Annabelle Lyn: 4 Months

29 Jul

Annabelle was 4 months old on Monday!
She doesn’t have her 4-month well-baby checkup until August 11 so I won’t know her measurements until then. But I can say that she has adorable, chunky thighs!
Annabelle is such a good sport. She is so easygoing and happy just to take it all in.

This past month, she has gone swimming at the beach 4 times and in the pool once. I had almost returned a little swimsuit we got for her as a gift, thinking we would never use it before she’d outgrow it, but I was wrong! Annabelle has gone swimming more in her first 4 months than Emma did her first 2 years. But we are living in the Land of 10,000 Lakes now — swimming is just what you do in the summer!
Each time Annabelle went swimming at the beach, I changed her from her swimsuit back into warm, dry clothes and set her down in her carseat — and she just drifted off to sleep on her own! That should tell you what an easy baby she is. The complete opposite of Emma.

I had no intention of putting Annabelle on a schedule, but she kind of did it herself! Here’s her general schedule/routine:

6:30 — Wake up and nurse

7:00 — Back to sleep

7:45 — Wake up, hang out in the Rock n Play while Big Sis and Mommy eat breakfast

8:00 — Nurse

8:30 — Play on playmat while Mommy gets herself and Big Sis ready for the day

9:30 — Naptime, either in the swing or carseat if we’re going somewhere

11:00 — Wake up and nurse

11:30 — Hang out, Mommy and Sis eat lunch around 12/12:30

1:30 — Nurse in Emma’s room while Mommy tries to get her down for a nap

2:00 — Down for afternoon nap

5:00 — Wake up and nurse

5:30 — Play in bouncy seat or on playmat while Mommy makes dinner; Hang out in Rock n Play while family eats dinner

7:00 — Down for a short nap, sometimes just in the Baby Bjorn while we play outside

7:30 — Wake up; Play a little before getting ready for bed (which usually just consists of changing her diaper, putting on pajamas and wrapping her in the same swaddle she uses for naps)

8:00 — Nurse

8:30 — Bedtime!

This is a very general schedule, and since Annabelle is so agreeable, we push her naptimes and feedings around a little depending on what we’re doing. I often nurse her until she’s sleepy, then quickly swaddle her and put her down. She still loves the Baby Bjorn, so if we’re out and about during her naptime, I can just put her in there and she looks around for a while before falling asleep. We’re planning to buy an Ergobaby or Boba carrier soon, since the Bjorn is killing my shoulders now that Annabelle is heavier! I know we’ll get a ton of use out of it — just hesitant to spend the $150.
Besides swimming, this past month Annabelle has:

* Gone on a hike with Mommy and Daddy in Crow Wing State Park (no Emma)

* Gone garage sale-ing for her second time

* Watched Mommy and Daddy eat dinner outside on the patio at Jake’s

* Started grabbing for toys with her hands a lot more

One Response to “Annabelle Lyn: 4 Months”

  1. Natalie @ The Ravenous Mommy July 30, 2015 at 8:45 am #

    Adorable! It must be amazing to have such an easy going baby!

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