Thanksgiving Weekend 2013

3 Dec

It was nice staying in town for Thanksgiving this year. On Wednesday night, I went with some of our small group from church to volunteer for Operation Christmas Child while Travis stayed home with Emma. We’ve done this for the past 4-5 years and it is always rewarding and enjoyable. I didn’t go last year because I was pregnant, so I’m glad I got to go this year! We prepared boxes that were going to Guayana and Togo.

On Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), we ran the Turkey Chase 5K that benefitted the Denver Rescue Mission with our friends D and Doug. It was Emma’s first race! She did really well – she slept through the first half and was content hanging out for the rest. While I think the Denver Rescue Mission is a great organization, I was a little frustrated with the race. One, the first half mile was on gravel – while that’s nice for running, it’s a little bumpy for a stroller! So Travis and I ended up mostly walking that portion for Emma’s sake. Two, the course ended up being 3.5 miles instead of 3.1. And three, it was an out and back course on a greenway, meaning not much room to get by slower people. Travis and I had quite a time of weaving around walkers and other strollers. But really, those things are just frustrations as a runner with a stroller. If we hadn’t had a stroller, it would’ve been fine, except for the course length.

We had a pretty good race anyway though. Here are our mile splits:

turkey trot splitsWe were cruising for Mile 3! A little too much, because I had to have Travis take over pushing the stroller. I pushed it for the first mile or so, he pushed for the second mile, I pushed it again for about 5 minutes, and then he pushed it the rest of the way. 😉 That was nice. We finished in 38:42, average pace of 11:08/mile.


After the race, we went home, showered while Emma took a nap and then went over to our friends’ house for the feast. We brought pumpkin pie with whipped cream and green bean casserole (which I made for the first time, and I thought it was meh). But the rest of the food was delicious!

1486723_10202757468642641_1227915238_nEmma thought so too – she mostly had her own butternut squash puree, but she tried mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. She loved the pie!

20131128_145135After stuffing ourselves, the guys went downstairs to watch football and the ladies talked and looked through Black Friday ads. It was nice and lowkey, but it certainly wasn’t as relaxing as in past years, with a baby to take care of!

On Friday, Travis went fly fishing with a couple of friends, including my friend Cathy’s husband, so Emma and I went over and hung out at her house most of the day (after I took a much-needed nap during Emma’s naptime!). We drank coffee, talked and watched Miracle on 34th Street – I had never seen it before. I enjoyed it.

Saturday, Travis woke up sick. Major bummer because that’s when we were supposed to have our date night/birthday celebration! I had bought tickets to the Avalanche vs. Wild hockey game, but we ended up selling them. Instead, we just hung out at home watching Monsters University while Emma was at our friends’ house. We have another date night scheduled in a couple weeks, so hopefully that’ll turn out more like we hope. It was a nice night anyway.  And we didn’t have to worry about the volume being too loud! (Emma’s room is right next to our living room – sooo looking forward to a bigger house!)

On Sunday, Emma and I went to church while Travis stayed home. I checked her into the nursery for the sermon, but she lasted only about 5 minutes. When I came back to get her, her face was bright red and she had snot running down her face from crying so hard. Poor baby! She just wanted mommy though because she was perfectly happy with me. The rest of the day, we just bummed at home because I was beat.

Monday was a marathon shopping day for me and Emma. I realized that every weekend until we leave for Minnesota is crazy busy so I needed to get some Christmas shopping done ASAP! We went to Office Max, the post office, Sports Authority, Walmart and the grocery store. Emma was a trouper though! The only noise she made in the stores was a lot of loud squawking at Walmart.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!



One Response to “Thanksgiving Weekend 2013”

  1. Angie @ Pint of Goals December 4, 2013 at 8:04 am #

    What a cute Thanksgiving Day bib!
    Great job on the 5K! I haven’t been running for a couple weeks now, and I miss it.

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