A {Real} Day In The Life

16 Aug

Today was one of those days.

I had moved to Emma’s room around 3 a.m., after she woke up twice quite upset — whether overtired from our whirlwind trip to the Cities that day or irritated by a diaper rash on her bum, I wasn’t sure.

Annabelle woke up to nurse around 6 a.m. I snuck out and nursed her quietly in the glider in her room. She fell back asleep, I put her back down and snuck back into Emma’s room, only to discover she was already awake and unhappy. A few minutes later, Annabelle’s squawk came through the monitor. I got back up, brought Annabelle to Travis and went back to bed with Emma until 8.

We got up, ate breakfast while we “watch movie”, and made it to church only 5 minutes late for the 9 a.m. service. I even had time to dry my hair and put lotion on my legs! I still did my makeup in the car though.

We checked Emma into the toddler room and I watched the whole service on the closed-circuit TV in the nursing room while nursing and then holding Annabelle while she napped. I don’t get to do that much, so it’s a sweet time when I do.

After church, we stopped by Walmart to buy Emma new shoes (we discovered upon arriving at church that her tennis shoes from the spring – the only ones we had along – are now 3 sizes too small…) and chips to bring to the all-church picnic. We ate lunch at the park with church friends, watched Emma and the kiddos play on the playground and bouncy house, and then headed home for naps around 12:30. I figured Emma would be ready for an early nap because of her rough night (she usually naps around 2).

It was working out perfectly. I nursed Annabelle and put her down around 1:15. We watched a few minion mini-movies (this girl is obsessed) and then Emma and I went to her room for a nap. After two trips to the bathroom for water and a tissue for her “nose boogers”, she laid down on top of me and fell asleep. I was *almost* asleep when Annabelle started crying. Travis was out mowing the lawn so I rolled Emma off me and made sure she was still asleep before sneaking out.

Annabelle hadn’t slept very long, even with the short nap she’d taken at the picnic, so I changed her diaper and set up on the bed, hoping she’d fall back asleep nursing, still giving me a chance to nap too. It worked! Annabelle was sleeping and I was getting drowsy when I thought I heard Emma… I got up to get the monitor then saw the door to our room was open, which meant I could hear Emma if she was crying. So I crawled back in bed (still holding a sleeping baby) and settled back in.

Then I heard Emma again. No question that time. She was quite upset. So I put Annabelle back down and went back in to Emma. If Annabelle woke up again, I’d just have to go get Travis. I cuddled with Emma until she calmed down. She seemed to be almost back asleep when Annabelle cried again. I watched her on the monitor for a bit and she went back to sleep, thank goodness. Unfortunately, Emma didn’t go back to sleep like I had thought so we got up to cuddle on the couch while watching TV (we don’t usually watch this much, I promise!).

As I was laying in Emma’s room, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, not just because of the nap debacle but also because Travis was going fishing that night for the third time this weekend, I decided that I needed a break, and not just in the form of wine (though that was definitely needed too). And I wanted to do something relaxing, not go on a bike ride like I had planned.

So that’s how I ended up here, getting a pedicure, drinking a coffee and blogging from my phone. I’m going shopping at Kohl’s after this and then picking up a Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner to go with my wine. After dinner while Travis goes fishing, the girls and I will play outside on the swingset, watch a movie and go to bed early.

Hey, a momma can dream, right?

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