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Annabelle Lyn: 18-19 Months

1 Nov

Annabelle is already over 19 months old! She was 18 months on September 27 and 19 months on October 27. It’s hard to believe that when Emma was Annabelle’s age, I was already pregnant with Annabelle. She’s growing up so fast!img_1998Size

At Annabelle’s 18-month well-child check, she weighed 23 lbs 1 oz (54%), was 32.5 inches tall (68%), and had a head circumference of 19.78 inches (99.8%). This girl is setting the curve for head size. 😉

Annabelle is still wearing size 4 diapers and mostly 18-24 months/2T clothes. She has gone up in shoe size from size 4 to size 5—tiny little feet just like Emma had (which is nice because she can wear all of Emma’s old shoes…at least, the ones she didn’t destroy).img_1481Eating

Annabelle is still a pretty picky eater. The foods she likes to eat consistently are dairy and fruit, which is unfortunate because we discovered that she is most likely lactose intolerant. She had been having trouble with diarrhea and pooping 5-6 times a day, so I asked her doctor about it and she suggested limited her dairy to see if that would help. We stopped giving her any dairy except some hard/sharp cheese, and her poop has changed to be what we would expect. She was never a big fan of cow’s milk, so that won’t be a hard switch, but she loves yogurt and cheese. I’ve started buying Silk yogurt (which is actually pretty tasty) and Ripple milk for her, and being selective about which cheese we give her (apparently the harder and sharper ones have less lactose). Not a huge deal compared to other kids’ allergies, just something to get used to.20160914_141849Annabelle’s other favorite foods are bacon, banana, blueberries, applesauce, peanut butter on a spoon, honey, cereal, apple slices, edamame, suckers, and chocolate. There are other foods she will eat too, but they’re more hit and miss.

I think Annabelle is starting to get her 2-year molars because she’s frequently chewing on her whole hand recently, or sticking her fingers into the back of her mouth.img_20160922_162100Sleeping

Annabelle has been doing about the same in the sleep department as a few months ago. She will sleep through the night about 40-50% of the time; the other nights, she wakes up between 1 and 3 am, and I go sleep in her room on the floor with her.img_1302She is nursing to sleep less often than before–which is good, considering I want to wean her any day now, but hard because it means she cries in her crib before falling asleep more often. I just hate that! I will try rocking and nursing to get her to sleep, but sometimes she just isn’t having it, so crying it out it is. I remember Emma getting to a point like that too around this age. I know it’s a good thing for them to learn, I just wish it didn’t involve so much crying.

Anyway… Annabelle is still taking one nap a day, usually from about 1 to 3:30.img_1070Development

Once Annabelle learned how to walk, she took off and she is now getting into anything and everything. Put Emma and Annabelle together, and they come with some real hairbrained schemes, which usually result in the destruction of something. Annabelle has also learned how to retaliate against Emma, and push her buttons. Emma will be playing with something, and Annabelle will run over to either quick grab one of Emma’s things or scratch her arm, and then quick dart away. Emma has met her match. 🙂img_1490Annabelle’s favorite things to do the past two months have been:

  • Sit like a big girl at the dining room table (no more highchair for this girl!), on the couch, in recliners, on the piano bench, and in the big part of the shopping cartimg_20160903_174259img_20160922_084959
  • Run around screaming with Emmaimg_1444
  • Play with Emma’s fishing rod outside (almost every time we go outside, she asks for it by pointing and whining)img_1313
  • Pushing strollers, carts, trucks, etc. – she’d rather push them than ride in themimg_20160906_135151
  • Destroying things – knocking blocks over, ripping paper, throwing bowls out of a drawer, taking all the caps off markers and abandoning them, throwing crayons around, etc.
  • Playing with water – mostly in the kitchen sink and outside – all she wants is several vessels for containing water that she can fill up and use to pour water from one thing to anotherimg_1211
  • Rough-housing – Annabelle actually likes to be thrown up into the air (only when Travis is sitting down though, not when he’s standing up), body-slammed on the bed, steamrolled on the floor, held upside down, flipped over, spun in a chair, etc. There’s really not much you can do to Annabelle that she doesn’t like. She might have a look of fear on her face while you’re doing it, but afterward she gets a big grin on her face and whines for more.20160912_123148
  • Copying Emma—It is truly amazing how many things Annabelle picks up and copies from Emma. Emma sometimes gets upset that Annabelle follows her around so much and always wants to be doing what she’s doing, which is understandable, but it really is so cute. We tell Emma that Annabelle just loves her and wants to be like her.
  • Sitting on the kitchen counter—Annabelle always wants to be where the action is. Obviously, we only let her do this when we’re able to sit right there and watch her.img_1330
  • iPad—Annabelle and Emma have started fighting over who gets to use/watch the iPad. I don’t think Annabelle really has that big of an interest in the iPad for what it is, just that she sees Emma using it quite a bit and wants to be like Big Sister.img_1296

