Annabelle Lyn

Our second daughter, Annabelle Lyn, was born on March 27, 2015 at 9:16 pm. Her due date was April 8, so she was almost 2 weeks early. She was 7 lbs 15 oz and 20.5 inches long.

We named her Annabelle because it was the only girl name we could agree on – ha! – and Lyn after my mom, Sherilyn. We were expecting Annabelle to be a boy (just a guess, though, because we didn’t find out the gender beforehand), in which case we would’ve named him Corban Travis.

See the bottom of the page for Annabelle’s birth story and monthly updates.


IMG_3669 IMG_3623 IMG_3473

Kluthe (28 of 1) (Large) Kluthe (27 of 1) (Large) Kluthe (22 of 1) (Large) 10475445_980834938594907_3082657565790053818_o 10914950_980828621928872_1653972813925739179_o Kluthe (13 of 1) (Large)

Annabelle’s Birth Story, Part One

Annabelle’s Birth Story, Part Two

Monthly Updates

2 Weeks1 Month | 2 Months | 3 Months | 4 Months

5 Months | 6 Months | 7 Months | 8 Months | 9 Months | 10 Months | 11-12 Months

13-14 Months | 15 Months | 16-17 Months18-19 Months | 20-22 Months


Annabelle’s 1st Birthday Party with Family and with Friends

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