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Emma Grace: 13 Months

14 May

Emma turned 13 months on May 7, so this update is a week late. I was also in the Cities on the 7th, so I didn’t do a photo shoot either. But I’d like to keep these monthly posts going until Emma is 2 years old, so here’s what Emma was up to during her 13th month:


Emma is wearing more and more 18 month sizes. We are ready for the weather to warm up in Minnesota so that she can wear all of her cute, fun summer clothes!

20140422_084213We bought Emma a new convertible carseat this month (the Graco My Size 65) and will start using it whenever we’re ready to give up the convenience of bringing Emma into the house sleeping – which is not yet, to say the least. We’d probably keep her rear-facing for now anyway. She doesn’t mind her carseat 95% of the time.


Emma is still a good eater, though she is fairly limited in what she will eat a lot of, and we often have to try feeding her several things at a meal before finding something she will eat more than one bite of. Her favorite foods that she will eat pretty much anytime are: clementines, string cheese, grapes, strawberries, graham crackers, yogurt, applesauce, black beans and corn. She also usually likes bananas, puffs, cheerios, broccoli and toast, but they are hit or miss. She is not a huge fan of meat, except for the occasional deli meat, or eggs (which is weird because she used to like them).

20140429_082744Emma has figured out how to drink from a no-spill sippy cup and also how to suck purees out of the pouches. Hopefully she’ll learn to suck from a straw soon, since that makes restaurants easier and less messy. We are also starting to show Emma how to use a spoon and fork herself – she likes it!


Emma continues to sleep straight through the night, going down between 7 and 8 and waking up between 6:30 and 7:30. If she wakes up later or takes a really long nap, she only takes 1 nap a day. Otherwise, she’s still taking 2 naps. They still vary in length, but I’d say that the majority of her naps now are in the 1.5 hour range, which is wonderful!


Emma in a deer stand


This month, Emma learned how to:

  • Put the coins into her piggy bank slot
  • Put things back in once she’s taken them out
  • Climb the steps!
  • Push her alligator clacker really fast
  • Let go and stand on her own a lot – she’s so close to walking!

20140425_083505Emma still doesn’t have any words that we can tell, but she babbles a lot. She says “Da” the most and sometimes accompanies it with holding her hand up. So cute.

She is still our little daredevil and LOVES going down the slide, swinging as high as she can, and having daddy “flip” her onto his shoulders from the floor. He lays her down on her back, head toward him, and grabs her left hand and foot in his right hand, her right hand and foot in his left hand, and then swings her up on to his shoulders. She loves it. Emma and I also have a mommy/daughter flipping trick. Emma sits facing me and I stand over her, grab her belly from behind and flip her up so she’s sitting on my chest, feet by my ears. It’s a good time.

IMG_5702 (Large)

And she still loves playing in the dishwasher.