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Corbin Travis: 10 Months

28 Jan

Corbin turned 10 months last Tuesday, January 22. img_2438 (large)img_2435 (large)Size

At his 9-month well-child checkup on January 7, Corbin weighed 22 lb 12 oz (89%), was 27.75 inches tall (16%), and had a head circumference of 18.9 inches (99%). I am still mystified by his height measurement, because he is already outgrowing his 12-month sleepers. His pediatrician said that we’ll get a more accurate measurement once he starts standing. He’s still wearing size 5 diapers, and 9-12 month soft-soled shoes.img_1911 (large)Sleeping

Corbin had his first ear infection this month, and that threw his schedule off for a couple of weeks. He actually still napped like normal, but he was a bear to get to bed at night. There were quite a few nights that getting him to sleep at bedtime took several hours of trying everything we could think of — bouncing, rocking, shushing, giving him a bottle, laying by him on the floor, rubbing his back in the crib, letting him cry, driving him around (which would get him to sleep, but he’d wake up the minute we tried carrying him in the house). It was brutal!

He wasn’t actually pulling on his ear much, and he didn’t have a fever, so we held off bringing him to the doctor. But after a whole week of him totally not acting like himself, I brought him in to at least rule that out (since we thought he could also be teething, and he had a bad diaper rash). And he did have an ear infection after all, poor bud. Neither of the girls have had an ear infection, so this was a first for us. ::knock on wood::

Now that he has recovered, he sleeps through the night the majority of the time. He sometimes wakes up between 12 and 4 AM, drinks a bottle, and goes right back down. He also sometimes wakes up, drinks a bottle, and is wide awake. But thankfully, he has mostly ended his habit of being awake for over an hour in the wee hours of the morning.

He usually wakes up almost exactly 12 hours after he went to bed. Sometimes he goes to bed at 5 (so he’s up at 5). Sometimes he goes to bed at 7 (so he’s up at 7). It really depends on what his naps looked like that day. On the days I work and he is home with our nanny, he takes two 2-3 hour naps and ends up going to bed later. On the days that we’re out running errands and the girls are screaming outside his bedroom door while he’s trying to sleep, he usually goes to bed earlier (because his naps are shorter, and he sometimes only gets one nap). Once again, #thirdchild.  img_2441 (large)img_2457 (large)Eating

The big news this month is that I am no longer nursing Corbin. I wasn’t producing much anymore (since I would either not want to, forget, or run out of time to pump at work), and was only nursing him on one side, so I was supplementing with formula already. And Corbin really didn’t seem to have a preference one way or the other. Since he’s my third and turning one in just a few months, and I was so. over. pumping, I just decided to be done. Freedom!

Nursing is such a special bonding time, but it is so. much. easier. to bottle feed. Now Travis can put him to bed at night (hopefully making it so Corbin allows Travis to continue putting him to bed in the future, instead of demanding mommy like the girls do), and I can focus on the girls.

Corbin’s ear infection caused a regression in his consumption of table foods. His appetite pretty much disappeared for a week and a half. Even now, he doesn’t seem to eat as much as he had been eating before he got sick. His favorite foods currently are fairly limited: any kind of meat (turkey lunchmeat, shrimp, taco meat); PB&J sandwich; mandarin oranges/clementines; pears; and peaches. Some hit or miss foods are avocado, toast, Cheerios, puffs, crackers, and grapes. He still hasn’t really tried blueberries or strawberries because they’re so darn expensive this time of year!

He’s still trying to figure out the whole sippy cup thing. And he has 7 teeth–4 on top, 3 on bottom.img_2317 (large)Development

Corbin is still army crawling, and he can be pretty stinkin’ fast when he wants to be! He also gets up on his hands and knees, and rocks back and forth, but hasn’t figured out what to do from there. He can, however, now get from the crawling position back into the sitting position.img_1803 (large)He doesn’t pull up on anything yet, though there have been a few times when it seems like he wants/tries to. I think a main problem is a lack of surfaces for him to practice on. He is getting more stable standing on his own (while holding on to something), but he curls his toes under just like Annabelle used to do. If he hasn’t progressed by 11 months, we might have the physical therapist who worked with Annabelle come out and assess Corbin. It’s free and they come to your house! #winwin

Just a week or so ago, Corbin started babbling consonant sounds — mostly dadada and nanana at this point. Goodness, he is a cutey pie!

