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Neola Bethany: 2 Months

13 Jul

Neola was 2 months old yesterday, July 12. Today would’ve been my mom’s 68th birthday. She has been gone for 5 years. How she would’ve loved to cuddle this sweet little babadoo!


Neola is now 12 lbs 8 oz (78%), 23 inches long (74%), with a head circumference of 15.5 inches (85%). She just started wearing 6-month sleepers and will be moving to size 2 diapers any day now.


Neola is doing a lot better with nursing. Around 5 or 6 weeks, she started nursing without a nipple shield. That helped encourage my milk letdown, but then she would sputter and choke on the milk. Over the last couple of weeks, though, even that has gotten better, and she hasn’t had to pull off to cough or catch her breath as much. I still offer her bottles of formula if it seems like she might still be hungry, but most of the time, she only eats 1-2 oz from them. So it seems like she is getting almost enough milk from nursing! I still might go back to the lactation consultant just for the weight check before and after a feeding.

Neola tends to be a snacker and a catnapper. With the chaos of three other kids, I haven’t kept track of her eating and sleeping schedule much, but I would guess that during the day, she eats every 2 hours or so. Which brings me to…


A handful of times so far, Neola has taken an afternoon nap long enough that I’ve contemplated waking her up (3-4 hours!). I’ve even gone so far as to walk into her room with the intention of waking her up, but then thought better of it while standing there staring at her sleeping. I wouldn’t have any issues with her taking long naps if there was a guarantee that she would still sleep a long stretch at night. Thankfully, even on those long-nap days, she still slept well at night, and now I think she’s probably old enough to not mix up time of day like really new newborns do.

For the past couple of weeks, Neola has consistently lengthened her longest nighttime stretch to be 5-6 hours (yay!). She slept in her swing for a while, but now she’s back to sleeping in her Rock n Play. She’s pretty unpredictable during the day, but at night, her general routine is to go to bed for her long stretch between 9 and 10. She wakes up between 2 and 4 am to eat — I usually feed her a 4 oz bottle of formula since 1) it’s faster to prepare and 2) I don’t want her to have to deal with milk inundation from nursing, since she’s still just getting the hang of it. I feed her half the bottle, and about the time she starts falling back asleep, I change her diaper and burp her. Then I feed her the other half of the bottle, half-heartedly burp her (if she’s asleep, I can never get a burp out of her), and put her back down. Then I pump and go back to bed. The whole thing usually takes about an hour.

For the first 6 weeks or so, I would give Travis the monitor after that late morning feeding and go back to bed until 8:30 or so. But now that Neola is going a longer stretch at night, I don’t need to sleep in like that much anymore.

Neola wakes up for the day between 6 and 8. She wakes up happy and content, and only cries if she’s been awake for a while and no one has come to get her.

Her awake time between naps these days is about an hour or so. She likes being held for naps, and often wakes up 10-15 minutes after we put her down. Even when we hold her though, she’s just not a great napper and wakes up every so often, whether from gas pains or just being a light sleeper.

I think it’s safe to say at this point that she dislikes the baby carrier. The last couple of times I’ve tried, she just screams. She’d rather be put in a sleepsack, held horizontally in our arms, and bounced or walked around (but it’s hard on our back and arms!). She also really likes swinging with us in the chair swing outside. The other way she will consistently go to sleep (which we really only use if we’re going somewhere soon-ish) is if we strap her into her carseat and swing her back and forth like a pendulum (also hard on the back!). She also likes riding in the car or in her stroller if we swing her a little first and get her sleepy — but the key is to keep moving!


Neola began smiling around 6 weeks, and has started cooing and making adorable baby noises just in the past week or so. So fun!

She is still very easygoing (if she’s not hungry or tired), and still gets plenty of attention from the girls. Corbin has started paying more attention to Neola too, and being a little less careful around her.

Emma can “fart” her like Travis does (bicycling Neola’s legs, and then pushing both of her knees into her belly — sometimes she farts like10 times in a row doing that!), and Corbin tried doing it the other night too (ha!).

Neola loves to lay on her back and look around. Unfortunately, she has a strong preference to look to the left (she can look to the right, but hardly ever does on her own), which has led to her head getting flattened a little on the left side. I asked her pediatrician about it yesterday, and she recommended that we see a physical therapist to hopefully lengthen the muscles on the other side of her neck, which would encourage her to look both ways. If that doesn’t work, she’ll have to wear a helmet (sad day). Hoping physical therapy works!

Neola seems to be gaining better control over her hands, and has comforted herself a few times recently by bringing one to her mouth to suck on. She has also sat in the Bumbo a few times (with us supporting her head). We have been really slacking on tummy time, but she hasn’t seemed to mind it the few times we’ve done it. Our pediatrician said that could help with the neck muscles too, if we put her down for tummy time with her face turned to her non-dominant side. There have been a few times so far, too, that we’ve put Neola down on her back and she’s rolled all the way over to her side. She might beat all of her siblings in how fast she learns to roll over!

Neola’s main nicknames at this point are Baby Sister, Babadoo, and Babaduke.

And that’s Neola at 2 months!

Annabelle Lyn: 2 Months

1 Jun

I’m a little late on this post (Annabelle is actually over 9 weeks now), but Annabelle just had her 2-month well-baby checkup this past Friday. She now weighs 12 lb 9 oz  (77%) and is 22.5 inches long (53%) — meaning she gained 3 lbs and grew 2 inches in just the past month! Her head circumference is 15.6 inches (85%).

