Thanksgiving 2016

1 Dec

For Thanksgiving this year, we both traveled and stayed home, which is a new thing for us. We went up to Travis’ parents’ house in Nevis on Thursday morning. My dad and brother Brian met us up there a little later, and the whole gang on Travis’ side was there. We ate Thanksgiving dinner around 4, hoping to time it for when the girls were napping so we could actually eat and enjoy it. Things were looking good but as we were going around the table saying what we were thankful for, I heard Emma yell, “Mommy!” from upstairs, and Annabelle was standing right beside her. But it all worked out (for me anyway, as both girls wanted to sit with a grandparent instead of me). 

After dinner, we talked, played a little Catch Phrase, and ate pie. I made two pumpkin pies, both of which bore the marks of being tasted by a certain little girl. We headed back to our house around 8:30 with my dad and brother. 

Friday, we bummed around in our pajamas the whole morning, doing some online shopping and eating French toast and sausage. Travis went out to set deer blinds during naptime. Annabelle took an early nap and was up before 2, so we had Emma skip her nap. Once Travis got back, we headed up to Nisswa for their City of Lights festival. I had never been since we’ve been out of town on Black Friday since moving back. 

It was fun, but chaotic with a child as young as Annabelle who won’t ride in a stroller. The main area of the event is on Main Street and it was still open to traffic so we couldn’t just let Annabelle walk around. Even Emma we had to keep close tabs on (it would just be less stressful if you didn’t have to watch for cars).  

We bought some hot chocolate (not knowing they were giving it out for free at the other end of town) and walked around a bit. We pet reindeer, walked through the luminary path and the Polar Express train car, watched a live nativity, and learned some history about the area in Pioneer Village. And we finally found the free cider and mini donuts. After that, we were out of things to do and cold, so my dad and brother went to pick up pizza while we headed home. Emma crashed and went straight to bed. Annabelle wasn’t far behind. The pizza was delicious after being outside. 

Brian headed to the MSP airport that night to pick up his wife, Jill, but my dad stayed the whole weekend until Sunday afternoon. 

Saturday, Travis went hunting in the morning, and my dad and I took the girls to 321 Bounce (a bouncy house place for kids) to burn off some energy. Then it was home for lunch and naps. Travis came home briefly for lunch, then headed back out hunting for a few hours. I made chili for dinner, and we had a relaxed (at least, as relaxed as it gets with young kids) evening at home. 

Sunday, we went to the early church service (Annabelle made it through without a meltdown in the nursery!), attempted to hang up Travis’ second elk head mount (but the hanger we bought from the taxidermist was awful), ate lunch, the girls napped, and then it was time for my dad to head home. 

Both Emma and Annabelle have really grown to love my dad, and that is so fun to see. Emma asked to have Papa put her down for a nap or bed several times, and Annabelle often prefers to cuddle with Papa instead of with me. Melts my heart. 

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