As far as talking goes, Annabelle usually defaults to whining to get what she wants instead of talking. We’re trying to encourage her to use words like “water” when she wants a drink and “more” or “please” when she wants something to eat. She has learned the sign for “please” so she does use that a fair amount when prompted—it comes out as “eeees” with her arm moving back and forth. She also says “eese” (Cheese) often when we’re taking a picture of her. So cute! She has started saying Mama again (yay!), and can also say Emma, Dada, Doggy, Nana (banana), and Wawa (water). She uses several variations of Dah Dah to communicate a number of things. She has said other words, but they’re rare.20160921_110554

img_101120160913_11311620160911_11343920160913_11450420160911_11543720160912_09275320160912_115707And that’s Annabelle at 19 months!

Emma Grace: 18 Months

28 Oct

Oh man, this post is SO overdue. But whatevs.

Emma is so fun these days! And I know every parent thinks this, but she is the cutest little kid in the world. I keep telling her that if her sibling is as cute as she is, we’re going to die from cuteness overload. I mean, seriously.

20140913_135413New mittens!


Cheese fiend20141004_075634 20141004_104508

At her 18-month appointment, Emma was 23 lbs 14 oz and 32 inches long with a head circumference still in the 90th percentile. So still growing well.

She still doesn’t have any consistently used words though, so we’re getting her ‘evaluated’ by a child psychologist and speech clinician. Our pediatrician recommended it, it’s free through the school district and they come to our house, so even though we’re not that concerned, we figured what the heck. Emma understands what we say to her – we can say “Where are Emma’s socks?” or “Where is Emma’s nose?” and she’ll go get socks, or point to her nose. But then we’ll say things like “Can Emma say dada?” or ask Emma to come, and she will act like she doesn’t have a clue what we’re asking. So we’ll see. She’s kept pace in all other areas of development though.

20141001_163233 20141001_164017 20141003_171720

At 18 months, Emma loves playing with:

  • Makeup and barrettes
  • Dishes (real and play)
  • Balls (she can kick!)
  • Dog leashes (never gets old)
  • Dirt
  • Paint/yogurt/food
  • Water

20140915_172707 20140922_165928 20140929_142605

Emma also enjoys:

  • Playing in the car (but she figured out how to open the doors!)
  • Pushing buttons on remotes, coffee makers, phones, etc.
  • Drawing in her notebook (we usually give her a pencil because she is dangerous with a pen – hello walls – and still eats crayons)
  • Playing outside
  • Doggies (we went to a school festival and she squealed in delight upon seeing their Husky mascot)
  • Chocolate (girl asks for it – by waving – all.the.time.)
  • Feeding herself with a spoon or fork
  • Drinking bottles of milk before naptime and bedtime (we’re not ready for the battle yet)
  • “Brushing” her teeth herself (I think she just likes the taste of the toothpaste)
  • Putting things in her mouth (just recently realized that if I want her to not do this when we’re not at home, I can’t let her do it here either… aye.)
  • Bathtime! (this is one of the things that Emma consistently understands – when we say “Let’s take a bath,” she goes to her bathroom.)
  • People watching and playing with other kids (she’s a very social kid!)
  • Figuring out how things work

20140911_143711 20140911_144310 20140918_175728

Emma does not like:

  • Being thrown into the air
  • Mommy leaving the room
  • Loud noises, like a pressure washer, vacuum, electric drill, etc.
  • Cartoons or books (she will not pay attention to them at all! Mommy likes cartoons though)
  • Shirts getting stuck on her head
  • Wearing shoes or socks (she takes them off in the car all the time!)
  • Things in her hair (she will not leave barrettes, headbands or rubber bands in at all)E

Emma’s favorite foods are:

  • Pickles
  • Fruit snacks
  • Mac & Cheese / noodles
  • Clementines
  • Grapes
  • Pineapple
  • M&M’s
  • Cheese
  • Graham crackers
  • Licorice
  • Yogurt
  • Applesauce
  • Trail mix (we don’t give her the big nuts)

She loves water during the day, but is very attached to her bottles of milk before naps and bedtime.

We installed Emma’s big girl carseat shortly after our San Francisco trip. It hasn’t made a huge difference in her enjoyment of the car (she was fairly content before) but it is easier to pass her toys and snacks now that she’s facing forward. And I like that it has a cup holder – Emma gets pretty cranky when she’s thirsty.

20140913_094401 20141024_074543Pickles for breakfast