Our Cloth Diapering Experience

28 Jul

Since we’re using cloth diapers, I thought I’d write the quintessential cloth diapering post.

We started using them around 10.5 weeks. By then, Emma was only pooping once every 1-2 days and I finally felt ready to take on the adventure of cloth diapering.

I had researched diapers during pregnancy and had some friends who liked the bumgenius diapers. So I registered for and planned to buy all one size bumgenius 4.0 pocket diapers with snaps. But then we only received 2 from our showers and a friend from church offered to give me all of her cloth diapers. She had used them with her first two kids but decided to do disposable with her third. I wasn’t about to turn down that kind of generosity – cloth diapers are expensive and we weren’t even sure we’d like them. So we ended up with several kinds of diapers, and as it turns out, the bumgenius ones aren’t my favorite anyway. So my first piece of advice: try out several brands before committing to one.

All of the diapers we have are one size pocket diapers. My friend had about half FuzziBunz and half bumgenius.

These are probably my favorite but they’re also the most expensive, at $20 a diaper. I really like how they fit Emma, and they have adjustable elastic around the leg openings and waistband on the back, so you can make the diaper fit right. There are 3 snaps in a triangle on each side and they’re very easy to use and adjust. You can even snap one flap over the other for a smaller fit around the waist.
I also like that there isn’t a fold in the back so it’s easy to get the insert out.
The only drawback is that the ends of the elastic tend to come out of their little holes.
It’s not a biggie to put them back in but it’s just one more thing to do. I’ve also had the most leaks with these but I think that might be the result of not having the elastic adjusted properly.


I have two versions of bumgenius diapers: velcro and snaps. For some reason, the velcro ones are really bulky so I don’t use them. I think they’ll fit better when Emma is older.
The snap ones I have are the new 4.0 one size diapers (shown on the smallest setting height-wise).
They work well enough but on the smallest size, the insert pushes the front of the diaper up. It’s hard to explain so I’ll show a picture:
That’s really the only complaint I have though. I haven’t had any leaks and the diapers fit pretty well. The pocket does have a fold to keep the insert in but I don’t find that to be a big issue.
The inside fabric is really soft too, which I like.

Kawaii Baby

I actually had never heard of this brand but I got one for free when I bought our wet bags and some cloth wipes from Kelly’s Closet.
I liked the diaper so much that I bought 5 more! (From Sweet Bottoms since they were out of stock on Kelly’s Closet.) I would’ve bought more FuzziBunz but the Kawaii diapers are only $10 each, so I can get 2 for the price of 1 FuzziBunz diapers.
The pocket in these also has a fold. They come with 2 inserts like the bumgenius diapers but I only use one at a time.

The snaps are a combination of the bumgenius and FuzziBunz styles – triangle snaps around the waist like FuzziBunz and three rows of snaps for adjusting the height.

Full disclosure: I still use disposable diapers at night. It’s easier and I don’t have to worry about leaks. Plus Emma has diapers she needs to use before she gets too big for them.

Storage of Dirty Diapers

We bought 2 Planet Wise wet bags to put dirty diapers in – 1 to use at home and 1 for the diaper bag. I have no complaints about these bags. They keep the smell completely contained and are really easy to wash with the diapers when they get really stinky (about every 3-4 diaper washes).

We bought the hanging dry/wet bag for the nursery. I haven’t used the dry compartment yet but might use it if we continue cloth diapers at daycare (my friend is willing to).
When I take a used diaper off Emma, I pull the insert out of the pocket, lay it in the diaper and fold both in half before putting them in the bag. Since I’m still exclusively breastfeeding, I don’t do anything to the poopy diapers because it all comes out in the first rinse cycle. I put our cloth wipes in the bags too. When I go to wash the diapers and wipes, I just shake all the diapers out of the bag into the washer. Easy!

The hanging wet bag is supposed to hold about 25 diapers but it gets pretty full with only about 15. I’d probably be able to fit about 20 but I don’t have that many diapers I like to use right now (hence buying more).

I do the same thing when out and about but I store the diapers in our medium wet bag:
That bag is supposed to hold 6-7 diapers.

Washing and Drying Diapers

I bought Rockin Green detergent to use for washing diapers.
It seems expensive at $15 a bag but you only use 1-2 tbsp per load so it lasts a while. I bought a little scoop from Kelly’s Closet (where I also bought the soap) to measure it out.

To wash the diapers, I run the diapers through one cold rinse cycle first with no soap. Then I add the detergent and run them on a regular hot wash cycle (which ends with another cold rinse).

For drying, I hang all the diapers and wipes on a drying rack and put it outside to be bleached and sanitized by the sun.
I dried them on low in the dryer a few times before we bought a drying rack but it took a while for them to dry completely. During the winter, I’ll probably use the dryer more but the diaper covers dry faster than the inserts, so I’ll probably remove them earlier than the inserts.

Storage of Clean Diapers

When I first started using cloth, I assembled the diapers after washing them by stuffing them with the inserts. But then I got wise (or maybe just lazy). Now I just put them in a fabric bag and assemble them as I use them.
Or I stack them folded with the insert so I don’t have to dig in the bag.
We also use cloth wipes and actually have since Emma was born because she gets diaper rash really easily from traditional wipes (even the ‘sensitive’ ones).
We have a spray bottle filled with a solution of 1/2 water, 1/4 baby oil, and 1/4 baby lotion, and just spray the wipe before we use it. No more diaper rash! (I do still use regular wipes on the go so I don’t have to bring the spray bottle along.) But I’ll probably try to have my friend use cloth wipes while Emma’s at daycare.

Whew, that was long! Feel free to email me with questions. I can see us using cloth diapers for a long time to come!

3 Responses to “Our Cloth Diapering Experience”

  1. pintofgoals July 28, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

    I have the same patterned large wet bag! We’re also using cloth diapers (obviously) and also do disposables at night. Right now we have just one kind (Best Bottom brand, snap pad-like insert) and are very happy. Maybe I’ll venture out and try the pocket style one day. Great idea for cloth wipes! Do you just use wash cloths?

  2. Kasi August 1, 2013 at 9:41 am #

    If you’re ever interested in trying covers and prefolds, we use thirsty duo covers with snaps (snaps last way longer than velcro in my opinion) and just the cotton prefolds, though bamboo ones work great too. They’re super easy, work great and you can reuse the covers if they don’t get poop on them. They’re also a bit cheaper which made them appealing to us. So glad you’re enjoying the cloth. Good idea on the wipe solution. We usually just use water since I’m a little lazy but I like the idea of a little oil in it.

  3. specialkkluthe August 9, 2013 at 3:04 pm #

    Thanks for the suggestions Kasi! I’ll look into those if/when I buy more cloth diapers.

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