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Annabelle Lyn: 16-17 Months

29 Aug

I am SO overdue on a post for Miss Annabelle! Annabelle was 16 months on July 27 and 17 months on August 27. I can’t believe my baby is almost a year and a half!IMG_20160725_20393420160824_104922 The big news this update is that ANNABELLE IS FINALLY WALKING!

Because of that, we’re going to start with…


Annabelle started walking around the third week of July. She had been cruising around on furniture for a while, pulling up on everything, and mastered crawling up and down stairs around 12 months, so I didn’t think that her walking would really change anything, except make it easier to be outside.

I was wrong.

She gets into everything, and she is fast! Annabelle’s favorite things to do are:

  • Whatever Emma is doing
  • Putting tiny scraps of toilet paper into the toilet while Emma goes potty
  • Being by people, which usually means playing in the exact cupboard I’m standing in front of while making dinner or doing dishes
  • Doing whatever Emma is doing
  • Putting stuff in the kitchen garbage can, like Travis’ Bluetooth headset, Emma’s waterbottle, undies, socks, etc.
  • Pulling clothes out of Emma’s dresser (her clothes are too high for her to reach)
  • Somersaults (she saw Emma doing them—she can only put her head down with her butt in the air, waiting for Travis or me to flip her over—it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever)

IMG_20160801_115438Annabelle is similar to how Emma was at this age in that she likes to move things from one place to another, and she likes emptying drawers and bookshelves, but she’s different in that she’ll actually play with the mess she makes, instead of immediately moving on to make another one. I remember being so frustrated with all the messes I had to pick up with Emma (and… she still makes them and I still am).

Annabelle loves being outside and frequently brings me her shoes to put on. Her favorite things to do outside are play with water in bowls and pails, “draw” with sidewalk chalk, push strollers and trikes around, ride in our Little Tikes truck or wagon, and do whatever Emma is doing. I told Travis the other day that the benefit of having an older sibling is that Emma is so much more interesting and fun than we parents are, but the drawback is that Emma also hogs toys, takes over, pushes Annabelle out of the way, etc. Poor girl has had a couple of bloody lips and noses already, and taken many a bonk to the head (at least half are self-inflicted though). So we try to balance sibling time with alone time, and to teach Emma how to share and be nice. (Easier said than done with a 3-year-old 🙂 )IMG_20160629_163613FB_IMG_1468349202805IMG_20160822_104539Annabelle also has an independent streak. She will refuse to do some things (like drink her chocolate milk) if we try to help her. She still loves climbing, snuggling, being held upside down, being “body slammed” onto the bed or “steamrolled” on the living room floor (rough housing), being pushed/pulled, and taking baths.

Annabelle is learning new words every day, which is so fun! She understands a TON of what we say to her and can now say: Doggy, Dada, Nana, Cracker, Quack, Moo, Night Night (Ni Ni), Bye Bye, All Done (Ah da), Emma (En na), Hot (Haw), Water (wa wa). I’m sure Annabelle is pretty average for her age in terms of speech, but Emma was such a late talker, that it’s fun hearing Annabelle learn words so much sooner! Emma is a chatterbox now though.20160818_115112IMG_20160824_16400420160810_100748Size

I’ve been in denial about Annabelle getting bigger. I thought most of the shirts she had been wearing this summer were 12 months, but they’re 18 months. She has short little legs, so she does still fit into a lot of 12-month pants, though they’re starting to get a little short (but in the summer, who cares?). I pulled out the clothes that Emma wore the fall that she was Annabelle’s age, and I just cannot believe that Annabelle is old enough or big enough to wear them! Where did my baby go? So, Annabelle is in mostly 18 month stuff, but starting to wear 24 months and 2T. ::sniff::


Annabelle is a pretty good eater, but has started getting pickier. Many dinners require several attempts at finding something she’ll finally eat, usually in the form of fruit. Her favorite foods are: bananas, blueberries (she likes most berries but these are her faves), mandarin oranges (from a can), peaches, applesauce, yogurt, baby cereal, bacon, chicken sausage, chicken, macaroni & cheese, pasta with sauce, bagels, and cooked broccoli. Her favorite treats are suckers, fruit snacks, and Starburst, and the only way she’ll drink milk is if I add chocolate syrup, so she usually gets a cup of that each day.

