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Emma: 2 Weeks

22 Apr

Our baby girl is now 2 weeks (and one day) old.

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Time is already going by too fast! I tell ya, some days it feels like I wake up and before I know it, it’s 5 pm. Between daily laundry, nursing and sleeping in until 9 or 10 if Emma lets me, I often drink my coffee at noon and shower at 4 pm.

My parents left last Sunday so this was the first week that it was just me and Travis with the Biscuit. Travis works from home, which is really nice because I can move the swing into the office or set up the baby monitor and go run an errand while Emma is sleeping and Travis keeps an eye on her. It’s also nice for him because he can come say hi while taking a break and also get his Emma fix during lunch (while giving Mommy a break!).

Travis and I have worked out a rough schedule for sleeping at night – I go to bed around 9 or 9:3o while Travis stays up with Emma – sometimes, she’s a little fussy or takes a while to get to sleep so he comforts her while I get some sleep. Around midnight-ish, Travis wakes me up for Emma’s midnight snack (assuming she’s acting hungry) and goes to bed himself. Then I take over from there, getting up whenever I hear Emma starting to grunt and smack her lips. Since Travis is working right now and I’m not, I’m bearing the brunt of the night duty – he couldn’t do much more than change her diaper anyway. I’m hoping that once we get Emma to take a bottle, Travis could handle the midnight feeding so I could get more like 5 or 6 hours of sleep at once, instead of only 2 or 3.

Emma lost her umbilical cord stump on Saturday, which completely grossed Travis out. It was dangling by a thread, so we used a nail clipper to snip it off completely.

IMG_4499 (Large)

It’s a belly button!

That meant Emma got her first real bath! She fussed a lot less when she could actually be in the water (we still use the infant sling that hooks to the bathtub). We use the sprayer attached to the sink to get her wet and wash her hair – it works really well.

She is noticeably more alert this week – yesterday, I took her on a walk and she stayed awake the whole time. She’s also started crying for reasons other than being hungry – wet diaper, being overstimulated, wanting a different position – but she’s still pretty easy to comfort, once we figure out the issue.

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She’s also a lot more gassy/poopy and spitty. Some of her farts are impressively loud and long considering her size, and her diapers are starting to stink a bit more. In the wee morning hours of yesterday, Emma had just finished a rather eager feeding session and was drifting off to sleep when all of a sudden, she burped and then puked everywhere – on my clothes, the blanket, my nursing pillow, herself. I think it was caused by her eating too much, too fast.

I’ve tried drinking a glass of wine a couple times after feeding Emma in the evening but it seems that that’s always the time she decides to wake up early to feed. So I think I’m going to wait until we figure out the bottle situation until I try that again. It’s the same with when I use my breast pump – instead of going 3 hours in between feedings, she only goes 2. Then I don’t have the amount of milk she wants and she ends up getting frustrated. Another situation that will be greatly relieved once we can get her to take a bottle, and keep it down.

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We had our 2 week well baby appointment today and Emma now weighs 7 lbs 8.5 oz! Her birth weight was 7 lbs 6 oz, but at her last appointment, she was 6 lbs 14 oz, so the doctor was pleased with her gain. Yay Emma!

Travis and I are big fans of nicknames and have come up with several for Emma:

  • Em Diggity
  • Jellybean
  • Bobble head
  • Lizard tongue

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The thing I was looking forward to the most about having a baby was the cuddle time. Since I’m nursing, though, that makes up the majority of the time Emma and I spend together. When she’s sleeping, I usually give her to Travis or put her in her swing so I can do things like eat, take a shower, blog, drink my coffee, do laundry, tidy up, go shopping – in short, be productive. But I can get so caught in getting things done that I miss the moment. So yesterday, I forced myself to let things go and instead, take a nap with my baby girl.

IMG_4487 (Large)

IMG_4493 (Large)Holding her reminds me that all of this is so worth it, and helps me appreciate what a blessing she is.

Tomorrow, I’ll post about my recovery and adjustment to motherhood.