Settling In

27 Jul

We moved into our new house a month ago tomorrow. It has taken pretty much that whole time for me to adjust to our ‘new normal’. It’s amazing how you can think mentally that you’re handling a situation pretty well, but your body reacts in a way that makes you realize, “Oh yeah, I am kind of having a hard time with this.” After getting food poisoning on July 4th, I was dizzy for about a week and a half, and then I got a mild cold. Nothing debilitating, just enough to make chasing after a toddler not the most enjoyable thing.

I think God was telling me to slow down, but true to form, I fought against it. I had a house to organize! Even though I want to be intentional with decorating, my OCD personality can’t stand seeing things sitting around without a home of their own. But I finally saw rest for the gift it is and napped during quite a few of Emma’s naps. 

This past week, I finally had the energy and health to tackle some of the piles around the house, which I’m thankful for. Emma’s room is finished, and I think I might even love it more than her original nursery. I’ll share pictures in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve also had the energy and motivation to start keeping a loose routine/schedule. Honestly, I was floundering when we first moved into our house because I had nothing going on. Whether it was hormones, spiritual warfare or just my self-pity kicking in, I was in a bad headspace for several weeks. I’m doing better now, but still trying to keep in mind that moving to a new state and city is hard. It takes time to adjust – so I need to give myself grace, and be ok with things being hard for a while.

In the midst of all that emotional turmoil, Travis, Emma and I have been having great times with family. One weekend, we drove up to Nevis for a baby shower and then to Bemidji for my sister-in-law’s housewarming party. Last weekend, the 3 of us checked out the Brainerd zoo – Safari North – and fed farm animals and parakeets. Yesterday, we drove down to my parents’ cabin and went swimming and pontooning on the lake.

We’ve been meeting and reconnecting with friends too. This coming week, one of my good friends from college and her daughter are coming up to visit. I visited them in St. Cloud back at the end of June. I’m also one of 4 women from a local church in a weekly book study. It’s been nice to have weekly fellowship again.

Travis and I have checked out 3 different churches so far. They seem like all nice churches – it will be a tough decision! We have friends at one of the churches, though, so that is a definite selling point. Since this will hopefully be our church home for many, many years to come, we want to be patient and make sure that we choose the right church for our family. 

I’m hoping that as I settle into a routine again, I’ll be blogging more often. But I’m kind of obsessed with watching Burn Notice on Netflix at the moment, and that’s usually what I do after Emma goes to bed. 

One Response to “Settling In”

  1. pintofgoals July 28, 2014 at 12:20 pm #

    Good to hear you’re feeling like yourself again. You’ve had so many big changes over the past year(ish)! Naps are SO necessary, but I agree it’s hard to take that down time when there’s so much to do. Good luck in the church search!

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