Emma’s 3rd & Annabelle’s lst Birthday Party

3 May

Emma and Annabelle’s birthdays are only a week and a half apart, so we celebrated them with two joint parties this year–one with family on Easter and one with friends on the Saturday after Emma’s birthday (April 9).

Since Emma is obsessed with all things pink right now, that was naturally the theme we chose. After much planning on Pinterest (link to my board here) and much crafting over the course of a couple months, everything came together! It was a great day.

20160409_100800 (Large)20160409_100806 (Large)20160409_100813 (Large)20160409_100829 (Large)Instead of cake, we just did cupcakes for the girls (more for blowing out candles than anything) and ice cream sundaes for everyone else. They were tasty!20160409_100855 (Large)

Pink lemonade and ice cream sundae toppings (whipped cream and chocolate syrup were brought out later)20160409_100902 (Large)20160409_130408 (Large)

For Annabelle’s 12-month photo collage, I found a framed picture at a secondhand store for $25, painted the glass with chalkboard paint, hot-glued mini clothespins on, and added the photos that I had printed in 4×4 size from Shutterfly. The frame ended up being the perfect size! 20160409_130444 (Large)

I made the tulle pom-pom garland and tissue paper poms using tutorials I found online. They’re actually really easy, just takes time!20160409_130515 (Large)20160409_130523 (Large)

I ordered these Gerber daisies from a local flower shop, but was unaware that they’re so expensive! The flowers were $3 each–and they even gave me a discount! I did enjoy them but next time, I think I’ll stick with regular daisies.

Annabelle fell asleep in her highchair while eating, so she was taking a nap while we did cake and ice cream. Ah well, she’s not a huge fan of sweets anyway.

20160409_115356 (Large)20160409_115413 (Large)20160409_115544 (Large)20160409_115551 (Large)

Ice cream time!20160409_115608 (Large)20160409_115603 (Large)20160409_115911 (Large)20160409_122146 (Large)20160409_122143 (Large)20160409_123042(1) (Large)20160409_132037 (Large)IMG_6483 (Large)IMG_6488 (Large)IMG_6492 (Large)IMG_6472 (Large)IMG_20160409_151133

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