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Emma Grace: 19 Months

11 Nov

Emma’s favorite things at 19 months:

  • “Cooking” in the kitchen with water20141006_175336
  • Playing outside (but not riding in the stroller, or walking when she’s supposed to)
  • Playing in the car20141021_122013
  • Eating pickles… for breakfast20141024_074543
  • Jumping! This was in the bouncy house at the fall festival but she loves jumping on her toddler bed (the only thing she does on it right now) and on the trampolines at ECFE.20141024_194211
  • Helping Mommy and Daddy with whatever they’re doing (this was taken while cleaning out a cooler from elk hunting)
  • Making messes! Specifically with towels, dishes, paper, and balls.20141027_092235
  • Finding water outside while playing in the rain. Water!!!20141027_171959
  • Other things that Emma loves (and I don’t have pictures of):
    • Coloring
    • Getting messy with finger paints, mud or food
    • Dogs
    • Playing with other kids
    • Looking at books by herself
    • Riding in the ‘race car carts’ at the grocery store
    • Climbing on things she’s not supposed to, like our side table or entryway bench

Since I said I’d mention it, we had the first of Emma’s evaluations for a speech delay, and their conclusion was what we had known – she’s on track in every area except speech. We’re going to have 2 more evaluations done, and then I’ll post the ‘results’ or what ‘treatment’ we’re going to do.