Emma Grace: 11 Months

7 Mar

It seems unreal to me that Emma is turning 1 year old in a month! That means we’ve survived almost an entire year of parenthood. 😉

No, but Emma is truly a delight. I think this is the most fun age yet. So what is Little Baby Emma up to?


Emma is still wearing her 12-month size clothes. She has a few freakishly large outfits that are 6-9 months and still fit. She is now wearing Size 4 diapers. And I think we’re going to have to buy her bigger socks. She won’t have another pediatrician appointment until 12 months. I tried to schedule it before we move on March 22 but they wouldn’t let me. So that means I’m going to have to find a pediatrician where we’re moving sooner than later!


Emma didn’t get any new teeth this month, though she had several rough nights that made me sure she was teething. But alas, no new teeth.

Her eating habits this month have gotten pickier. She has started refusing to eat chunks of fruits and vegetables in favor of purees. One time, I tried to trick her by putting a chunk of carrot on a spoon with some puree but she ate the puree and spit out the carrot. She has also started refusing to eat things by sticking her tongue out and not opening her mouth. She’s still a good eater overall though so I’m hoping this is just a phase. Her favorite foods are yogurt, quesadillas, toast, strawberry oatmeal with banana, clementines, and puffs. She also tried tator tots with ketchup and really liked them (who wouldn’t?).

20140208_132411I’m officially done with nursing and pumping during the day. I nurse Emma when she wakes up in the morning, she gets 2 bottles during the day (though she hasn’t been drinking much of the bottles we give her either!), then drinks a bottle + nurses before bed, and nurses when she wakes up in the middle of the night – still about once on average. I tell ya, this little one is a moving target. She is never predictable!

In the next couple of months, we’re going to start weaning Emma from a bottle to a sippy cup. I bought some that aren’t the no-spill kind in the hope that being easier to drink out of will help her understand what to do with them. We’ll see how that goes! We also need to get better at brushing Emma’s teeth. I’ve been totally slacking on that so far.


Emma’s sleeping habits haven’t changed much from last month, but her ‘going down’ habits have. She is stuck between not wanting to be held to go to sleep and not wanting to be put down. Every nap and bedtime is a guessing game of what Emma wants. If I had to guess what happens most often, I’d divide it up like this:

60% Emma cries for a few minutes and falls asleep

35% Emma screams her head off and gets rocked/nursed to sleep

5% Emma goes to sleep quietly on her own

IMG_5467I think the reason why it’s such a battle is because Emma has a hard time winding down. She doesn’t like reading books, singing songs, being rocked, being held. Even after a bath and getting pajamas on in a dim room, she’s ready to play. So many times, we do our bedtime routine and try to give her a bottle and she’s too wired to even drink it. She’s bouncing around her crib, squawking, wanting to sit up, crawl around, peek over the edge of the chair, play with the bottle nipple. Ugh, it’s maddening sometimes! But the other night I realized, maybe that’s the way Emma calms down. Maybe instead of the things I think she “should” do to wind down, she just needs to play around in her room with me for a while, doing her own thing, until she’s settled down enough to drink a bottle and nurse. So I think that’s what we’ll start trying.

I’d like to re-read all the sleep books I read when Emma was first born, now that I know her better, and maybe start keeping a diary of when she ate, fell asleep, woke up, etc. again. Because now that she will be home with me full time, I need her to nap better so that I can get stuff done! For us with Emma, sleep is definitely the most challenging part of parenthood.

IMG_5468It doesn’t help that Emma has been perpetually sick since November. Poor little girl. She gets a cold with a stuffy nose for about a week and then it turns into this hacking cough that lasts what seems like forever (but in reality is only 2-3 weeks). Sometimes she coughs so much that she gags and pukes. But according to our pediatrician, that’s pretty normal for kids her age. We give her the Hyland’s cough syrup and have a warm vaporizer going in her room every night, both of which seem to help. I also bought a cart cover to hopefully prevent her from picking up bugs while we’re shopping. 


A few days after she turned 10 months, Emma figured out how to crawl forward!


20140301_170120And about the middle of last week, she figured out how to pull up on things. It is so cute to go into her room in the morning now and she’s standing there holding on to the side of her crib, talking to herself. It works against us too though because now when she’s upset in her crib, she makes herself even more upset by sitting or standing up.

So far in her newly mobile life, Emma’s favorite toys are the door stop in the living room, the dog dishes (especially the one with water in it!), shoes, a basket in the office and anything with a cord. We let her play with cords when they’re unplugged and she’s supervised. She completely destroyed my phone charger with her slobber. Her favorite rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom. She’s also started paying more attention to the dogs, which they are not completely thrilled about but they’ve been great with her so far. We’ll just have to teach Emma to not touch the dog dishes while they’re eating!

biscuit with dog dishes

One absolutely hilarious thing that Emma has started doing now that she’s crawling is ‘carrying’ stuff in her mouth like a dog. If she’s playing with a toy and wants to move to another spot without putting the toy down, she’ll put it in her mouth and crawl away! I’ve tried to take a picture but she always takes it out of her mouth too quickly.

She’s still as smiley and talkative as ever, and still loves her Baby Einstein table, jumperoo, being twirled around in her highchair and held upside down. She is not a fan of being held up high or thrown into the air though. She has grown more ticklish so it’s easier to get her to laugh and giggle. A couple of times when we’ve been played on the floor, I was laying on my side and would ‘bounce’ my foot over slowly to Emma saying “It’s going to get you!” and then I’d poke her with my toe and she’d laugh her head off. It even got to the point where she’d start laughing before I touched her. So cute!

20140304_180348This month, I also took Emma swimming for the first time. I forgot my camera, so no pictures. ::fail:: But Emma really enjoyed it. My friend Charlotte let her use a floaty ring, so I had Emma in there for part of the time and also held her part of the time. I also took Emma to the mall to ride the merry-go-round/carousel. She did what she usually does during new experiences – showed no emotion.

20140228_153649Anyway, I have to start planning Emma’s birthday party! We’re just going to do something small with family – a luxury that we’ll finally have, being back in Minnesota!


2 Responses to “Emma Grace: 11 Months”

  1. Jen March 7, 2014 at 8:27 pm #

    Wow! How fast a year goes! She is precious. I love the facial expressions and her hair. 🙂 Wish we could be there to celebrate her birthday 😦
    And btw, I wouldn’t worry about her teeth just yet. Probably not super crucial until she starts getting those canines and molars. We started with a toothbrush around 16 months or so and then started toothpaste at 2.

  2. Heather March 9, 2014 at 6:31 pm #

    She is so cute. It is amazing how quickly time goes. Good luck with your move. Those are always difficult.

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