A Day in the Life {12/22/14}

23 Dec

I always think it’s interesting to get a peek into other people’s lives, so here’s a peek into my world yesterday.

5:00 & 6:00 am – I hear Emma cry/moan a little, but it’s too early! So I wait to see if she goes back to sleep, and she does.

7:00 am – I hear Emma again and it’s time to get up anyway, so I go get her out of her crib and try to rock her in the glider for a bit while I wake up. She’s raring to go though, so I change her diaper and let her play.

7:30 am – I get Emma breakfast (yogurt, raspberries, oatmeal squares) while I drink coffee and eat a yogurt. I go wake Travis up too.

7:50 am – Travis is up with his coffee and we do our morning Jesse Tree reading (we’re behind, so we do 2/day).

8:00 am – Wash Emma and let her down to play, while I finish the Jesse Tree script for the remaining days (nothing like the last minute!)

8:45 am – Emma wants to “cook” with water in the kitchen (which she lets me know by pushing one of the kitchen chairs over to the counter), so I set her up and move my computer into the kitchen.

9:00 am – Done! I get Emma dressed, then I get dressed, do my makeup and put my hair up. It’s a no-shower day.

9:20 am – Tidy up our bedroom, change our sheets, start a load of laundry with the dirty ones, do the dishes

10:00 am – Eat a bowl of oatmeal squares with banana while Emma draws at the kitchen table, talk to Travis a bit while he gets another cup of coffee.

10:30 am – Head out to run some errands at Costco (gas), Walmart (a zoo!!) and Office Max.


12:05 pm – Arrive back home; Emma fell asleep in the car. I plan to wake her up for lunch and have her down for a nap around 1:30 but she is OUT so I carry her in and rock her back to sleep.

12:30 pm – I attempt to put Emma down in her crib, but she freaks out, so I end up holding her for her whole nap. Travis brings me my phone so I read blogs and Facebook, and work on a blog post.

2:15 pm – Emma wakes up. Lunch time! Emma and I both have leftover tacos from the previous night.

2:50 pm – I call my mom to chat a bit about plans for our family celebration happening next week while Emma entertains herself by looking through what we bought at Walmart.

3:20 pm – I pop into Trav’s office to say hi and tell him about what I talked about with my mom.

3:30 pm – Emma and I go downstairs to play and she ends up taking a digger into the wall while playing on the guest bed (poor girl), back upstairs for ice and laundry, then we read books and play with her toys.


4:30 pm – Emma wants to play with water in the kitchen again, so I wrap a Christmas present while she’s occupied.

4:50 pm – Emma and I make her Christmas presents for Grandma and Grandpa (her participation is supplying the foot and hands for paint).


5:30 pm – Travis is done with work! I keep working on the gifts for G&G while he entertains Emma. Then we all go on a family walk to the mailbox (yes, it was pitch black outside).

6:15 pm – Travis starts making dinner (elk burgers for us, leftover mac & cheese for E, sweet potato fries for all).

6:50 pm – We eat dinner and do our evening Jesse Tree reading.

7:15 pm – I clean up dinner and do the dishes while Travis gets Emma ready for bed. He gets her bedtime bottle and starts her bedtime routine while I pick up toys.

7:45 pm – Emma is acting like she’s not tired, so we let her play for another 15 minutes.

8:00 pm – Emma’s bedtime! She’s still NOT a fan of the idea, so she cries for 20-30 minutes. I hate it when that happens. But we know she is tired.

8:15 pm – I leave for my women’s Bible study at a friend’s house.

10:30 pm – I’m back home and sooo ready for bed! But I’m also hungry so I eat a bowl of oatmeal squares and watch the end of a Blue Bloods episode with Travis.

11:00 pm – Bed!

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