Random Update and House Inspiration

3 Jun

Hey friends! I am seriously lacking on blogging inspiration and ideas right now, so I thought I’d share some randomness with you:

1) Last weekend, Travis, Emma and I went to one of Travis’ cousin’s graduation open houses down in the Cities and then we spent the night at my parents’ cabin, which is an hour north of there. They hadn’t seen Emma in over a month! It was fun and we got to help them with some yard work. I’m going back down there this Sunday while Travis travels for work. We’ll make our way down to Rochester too, and I’ll stay until Thursday-ish. So nice to have flexible plans when you live in the same state!

2) My second oldest brother, Brian, is marrying his dream girl, Jill, on Labor Day weekend this year in San Francisco, where they both live. Travis and I just booked our tickets last night! I’m so excited! They’re not having a bridal party, but all immediate family are in the procession. I’m excited to go dress shopping with my mom.

3) Instead of spending $3,000-3,500 on a brand new dining room table and sofas, Travis and I are bargain hunting. We found a couple of LaZBoy couches on CraigsList for $600 (we paid $500) that are the exact ones we were looking at (though a better color) and are in near-new condition. Score! We had to drive to Perham to get them (which was about 2.5 hours round trip) but totally worth it to save $1,400.

And then when we were up at Travis’ parents’ cabin on Memorial Day weekend, they said that there was a maple dining room table and chairs that were just going to be burned if no one wanted them. They were in rough shape, and they’re not necessarily what I would choose if I were paying for them, but hey, they’re free! We are going to refinish them with milk paint and distress them, giving them an antique look. I’ll post befores and afters on the blog.

4) Speaking of house projects, I joined Pinterest for the sole reason of getting house ideas. So I’ll leave you with some of my faves right now (that I might actually try to do):

trunk coffee tableLove the trunk as coffee table


We have this Poang chair in black, but I’d love to recover it with a fun fabric like this. (Does anyone know if Ikea sells just the cover? It didn’t look like it to me…)

understair playhouseThe house we’re buying has a built-in monster old-school flat screen TV underneath the stairs, along with a cubby for DVD and VCR players. If we removed them, this would be an awesome idea of what to do with those built-ins.

breakfast bar stool

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this chair and distressed look. And amazingly, I was able to find this exact chair unfinished on Bellacor’s website. I think Travis and I will buy 3 of these for our breakfast bar, but we’ve agreed to finish them with varnish instead – probably a 2-tone with dark cherry and a lighter oak color.

green wallpaperOur basement has 3 built-in bookshelves and I’d like to put peelable vinyl wallpaper on the wall behind them, just for a little something extra. This wallpaper from Lowe’s is a front runner.

purple tv stand

Our colors downstairs are going to be a toned-down lime green, plum (like the above TV stand) and brown. Would LOVE to find an old dresser and refinish it like the above for our TV stand.

crate flowers

I bought a few crates like this from an antique shop and plan to use them on our front porch for displaying annual flowers. I like this arrangement.

basement ledgeOur basement has a ledge like this, but right now it is just sheetrock. Travis and I plan to finish it with wood like this. The colors down there are actually these exact ones too – tan on top, green on bottom. Not the greatest picture, but I think it will look sharp!


Well, that’s all I have time for today! Have a great Tuesday. If for some reason you’d like to follow me on Pinterest, my name is Kathy Kluthe. 😉

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