To Eat or Not to Eat

Posts on my struggle with food and body image:

40 days without chocolate

My idol of thinness

Willpower has a time limit

Clean eating

Dethroning my idol of thinness

Further reflections on contentment in God

More reflections on contentment

In a funk

I suck.

To blog or not to blog?

You win, Christmas cookies

Let’s try this again…

Chocolate Sunday

One Month…


Midnight Thoughts

Finally, peace with food.


Food Is Not a Solution

Blowing the Whistle on Satan

Back from Eating…er, Vacation

My Body Is Not Who I Am

My Body Is Not My Own

Willpower – what’s that?

Posts on Healthy Habits:

Life on the Road

I Guess It Is 60% of the Body

The Truth About Healthy Eating

Posts on Grocery Shopping/Spending Money on Food:


My last week of freedom.

Food and work

What I picked up…

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