Books I’m Writing

My dream is to one day be a non-fiction Christian author. I feel called to write about the experiences in my life that have led me into a deeper understanding of what it means to have a moment-by-moment relationship with God. This is still in the works, but here are a few related posts:

Faithful with the Small Things

Yes, Enough.

Living in the Moment, Trusting, Thanking.

Life Is a Glorious Mess

The other book I want to write is a memoir about becoming a Christian and learning to have a godly relationship and marriage after a living a life of promiscuity, drugs and alcohol. In college, I wrote a book prospectus about this memoir for my honors thesis. I submitted my prospectus to about 5 or 6 different publishing houses but they all came back with the same response: “Great proposal; wrong for us.” I still feel that God is calling me to tell my story. So I will.

Re-Learning Love {Memoir}

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