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Annabelle Lyn: 15 Months

27 Jun

Annabelle was 15 months back on June 27.20160607_112132 (Large)Size

Annabelle had her 15-month appointment last Friday and is now 22 lbs 7 oz (67%), 31 inches tall (62%) with a head circumference of 19 inches (98.8%). She’s still wearing 12-18 month clothing and size 4 diapers.20160613_162601 (Large)Eating

Not much has changed here from last month. She’s still nursing 3-5 times a day, eating 3 meals and a few snacks, and drinking water and occasionally peach tea from a sippy cup.

Annabelle does have all of her teeth now (minus her 2-year molars) and can feed herself with a spoon and fork (an ability she was more than eager to learn– she’d whine at meals until we gave her a utensil of her own).IMG_20160615_085131 (Large)IMG_20160621_123217 (Large)Sleeping

Annabelle’s sleeping has changed over the past month… and not for the better, unfortunately. She has developed what we think is separation anxiety, which means she wakes up whenever we try to put her in her crib and screams at the top of her lungs. Putting her down awake is just as bad. Since her crying is so intense and crying-it-out isn’t my thing to begin with, I usually only wait 10-15 minutes before going in to comfort her (and sometimes not even that).

One reason we think it’s separation anxiety is because she calms down the second we enter her room. But she doesn’t stay calm if we don’t also immediately pick her up. After a week or so of rocking her or holding her for 30-60 minutes (long enough for her to be sleeping deeply when we put her down) and feeling frustrated and exhausted, I moved a mattress into her room and have been sleeping with her on the floor for the past couple of weeks.IMG_20160625_111323 (Large)Another reason we think it’s separation anxiety is that she cries immediately if I try to put her in the crib, but goes right to sleep if I put her down on the mattress on the floor–I think because she associates it with me being in there with her. (She’ll also look to see if I’m still there when I put her down on the mattress.)

Anyway, I’m hoping this is a phase that runs its course quickly so that I can get back to my own bed. Though I will admit it’s kind of fun snuggling with Annabelle. In the morning, she’ll crawl over (she’s usually sleeping on a separate blanket on the floor by then with all the rolling around she does) and snuggle with me. She loves rolling around, burrowing, snuggling, cuddling, even when she’s awake. She often lays her head on her shoulders when we’re holding her. She’s just such a sweetie.

IMG_20160623_160722 (Large)Development

Annabelle is so. close. to walking but just doesn’t have the confidence or boldness quite yet to really try it. She is starting to let go of her support while playing with things, can walk if we hold her around the waist or hold one hand, but is just extremely cautious. She’s had a few minor tumbles while trying to walk that have impeded her progress even more. The gross motor expert we’re working with, though, says another reason for her delay could be because Annabelle’s feet naturally fall inside onto her arches, causing her to work extra hard to maintain her balance, and that she would benefit from wearing supportive shoes almost all the time. We haven’t been very good about having her wear shoes since she’s not walking and it’s summer (hello sweaty feet!), but I’m trying to be better about it since it’s the best thing for her.

She still loves pushing her alligator clacker around, and she can finally turn it on her own too! She loves funny noises and ripping paper, and is in full-blown mess-making mode. Her favorite thing by far, though, is climbing. We move a small stool in front of the couch (it’s just a little too high for her without it) and she amuses herself for 15-20 minutes going up and down. She also loves climbing stairs and slides.

Annabelle also does a lot of talking and babbling, and her favorite word(s) by far right now are Dada (used for almost everything) and Dawdee (Doggy). She also says “Oh” with her little mouth in the shape of an O (especially when seeing something new or interesting), “ah da” (all done), and “uh oh” regularly. She now associates the sign for “more” with the idea of eating. Her receptive language has increased a lot too–we can ask her to come over to her chair to eat and she will (when she wants to eat). We can talk about going outside and she’ll go to the door, or at least look in that direction. She’ll be upset about not getting food right. now. and I can explain that I’m just going to get her tray, or cut the food up, and she’ll settle down momentarily. She can also point to doggies in books. It’s so fun watching kids learn new things!

Emma Grace: 15 Months

2 Jul

I had this post all typed out yesterday, and then my computer froze before I could save it. Poo! 

Anyway, the big news this month is that Emma is finally walking! After cruising around on furniture and walls for several months and taking a few hesitant steps here and there, she just decided to start walking the Monday after we closed on our house. She already had been climbing stairs and other things, so she’s really not that much more mobile than before. I actually prefer her walking because it’s so much easier to be outside.


Emma had her 15-month appointment yesterday afternoon. She is now 24 lb 8 oz (88%) and 30 inches long (44%). Her head circumference is in the 96th percentile! It’s funny – we don’t notice her head is that big until we see her next to other kids. She does have quite the noggin on her.


She was not a fan of the cone of shame.

Emma got a few new teeth this month, so she now has almost all of her baby teeth on top except for her 2-year molars. On the bottom, she has 3 in the middle and both 1-year molars, with another tooth looking like it’s getting ready to poke through. Teething doesn’t bother her as much as it used to, though we do still give her Advil regularly (when she seems to be teething).


Emma’s latest thing is waving at people (and dogs, and trees, and whatever else) and is not shy at all. One night when my parents were at our new house in Brainerd, we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant. Emma spent pretty much the whole meal watching, waving, giggling and talking to the people behind us.

One of her new favorite things to do is move things from one place to another and back again, and as we discovered this past weekend, she LOVES throwing rocks in the lake. She couldn’t be outside without wanting to go down to the lake and throw rocks in.


She loves stacking landscaping rocks on our solar walkway lights.

Other non-toy things Emma loves playing with:

  • Towels & washcloths
  • Pens & highlighters
  • Rocks
  • Silverware & tupperware
  • Anything dirty (dirt, sand, dog dishes and leashes)
  • Socks
  • Remotes and phones
  • My wallet
  • Tubes of makeup and toothpaste
  • Cords

Travis and I don’t really limit what Emma plays with unless it’s dangerous (breakable, chokable, stabbable), really disgusting or something we don’t want ruined (like a phone charger or phone). Our reasoning being: 1) It makes her happy. 2) She gets acquainted with everyday things. 3) It’s just a phase. 


We have pretty much transitioned Emma down to just one nap. I would prefer that she still takes 2 but it is getting so hard to get her to fall asleep for them. She took only 1 nap each day over the 4th of July weekend and went right down both for the nap and bedtime. I am mourning the loss of my morning ‘me time’… Now I just might have the motivation I need to get up before Emma. 


I talked to our pediatrician about our bottle situation (Emma is still drinking 3-4 bottles a day) and she said that because Emma’s weight was fine, she was still eating plenty of solids and falling asleep on her own without a bottle, it wasn’t a huge deal. She also suggested that I could switch out the whole milk for 2%. I do plan on starting to wean Emma from her bottles before her next appointment at 18 months, but it’s nice to know that it’s not a huge rush.

New foods that Emma tried this month (and liked) were pineapple, pickles, watermelon and Boca chicken patties. 

20140608_124300 20140608_124255