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Easter 2016

12 Apr

Easter this year was extra special because it was also Annabelle’s 1st birthday! Because of that, we decided to host Easter at our place and celebrate both the girls’ birthdays with our families (Emma’s birthday was April 7).

20160327_131923 (Large)

My dad came up Saturday night. I hadn’t known his final plans (he sent a text but I didn’t check my phone) so when he walked in the door from our garage, we were like “Um, who is this person coming into our house?!?!” Ha.

On Sunday, we all went to church for the 9 a.m. service (which was so, so, SO good), then headed back home to finish making lunch. While we were getting things ready, Travis’ parents Al and Beth, his sister Carolyn and nephew Drew all arrived. For lunch, we had ham, mashed butternut squash, strawberry cheesecake (pudding) salad, wild rice hotdish, fresh green beans with slivered almonds, and rolls.

20160327_133202 (Large)20160327_133210 (Large)

Then it was time for an Easter egg hunt! Travis and I hid the eggs around our yard, and Emma loved finding them. She needed a little help locating the general vicinity of the ones that weren’t completely obvious, but otherwise, she did a great job.

20160327_142227 (Large)20160327_142252 (Large)20160327_142545 (Large)Each time she found one and put it in her basket, she’d say “’Nother one? ‘Nother one?” She was pretty disappointed when it was all done. The only thing that lifted her spirits was going back inside for cupcakes and ice cream!

Emma loves blowing out candles so we sang Happy Birthday to her first, and then to Annabelle. Emma blew out both her candles and Annabelle’s (since Annabelle can’t blow them out yet). Both girls just licked the frosting off their cupcakes. Annabelle makes the cutest faces of disgust when she’s trying new foods, and the frosting did not disappoint! But she got over it. After eating all the frosting, Emma destroyed her remaining cupcake but Annabelle lost interest pretty quickly.20160327_144900 (Large)20160327_144853 (Large)20160327_145437 (Large)20160327_145407 (Large)20160327_145421 (Large)

Then it was time to open presents! In addition to awesome Easter baskets from Al & Beth and Carolyn, Emma got a water table from my parents (they bought it before my mom passed), a trampoline from Travis’ parents, some dresses and a Crayola Tub of Fun from Carolyn & Drew, and a pink play rotary phone and some crafts from great-aunt Cheryl.

20160327_124746 (Large)20160327_124738 (Large)20160327_150702 (Large)Annabelle got a bike trailer from my parents, Tobbles and a name puzzle from Al and Beth, adorable clothes, a stuffed bunny and a book from Carolyn and Drew, and more cute clothes from great-aunt Cheryl.

We bought Emma a Barbie fishing rod; training wheels, streamers and a basket for her bike; and a bed canopy. We got Annabelle a wooden whale shaker, a couple books, a baby doll (that only ended up being 8 inches tall, whoops!), and some cogs for bath time.

20160327_150650.jpgAfter all the presents were open, we all went back outside, except for the Papas who stayed inside and set up the trampoline (which apparently came with pretty poor instructions). Then the birthday girls took a bath and it was time for the Kluthes to head home. Emma was devastated that Nana Beth was leaving.

My dad stayed at our place until Tuesday night, working remotely from our basement. We enjoyed his extra-long stay! Emma loves “fishing” with her new Barbie fishing rod and the rubber fishy on the end. The trampoline is also a hit, and we’re just waiting for the weather to warm up so we can use the water table and bike trailer.

It was a great Easter. Happy 1st birthday Annabelle! You’ll always be my cute little baby.20160327_125457 (Large)20160327_125648 (Large)20160327_125644 (Large)20160327_125657 (Large)