Father’s Day 2015

23 Jun

For Father’s Day this year, I let Travis sleep in while I got up with the girls. (He let me sleep in on Saturday.) Once Travis got up and made coffee, I made him eggs and bacon for breakfast — but I tried to do too much at one time so I burnt the first round of eggs.

We made it to church for the second service. Afterward, we made an impromptu decision to pack up a lunch and have a picnic at the beach in the Gull Lake Recreation Area. It was such a fun time! I forgot my phone so I have no pictures (fail), but Emma loved playing in the sand. She was also brave enough to wade out in the water up to her waist, and then let Travis carry her into deeper water. She loved pointing out all the boats on the water, and watching the other kids playing at the beach (that girl has no personal bubble).

By the time we left, it was a quarter to 3 so Emma was exhausted. She passed out on our way home. Annabelle was a champ too — she enjoys being outside.

While all 3 of us girls napped, Travis finished installing our in-ground dog fence by cutting a line through our driveway, inserting the cable and re-sealing the crack. (Hey, he chose to do that!)

He had been planning to go fishing that evening, but I wasn’t feeling the greatest so he agreed to take a rain check and stay back to help me with the girls. That’s why he’s such a great husband and father! We were both still pretty full from lunch, so he just made macaroni & cheese, mainly for Emma. I had entertained the thought of grilling steaks (one of Trav’s favorites) but sometimes things don’t go beyond thoughts. (Actually, that happens quite a bit lately.)

All in all, it was a really fun family day. And Travis will get his fishing in later this week!

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