IMG_20160819_102952I’m still nursing Annabelle 3-4 times a day, usually in the morning, before naptime, before bedtime, and in the middle of the night. I have no real plans for weaning at this point. I’m hoping it will work itself out naturally. That’s usually my approach to most transitions: Wait and it’ll happen on its own. 😉


Annabelle has made some progress at night in the just the past couple of weeks. I had been sleeping on a mattress in her room pretty much every night, but now it’s down to about 50% of the time. I get her to sleep and put her down in her crib, and she usually wakes up crying between midnight and 3 am. I’ve started trying to get her back to sleep and putting her back in the crib, with some success and some failure. But progress is progress! I’m trying to keep this in perspective. I know she’ll outgrow this. She has slept through the night in her crib several times in the past couple of weeks, so I know she can do it. It’s not ideal for me to be sleeping in her room, because I don’t sleep well, and I don’t think she sleeps that well either when she’s on the floor, but it’s better than listening to her cry. Again, I know it’s just a phase. Emma was over 2 before she really figured the whole sleep thing out.IMG_20160819_110931IMG_20160804_092259And that’s Annabelle at 17 months!IMG_20160801_124209IMG_20160729_182348

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Emma Grace: 16 Months

9 Aug

We’ve had a very fun month! 

We went down to my parents’ cabin for a day and enjoyed the lake (and the kiddie pool, since they don’t really have a beach).

20140726_103858 20140726_102833

We went to the Safari North zoo in Brainerd, where we fed farm animals and parakeets. We saw turkeys, grizzly bears, giraffes, deer, monkeys — all kinds of animals! After some stroller time, Emma enjoyed walking around on her own (no pictures because we were keeping track of her!)

20140720_142700 (Large) 20140720_142635 (Large) 20140720_153736 (Large) 20140720_142954 (Large) 20140720_143058 (Large) 20140720_143109 (Large) 20140720_144450 (Large) 20140720_144541 (Large)

We also went to the Antique Tractor Show in Park Rapids. Emma liked sitting on the tractor and trying to play with all the knobs and levers. There was also a small petting zoo there and she liked seeing the animals more than she ever has.

20140802_145647 (Large)

We’ve had a couple of playdates with my good friend from college and her daughter, and another couple with people we’ve met in Brainerd. Emma and I also went to our first MOPS meetup last Monday, which was really great. The ladies were super welcoming and friendly, and I think we’ll enjoy getting to know that group. Emma was the youngest (seems like she always is!) but that’s ok. I’m looking forward to when Emma can play on a playground more independently though.

Emma is officially down to one nap a day except for the rare day she wakes up early and needs 2. She usually goes to bed at 6:30 and wakes up around 6:15/6:30. She takes her one nap at 11 am and usually wakes up between 12:30 and 1. 

With the 3 new teeth that she got this month, Emma now has all of her teeth (minus her 2-year molars)! Happy to be almost done with that stage. 

Most days, Emma only drinks one bottle right before bed. She gets milk in a sippy cup for breakfast and a morning snack before her nap. Every once in a while, I’ll crack and give her a bottle during the day, but the transition has gone pretty well for the most part. I think I was holding on to it more than she was! I’m hoping to wean her off the nighttime bottle by 18 months.

Emma still loves fruit, most notably grapes, clementines and peaches. She still doesn’t like meat and likes only a handful of vegetables. She will eat stirfry veggies so we eat stirfry fairly often. She also loves pizza, and I’ve started making dough from scratch, so we eat pizza a lot too. And she loves green smoothies.

20140727_110544 (Large)

Emma still doesn’t have any words. There are times when it seems like she definitely understands what we’re saying (like if I ask her to put a toy in a bin and she does), but there are other times when it seems like she doesn’t have a clue (like if I ask her to do patty cake and she does peekaboo, or nothing at all). She still doesn’t like books at all, except for chewing on and occasionally paging through.

I think she got her daddy’s engineering brain because she LOVES figuring out how things work, and is extremely detail-oriented. She has learned how to screw and unscrew water bottle caps, turn lights and fans on and off, unplug power cords (not something we want her to know!), open fingernail clippers, and replace the bathtub drain stopper. She also knows that the dog leashes get hooked to the dogs’ collars, and that socks and shoes go on her feet.

Things Emma enjoys:

  • Playing with rocks, and carrying them around in various containers
  • Playing in water with cups (and using them to drink it!)
  • Moving things from here to there, and back again – especially towels, tupperware and office supplies
  • Emptying wallets
  • Hugs and kisses – I love it!!
  • The dogs – she absolutely LOVES Katy and will try to cuddle with her all the time 
  • Climbing onto our couches via her Baby Einstein table
  • Being outside

20140724_184435 (Large)Emma is still in her rear-facing infant carseat but we are going to make the switch in the next week or two. I had said that I was going to wait until she started walking, and then it just seemed so sad to give up the ability to bring her into the house while sleeping. But I think she’ll enjoy being in the car more when she’s facing forward. I don’t know – I keep waffling. We’ll see if/when I get ambitious.

I also got some really good deals on toddler stuff at garage sales this month. I bought a little outdoor slide, a small table with 2 chairs, a potty, a toddler bed, a kitchen playset (sans food) and a Little Tikes trike for a grand total of $15. LOVE finding good deals! 

Well, that’s about it for this month!