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Emma Grace: 3 Months

7 Jul

At 3 months (13 weeks), Emma is roughly 12.5 lbs, 25 inches long with a head circumference of 16 inches (according to my measurements since she doesn’t go back to the doctor until she’s 4 months old). At her 2-month appointment on June 10, she was 10 lbs 5.5 oz (22nd percentile), 23.5 inches long (86th percentile) with a head circumference of 15.16 inches (53rd percentile). So she’s growing well!
Since she’s so tall, she’s outgrown some of her 0-3 month clothes, especially when she wears cloth diapers. And because it’s finally summer and we still swaddle Emma at night and for naps, she hasn’t gotten much use out of the long-sleeved sleepers that fit her right now – and probably won’t before she’s too big for them. Sad!
Emma is a very smiley girl and is the happiest in the morning. I love going into her room in the morning and being greeted by her big toothless grin. She smiles a lot after her good naps too.
Little by little, Emma has started to like things she didn’t before. She goes longer on walks without crying or fussing – we can make it a full 20 minutes now! She’ll fall asleep in her carseat in the car (but still after she cries for 5-10 minutes) and she’s mostly stopped crying when we take her out of the bathtub. She hardly ever cries when getting her diaper changed or getting dressed.
In the past week, Emma has really discovered her hands. She loves to look at them and put them in her mouth. She also looks at people when they talk to her, and follows them and toys with her eyes.

Emma likes to make noises when she’s awake but she almost never grunts in her sleep anymore. Glad she outgrew that! She’s started to laugh in her sleep, which makes me hopeful that real laughing is just right around the corner.
Emma consistently sleeps 7-8 hours as her long stretch at night, except the past couple nights when she’s been going through a growth spurt. She goes down for the night around 9:30 and sleeps until about 5. After I feed her, she’ll go right back to sleep for another couple of hours. She usually is ‘up for the day’ between 6 and 7:30. We still swaddle her but she’s on the verge of outgrowing it, now that she likes her hands so much.
Emma still naps the best in my arms and gets really difficult when she’s overtired. But I’ve been having a hard time sitting around so much, so I’ve started alternating putting her down and holding her for naps. If I put her down (after she’s already asleep), she’ll only last about 45 minutes. I use that time for showering, laundry, cleaning, prayer/Bible study and other projects. If I hold Emma during her nap, she sleeps 1.5 – 2 hours. So I use that time to read, watch Netflix, email, blog, research things, etc. It’s working for now. And since she’s sleeping so well at night, I don’t really feel the need to change it (though going back to work might change my mind).
Things Emma does when she’s awake:

* Plays on her playmat, watching the blinking star that plays music and batting at the hanging toys, especially the frog
* Listens to music while mommy holds her reclined on her legs and moves her arms to the beat like she’s dancing
* Swings or sits on mommy’s lap while being read a book or her Big Picture Story Bible
* Goes on a walk around the yard or neighborhood
* Lies on her back while kicking her legs and inspecting her hands
* Attempts tummy time for a few minutes (not a big fan)
* Gets a bath or grooming (which consists of washing her sticky hands, arms, face and neck)
* Eats! She has cut her nursing time down to about 20-30 minutes (10-15 on each side)
* Watches mommy work in the kitchen or do laundry
* Takes in all the new sights and sounds when she goes shopping or to one of mommy’s friend’s houses
Even though Emma isn’t a big fan of tummy time, she has pretty good neck control, I think from the way I nurse her. This past week, we bought her a Bumbo seat. She likes it a lot!
But it’s a lot of work for a little girl! So she only stays in there for 5-10 minutes.

Last Tuesday, we had Emma’s 3-month pictures taken by our good friend, Jen. I can’t wait to see how they turned out in a few weeks! Emma was a little fussy during pictures but Jen said she did really well compared to some other kids she’s photographed.

And that’s Emma at 3 months!