at the library).


There are other prenatal workouts I would like to try but these are the only ones I could check out from the library for free. And based on the lack of success I had with these, I’m glad I saved my money. I am still really enjoying the 10-minute Prenatal Pilates video though.

Have you tried any of these videos? Which prenatal workout video(s) is/are your favorite?

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