Marathon 2012

Last Updated 7/8/12

I successfully ran the Mayor’s Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska, on June 23, 2012 – finishing in 5:08:26. The full recap can be found here. It was a great experience and I have not ruled out running another one someday… just not anytime soon.


I spent many, many hours deciding which race to pick based on date, location, size, course, spectator support, athlete reviews, and airfare price… and had decided on the Eugene Marathon in April. But due to limited money and a desire to vacation in Alaska for 2 weeks in celebration of 5 years of marriage, my plans were revised.

Below are my training plans. I trained for my first Oly triathlon for the entire summer of 2011 and really missed doing yoga, pilates, the elliptical, and yes, even weight-lifting. So my base-building plan included 2 days of cross-training and strength training, 3 days of running (1 tempo, 1 speed, 1 long), and 2 days of rest.


Base Training Plan (10/24 – 12/25)

In 2010, I signed up for the full Malibu marathon but ended up running the half because my IT band flared up. I am doing things differently this time.  I am being intentional about strength training, speed work, tempo runs, cross-training and stretching.


Half Training Plan (12/26 – 2/19)

Due to my changing plans, I started training as if I were going to do the Eugene Marathon so this plan was the first 8 weeks of Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Marathon Plan – I rearranged the days to work better with my schedule but kept the mileage the same.

These are the components of my training plan:

Monday: Easy run or cross-training and strength

Tuesday: Speed work (fartleks, repeats, hills, intervals, stairs)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Tempo run (middle miles at race pace or slightly faster) or Trail run, strength

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Long, easy run

Sunday: Cross-training

The two races listed on the schedule are the Ralston Creek Half Marathon and the Snowman Stampede 10 5 mile.


Marathon Training Plan (2/20 – 6/23)

Since I decided to do the Mayor’s Marathon instead, which is about 2 months later than the Eugene Marathon, I just restarted Hal’s full Novice 1 marathon training plan after those first 8 weeks were over.

The half on this schedule is the Platte River Half Marathon. I also did the Taste of Louisville Half as part of my 20 mile long run.

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