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Emma’s 3-Month Pictures

21 Jul

When we were back in Minnesota for the 4th of July, we had our good friend Jen from Kitestrings Photography take Emma’s 3-month pictures. I was hoping to capture Emma’s great wide smile but unfortunately, she was not in a very smiley mood during our photo shoot, due to her only taking a 10-minute nap on our way down to the Cities. We got some great pictures anyway though, thanks to Jen’s talent! These are some of my favorites:

IMG_6832 (Large)

IMG_6918 (Large)

IMG_7112bw (Large) IMG_6961bw (Large) IMG_6999 (Large) IMG_7037 (Large) IMG_7071 (Large) IMG_7073bw (Large) IMG_7078 (Large) IMG_7083 (Large) IMG_7088 (Large)

IMG_7028 (Large)

IMG_7021bw (Large)IMG_7040bw (Large)Ok, so I had a lot of favorites. If you’re in the Twin Cities area and are looking for a great outdoor photographer, check Jen out – though you might have to wait a few months because she’s 8 months pregnant with a little girl of her own!

Thanks again Jen for the great pictures!