Other things Corbin did this month was have outdoor adventures:img_1894 (large)img_1866 (large)img_1820 (large)img_1941 (large)He also played with his sisters:img_1925 (large)img_1808 (large)And he had his first Christmas!img_1802 (large)img_1801 (large)

Annabelle Lyn: 10 Months

28 Jan

How is it time for another monthly update? Miss Annabelle was 10 months old yesterday on the 27th!



Annabelle can still wear a few 9-month things but she’s mostly wearing 12-month clothes. She’s bursting at the seams of her snowsuit (it’s 6-9 months but runs big), so I’m guessing we’ll have to buy or borrow a bigger one for her before winter’s over.

I’m also thinking about going up to size 4 in diapers for her… will have to do a test run soon. It would make things easier because that’s the size Emma wears too!20160128_111903


This month was still rough in the sleep department, though it has gotten slightly better in the last couple of weeks — slightly better meaning her waking up only once or twice a night. It seems like Annabelle is perpetually sick or teething, which makes for some rough nights!

Annabelle has also started boycotting her morning nap. She’ll fall asleep nursing but then when I try to put her down, she wakes up and won’t go back to sleep. So then I either keep her up until Emma’s nap or she grabs a quick cat nap in the car running errands. She’s still in such a good mood even when her morning nap is short or nonexistent though so it’s not too bad.

Another change this past month is that Annabelle is not nursing to sleep as often as before. Sometimes she’ll let us rock her to sleep but other times, she just isn’t having it even though we know she’s tired. So then our only option is to put her in her crib with the vibration pad going and let her cry for 15-20 minutes. Most of the time, she’ll fall asleep on her own doing that, but occasionally we have to go back in and try getting her to sleep again. I feel bad when my girls cry themselves to sleep, but sometimes they just need to. I really appreciate having a video monitor during those times.20160123_142717


Annabelle got one more bottom tooth and has been working on another top tooth all month (slowest tooth ever!), which will bring her up to 8 teeth.

She’s been doing a LOT better with eating solid foods this month, though she still is a picky eater. Her favorite foods are puffs, fruity purees, applesauce, strawberry banana oatmeal cereal, apple, cheese, and toast. She dislikes yogurt, green beans, banana, avocado and especially mandarin oranges. Most days, Annabelle eats 2-3 meals. It’s a great way to keep her happy and occupied while I make food for the rest of us.20160122_091310


Annabelle doesn’t like the jumperoo as much as she used to, and since she’s still not mobile in any way, she’s pretty much limited to playing with toys that we give her. We have been trying to be more intentional with helping her have tummy time (even though she’s not a fan), stand up and kneel, as well as get some time on her hands and knees (which she also does not enjoy). For most of her 10th month, Annabelle was still pretty tippy sitting up but in the past week, I have noticed that she is a lot more stable, and she is even starting to pivot a little when she’s on her belly, so that’s something!

We discovered this past month that Annabelle loves being pulled in a sled and pushed in a laundry basket. Emma pulled Annabelle in her sled up and down our driveway all by herself.


20160118_170348Annabelle’s favorite “word” by far is “Dada” and it is the. cutest. noise. ever. Her cuteness is out of control.

Poor girl also gets lots of rough affection from Emma — lots of sideways hugs (like she’s going to give her a noogie), pulling, pushing and general rough-housing. Annabelle takes it like a champ though — it takes a lot for her to get mad. 20160109_13385520160123_13581020160101_180826

Emma Grace: 10 Months

7 Feb

I’ve been pretty MIA on this blog lately because getting our house ready to sell has taken over our lives! Poor Emma has had to entertain herself many hours (with supervision of course) while we pack, clean, paint, fix and decorate.

20140127_085413 20140127_085232Finally, this week I took pity on her and we did some fun stuff – we went to the zoo on Monday and to the pool today for the first time! She really enjoyed it – but I forgot my phone so no pictures. *fail*

So Miss Emma is 10 months old today! Here’s what she’s up to:


Emma is wearing almost all 12-month clothing now, though a few of her longer 9-month things still fit. She’s still wearing size 3 diapers, but I bought some 4s to see if they fit better. And that’s all I know since she doesn’t go back to the doctor until 12 months.


