Emma Grace: 5 Months

7 Sep

Emma is 5 months old (almost 22 weeks) today!

Emma5Month 020 (Large)

Emma5Month 001 (Large)

She has changed SO MUCH over the past month – and really, just in the past couple of weeks.

First, she found her toes (aka ‘piggies’). She LOVES sucking on them and whenever she has her diaper off, they’re up in her mouth. (The cloth diapers make it hard to get her feet up there.)


Second, she looks around and actually sees stuff a lot more. She loves looking at the toys and gadgets attached to her jumperoo. She’ll follow the dogs as they walk around and watch them while they lick their paws or pant after a run. She notices the butterfly toy attached to her carseat and reaches up to play with it. When she drops a toy, she sees where it goes. If she wants to play with it again, she’ll reach for it. When I have her in the Baby Bjorn while I shop, she looks around and occasionally looks up at me and smiles when I look back (melts my heart!).

1265687_622033064493686_1965744258_oHer increased awareness of her surroundings has also started making nursing a challenge at times. She’ll pull off and look around, especially when Daddy is doing something close by. It’s the worst in the evenings, when my milk supply is lower, so I’ve had to go into the nursery and nurse her in the dark and quiet.

Third, she LOVES taking baths. I’ve started giving her one every night, instead of every other, since she enjoys them so much. We’ve also moved her small bathtub into the big bathtub, so that she can splash to her heart’s content and not get water everywhere. She’s still not a huge fan of getting out of the bath and getting her pajamas on, but she calms down when I massage her legs and feet with lotion.


Fourth, she can roll over! Only from her belly to her back so far, but still, she can do it! Now tummy time is really a challenge, because she only stays there for a minute at most before rolling over. Here’s a video of it.

Fifth, she has transitioned to falling asleep on her own, in her crib, without being swaddled. This was a very gradual process and I think it deserves its own post. So I’ll leave it at that. But she’s such a big girl now! (And yes, I know that we’re not supposed to have pillows in the crib. After finding her like this in the morning – with her facing the opposite direction – I promptly removed them. She’s more mobile than I thought!)


Sixth, she is getting very close to being able to sit up on her own. She’s still pretty wobbly but babies learn things so fast that I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s sitting unassisted by 6 months. So much fun!

Emma5Month 014 (Large)Other notable things:

  • She’s been in our little kiddie pool 3 times now. She definitely doesn’t like the water when it’s cold, but she really enjoys being in the water otherwise. I plan to start swimming lessons with her in the next couple of months.
  • She’s easier to take places. She no longer hates her carseat with a passion, so we can take her shopping or out to eat and have her sit in her carseat, content, for 30-45 minutes (with toys of course). But we’ve also eaten dinner too late several times and one person has to take Emma outside and walk around so she doesn’t have a meltdown.
  • She loves being held up in the air like SuperBaby, and has a good time when held upside down. Which is good because Daddy loves doing stuff like that.

We haven’t started solid foods yet, but I’m planning to buy a highchair soon, and having her get used to sitting in it while we eat dinner. I’m planning to start solids more around 6 months. Breastfeeding is still going decently well. I’ve been a little concerned about my supply the past couple of weeks, and I’ve had to supplement with my freezer stash a couple ounces here and there, but overall, it’s not too bad. I think the main things are that Emma needs to nurse longer and I need to drink more water. So we’re working on that.

Emma5Month 004 (Large)

And that’s Emma at 5 months!

2 Responses to “Emma Grace: 5 Months”

  1. jenm83 September 7, 2013 at 3:16 pm #

    oh my goodness she looks absolutely adorable!! 🙂 Growing and changing so much already….

  2. notsodomesticated September 11, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

    She is sooo precious! I love seeing these updates. Addie turns 5 months on Monday, and she’s doing a lot of the same things as Emma. So fun!! 🙂

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