Two Dogs and a Biscuit

2 May

Our dogs Katy and Charlie have adjusted really well to Emma. They had already been around young kids quite a bit and always done well, so we weren’t that concerned with how it would go, but it’s still been interesting to see their reactions to the newest member of our family.

When we first got home from the hospital, we brought Emma down to their level and let each of them sniff her. That’s about the extent of the attention that Charlie pays Emma – sniffing her every once in a while, presumably to make sure it’s still the same baby. We also have to watch Charlie to make sure she doesn’t flop on Emma or accidentally hit her while begging for us to rub her belly. (She’s been known to do that to other dogs, so why not a Biscuit?)

But Katy has taken on a more protective role.

IMG_4398 (Large)

Whenever Emma is crying, Katy gets really concerned. If the door to the nursery is closed, Katy paces around outside it, whining. Especially that first week. She’d stand up on her hind legs to check on Emma while she was on the changing table getting a diaper change or in the kitchen getting a bath – both events that elicited quite a bit of crying from Emma.

IMG_4412 (Large)Katy also follows me and Emma around during the day so we put a little bed for her on the floor in the nursery, and she hangs out in there when I’m nursing Emma.

The dogs have been going slightly stir crazy with receiving less attention and being cooped up due to the snow. Whenever friends from church bring us dinner, they both go nuts for attention. And taking both the dogs and Emma on a walk takes quite a bit of coordination – not to mention a run! The other day, my mother-in-law and I took the dogs and Emma on a walk in a park near our house. Emma started cracking about 5 minutes after we got there so she took Emma out of her carseat and carried her while I held on to the dogs and pushed the stroller. It was tricky but I think it’ll get easier – I’m pretty sure we’ll need to get a dog leash that goes around our waist, so that we have both hands free for the stroller. (Or maybe only take both the dogs and Biscuit when both Travis and I are going along.)

I’m looking forward to when Emma is old enough to play with the dogs herself!

What was your experience when you introduced your dog(s) to your baby?

2 Responses to “Two Dogs and a Biscuit”

  1. Brittney May 2, 2013 at 11:48 am #

    We have a very friendly well-mannered mini dachshund and never worried about him with the baby since he’s always been great around kids. I think the biggest issue we’ve had has been changing from him being the center of our world to kind of being second.
    I can tell he is jealous of us giving her so much attention and he kind of behaves like the older sibling, wanting me to play fetch with him when I am busy with her, trying to sit on my lap the second I sit down before I can put her there, that sort of thing.
    We have found two “surprises” in the nursery, which were strategically placed when he was especially jealous and we were surprised because he is such a good dog and that is pretty out of character for him, but I kind of feel like I have to cut him some slack because I know this really changed his whole world and I feel bad that I don’t have the time to dote on him like he’s used to.
    I look forward to when the baby and dog are old enough to play together though. I have seen him with babies that are around a year and he’s so cute playing fetch with them, so I really think they are going to be good friends eventually.

  2. monthsbeforeyou May 3, 2013 at 3:09 am #

    Our 2 dogs have had similar reactions….one of them is especially interested and wants to be nearby baby to check things out. The otg er sniffs him but really just wants our attention. Hard to do both dog and baby duty since walking at a normal pace is still an issue after surgery!

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