Emma Grace: 23 Months

7 Mar

In just a month, Emma will be TWO years old! How is that possible? This past year went by really quickly. It’s amazing to compare Emma now to pictures from her first birthday — she was still such a baby then! Now she is full-blown toddler.

Emma’s favorite things this month have been:

  • Reading books on her own


  • Wearing winter gear around inside


  • Wearing adult shoes (still) — this actually seems to have improved her balance a lot!


  • Painting and drawing


  • Playing with clothes, whether hers or mommy’s


  • Being held by mommy for naps


  • Eating fruit snacks (she has a 2-pack-a-day habit)


  • Playing with all the baby stuff that mommy has been getting ready


  • Stickers!

20150220_083901 20150220_083934

  • Drinking bath water, and other water-related shenanigans


  • Making messes, of course


  • Starting to show more interest in playing games on the tablet and phone


  • Being crazy! She loves running around our basement, chasing the dogs, spinning in circles and jumping.


Emma has continued to make great progress with her speech. She can now point to almost every body part we ask her about. She understands increasingly more complex requests, like when we ask her to find the matching sock or put the red block away. She has started to say hi and bye often, especially when we prompt her and sometimes even when we don’t. Her favorite words right now are “knee” (because she got an owie there a while ago), “ice”, “puppy”, “mom” or “mommy” and “uh oh”. She also says “wah wah” for water, “shoes”, “daddy” or “dada”, and “nye” for bye.

Just in the past week or so (I think), Emma got her first 2-year molar! Her sleep habits haven’t really been any worse than normal (though she has by no means been sleeping through the night every night) so I didn’t even realize that she was getting another tooth.

We bought Emma the Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat to replace her high chair and she loves the seat so much (because of the buckles!) that she will voluntarily climb up into it for meals and buckle herself in all on her own. My parents have the same booster so we knew she liked the chair. Money well spent. Though when we take Emma out to eat at restaurants now, we don’t even ask for a high chair. We request a booth and let Emma stand or sit as she desires. This was learned after a particularly hairy dinner at Olive Garden back in January. She is just go-go-go all the time!

Emma definitely has the typical toddler behaviors of throwing things and hitting when she gets mad. We’re trying to coach her to ask for help instead of getting frustrated, and that we don’t ever hit or throw toys at people or dogs, but it’s a challenge. I’m sure other parents understand this. After a playdate this week, I realized that we should start teaching Emma how to say “I’m sorry” so that she can apologize to her friends when she either intentionally or unintentionally hurts them. She does get concerned when one of her friends is upset — though she doesn’t know how to communicate that with words.

20150306_115530Last but not least, Emma got a new cousin this month! My oldest brother and SIL had their baby boy yesterday. Such a cutie. Can’t wait to meet him! I’d be planning a trip down to visit if I weren’t expecting a baby soon myself. They’re a 13-hour drive away so it’s a little far to go at 36 weeks pregnant! Hopefully sometime this spring or summer though.

We’re having Emma’s 2nd birthday party about 2 weeks early so that we don’t have to worry about Bisky Junior crashing the party (since my due date is the day after Emma’s birthday, and the weekend right before her birthday is Easter). I finally sent out evites and bought Emma’s birthday shirt today. We’re doing a puppy theme and keeping things fairly low key with pizza, fruit, puppy chow and cupcakes decorated with paw prints. We invited our immediate family, a few of Emma’s friends and are planning to have the kids decorate paper dog ears that they can wear. Other than that, it’ll just be letting them play and eat! Should be a good time.

One Response to “Emma Grace: 23 Months”

  1. Natalie @ The Ravenous Mommy March 13, 2015 at 12:31 pm #

    Emma is such a cutie! Wyatt loves drinking his bathwater too, even when i take the cups away, he drinks straight from the faucet, haha

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