Emma got one new tooth this month – looking at her, it’s the one to the left of her 2 big teeth on top. It’s just a mini me! I think she might be in the process of getting a few more too, but we’ll see. We started giving her Motrin instead of Tylenol for the teething pain because our pediatrician said that Motrin lasts longer and isn’t hard on the liver like Tylenol is. We also put a little teething gel on the sore spots if she needs it. It’s not recommended due to swallowing issues, but I just nurse Emma afterward and figure if she’s fine then, she’ll be fine later.

Even though I’m not ready to wean Emma, I think I’m going to have to. After every feeding now, I offer her a bottle and she always drinks at least 4 oz. A normal feeding is 6 oz so she’s obviously not getting very much from me. And if I’m having to deal with bottles anyway, I might as well just go all in. The price and hassle won’t be that much more than it is now. But I’ve also thought about holding out because it brings her so much comfort at night – and since we’re moving soon, it might be nice to have that tool in my arsenal. Such a hard decision!

IMG_5364 (Large)Last month, I mentioned starting to give Emma more finger and table foods, which we’ve done. She’s had broccoli, taco-seasoned ground antelope, cottage cheese, pancake, quesadilla, pineapple, clementine and toast with jelly. She enjoys feeding herself but I tell ya, making her food is a lot more work than feeding purees. Emma has eaten all of the purees I made during that massive cooking day and I don’t want to make more since she’s supposed to be transitioning to table food anyway. But with everything we have going on, I finally broke down and bought a bunch of organic purees to send with Emma to daycare so that the guess work was taken out. If we’re still here when Emma is close to a year, I’ll probably ask our babysitter to feed her lunch for a little extra money.

That being said, Emma nurses/drinks a bottle 4 times a day, still nurses once at night and eats 3 meals of solid foods – usually a fruit/veggie and a protein.

IMG_5374 (Large)Sleep

Emma’s sleep has gotten back to normal since the craziness that went down over Christmas. But she still wakes up once a night, usually after sleeping 6-7 hours straight. I haven’t really tried to wean her off that since I’ve been nursing and need that feeding for my meager milk supply. If we do wean, I’ll probably try harder to get her to sleep through the night.

I’ll admit that I don’t hold out very long on Emma’s crying anymore if she’s really upset. For a while, it was because she was sick and teething and I didn’t want to make her suffer by herself. But now, it’s just because I can’t handle her screaming. That maybe is why she still cries before almost every nap and bedtime. Or maybe that’s just the way Emma is. Anyone else had experience with that?

Overall though, I can’t complain about Emma’s sleeping habits. She still wakes up between 5:30 and 6:30, takes 2 naps (after 3 hours of awake time), and goes to bed anywhere between 6 and 8 – if we try to put her to bed sooner than 3.5 hours after her last nap, she’s just wild! She won’t take a bottle and just wants to roll around. When that happens, I put her in her crib with her music projector thing and let her do her thing until she’s ready to fall asleep. Then I feed her and put her back down.


Emma still isn’t officially crawling, but she has definitely learned how to get around with a mixture of scooting backward and rolling. Almost every time I go in and get her when she wakes up, she’s on her hands and knees. She wants to crawl so badly! She can also get from sitting to crawling, and back again.  She’s pulled herself up a couple times, but it’s definitely not a normal occurrence. 

Emma has never really been content to just sit, but now she doesn’t even like being held for very long! She wants to be where she can roll around. She’s also started throwing tantrums when getting put in her carseat (though it really depends on her mood). 

IMG_5371 (Large)Emma loves the music activity table we got for her at Christmas, and I enjoy it too because it has 3 language settings – English, Spanish and French. So I’ve been learning numbers and colors in French. Un, Duex, Trois, Quatre, Cing. So fun! I majored in Spanish in college, so that has been more just review for me.

Emma is starting to get the hang of drinking out of a sippy cup – though only when laying down. She still doesn’t get the concept of tipping it up to drink while sitting.

A fun thing to do with Emma is hold her in front of a mirror. She understands it’s her, so she’ll lean forward and put her nose on the mirror over and over again, to see her reflection do the same thing. It’s adorable!

Also this month, Emma got dressed up to cheer on the Broncos in the Super Bowl. We won’t talk about the actual game.

20140202_072230 20140202_182719