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Check It Out –

29 Apr

I bought my own blog domain! It is now officially 

But since I’m still using WordPress and it automatically redirects, you don’t *have* to update the URL in your bookmark, RSS manager, or whatever.

You can officially follow me on Bloglovin’ though!

Follow on Bloglovin

I thought I knew a decent amount about html code, blogging and redirects to buy my own domain and set it up, but apparently it is a little more complicated than adding line breaks to posts and inserting pre-made widgets. 😉 I did figure it out eventually with a little help from GoDaddy support and my brother, but man, it doesn’t make me want to ever change my blogging platform.

Anyway, if you’re interested or thinking about doing the same thing, I bought my domain through GoDaddy ($13/year for domain, $8/year for privacy), set up mapping through WordPress ($13/year), and set as my primary domain. I had hoped to avoid the mapping fee through WordPress (since you can forward URLs through GoDaddy for free), but without it, my URL would either show up as still, or there would be no post-specific URLs displayed (it would always show no matter what). So I figured, if I’m going to buy my own domain, I might as well do it right. So this little blogging hobby of mine will now cost me $34 a year.

But I feel so official, it’s worth it.