Emma Grace: 22 Months

7 Feb

Emma’s obsessions this past month have been eating yogurt and wearing adult shoes around the house. She also loves wearing Mommy’s socks instead of her own. The ‘water play in the kitchen sink’ obsession has mostly run its course, which I’m thankful for. It was getting old!

Emma’s still holding strong with naptime around 2 and bedtime between 8 and 9. She does sleep in until 7:30 or 8 on a regular basis now though, which is nice. Her eating habits are mostly back to normal and she will sit in a booster seat at the table (as we discovered at Grandma and Grandpa’s house) so we plan to buy one of those and put her highchair away until Bisky Junior needs it.

20150115_190527 20150124_174847 20150125_202742

Emma is babbling up a storm now, and trying to use words at daycare. The things she says most often are “Ah na” for all done and “Meh meh” for more while signing. Other words she has said at least a few times are “Bubble”, “Emma”, “hot”, “on”, and “off” (osh). And her favorite non-word thing to say is “Ah dubba dubba dubba dubba.” Her little voice is SO CUTE, it makes me melt every time.

20150115_175236 20150121_120259

Our schedule is finally back to ‘normal’ after the holidays, which has been nice. It helps me to have places to go and things to do. During Travis’ most recent work trip, Emma and I went down to Rochester and spent the week with my parents. It was nice seeing them.

20150127_162917 20150128_105544

Emma got to push her very own shopping cart around the People’s Coop — making it the most exhausting, chaotic grocery shopping trip I’ve ever been on! She loved it though.

Emma also found a balance disk to bounce on, which she thought was extremely entertaining. Little girl wore grandma out!


I forgot to bring Emma a sippy cup so she had to drink juice and milk out of her bottles. I think she actually prefers that… so it probably goes without saying that weaning her off her bottle was a no-go. She was just cranky all the time so I finally caved. We’ll try again later.


Emma and I went to the Children’s Museum on Saturday, and she had a blast running around and ‘playing with’ the other kids. She dressed up like a mailman for about 30 seconds.

Where’s Emma?20150202_130741

After I unpacked from our Rochester trip, Emma discovered that playing in my suitcase was lots of fun! (And in that picture, you can see that she’s wearing some of my socks.)20150202_171424

Playing with grocery bags and wearing Mommy’s socks. That’s what we do.20150205_192818Emma got her 3rd haircut this past week, and even though we went to the same lady as we did the 2nd time (and she did a good job then), Emma totally ended up with a bowl cut this time. I think she looks like a Friar. Oh well. At least it’ll grow back out, right?

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