Annabelle is still such a sweet baby. She has started to smile and coo this past month.

20150512_102409She also really enjoys watching the blinking musical smiley face on her playmat and batting at the hanging toys. Emma likes to keep Annabelle company.


Annabelle doesn’t cry very much and when she does, it’s a pretty quiet cry. It’s actually quite cute. The only time she really gets worked up is when she’s hungry. She doesn’t take a pacifier at all, so in the evenings, I sometimes end up nursing her every 1-2 hours. But once she’s satisfied, she’s very easy to get to sleep. We just swaddle and bounce her a little, and she’s out for 5-6 hours (her longest stretch between feedings).

On the nights that I’ve had to put both Emma and Annabelle to bed by myself (thankfully just a few so far), I have nursed Annabelle, swaddled her, put her in her swing with the vibration on, and she falls asleep on her own. If she doesn’t fall asleep in her swing, she’s almost always content for 15-20 minutes to just sit there, looking around. What a difference from Emma as a baby!

20150512_102130 20150514_112237

Speaking of being alone, this past Thursday was my first night with both Emma and Annabelle, and no Travis (he was out of town on a work trip). I survived, though it wasn’t pretty. Emma woke up at 3:30 (I think because she’s getting another one of her 2-year molars) and I rocked her back to sleep quickly but when I went to put her down at 4, she woke up and started freaking out. I was worried about not hearing Annabelle cry (we run a fan in Emma’s room at night) so I set up the monitor in Annabelle’s room (our other one pooped out again). Emma was pretty worked up at that point so it took her over an hour to settle down — at which point Annabelle woke up to nurse. I knew Emma would freak out again if I put her in her crib so I just brought both girls to my bed and Emma played while I nursed Annabelle. Around 5:15, I put Annabelle back down and started rocking Emma back to sleep. I put her down around 6:15 and went back to bed until both girls woke up around 7:30. Whew! I was very happy that Travis got home that night. Though the unfortunate part about Emma teething is that generally speaking, she only wants Mommy during the night. If Travis tries to take a shift, Emma freaks out — like, full-blown tantrum. That’s not good for anyone. Sooooo ready for teething to be over for Emma!

During the day, Annabelle spends a decent amount of time in the Baby Bjorn. She does sleep in her swing also, but she definitely sleeps longer in the carrier. I usually put her in the carrier while we’re outside or doing things that are easy to have her strapped to me so that I can put her down for the things that it’s nice to be sans baby (things that involve a lot of moving around and/or bending down/over). Annabelle is getting to the point of being too heavy to have in the Bjorn for long, so I’m looking into buying a more ergonomic baby carrier. Any recommendations are appreciated!


In the next 3 weeks or so, we’re going to start transitioning Annabelle from sleeping in her swing to sleeping in the pack n play (Emma still uses the crib). And then we’re going to tackle transitioning Emma to a toddler bed! We’re also starting to dabble in potty training Emma, though I can already tell that it’s going to be a bigger commitment than I’m ready for — or can handle well while nursing. I’ve cleaned up enough pee off carpet with the dogs that I don’t want to deal with it at all with a toddler! So I’m hoping that there will be 4-5 consecutive days warm enough for Emma to be outside all day with no diaper or just undies. That would give us at least a jump start on potty training with no mess. 😉

When Annabelle was 7 weeks, we had her newborn pictures taken. We were also going to have family photos taken that day but Travis woke up with pink eye. So we postponed the family photos until this coming Tuesday. Here are a few sneak peeks for Annabelle’s pictures. I’ll post the others when we have them.

10475445_980834938594907_3082657565790053818_o 10914950_980828621928872_1653972813925739179_o 11145270_980828665262201_297409411428702661_o 11206554_980829105262157_6847466402421568409_o 11265574_980828611928873_5341966412947857647_o

I love how they turned out! I’ve never really liked newborn pictures where you pose them in pots or buckets — until it was my baby. 😉

Other things that Annabelle did this past month were to journey down to Rochester to visit my parents (Travis and Emma stayed home). It was nice to have adult conversations and not be interrupted 100 times! We spent our whole visit at the hospital too (except for sleeping at night), which wouldn’t have been possible if Emma had come. It was Travis’ first time taking care of Emma overnight on his own and it went well! He really enjoyed the one-on-one time with Emma.


Annabelle also journeyed up to Namakan Lake in Voyageurs National Park (near the Boundary Waters, across the bourder from Canada) to Travis’ parents’ cabin for Memorial Day weekend. The journey involved 4 hours in the car (in middle-of-nowhere northern Minnesota) and a 45-minute boat ride (her first!) — and that’s just one way. But it went much better than we anticipated! I’ll do a separate post about that weekend…. soon (ish).

And just for fun, here’s a comparison of Emma and Annabelle after a bath around 2-3 weeks old:

emma annabelle comp 2 weeksI think they definitely look like sisters!

Emma: 2 Months

7 Jun

Our little baby Emma is 2 months old today! It’s hard to believe that that much time has gone by already. I go back to work in a month. 😦


During our Minnesota vacation, Emma has been quite busy! She has:

* Flown on a plane for the first time
* Ridden for 6 hours in the car at once (with stops for nursing)
* Gone boating 3 times, crossing into Canadian waters
* Gone out to dinner at a restaurant
* Attended a high school graduation and open house
* Shopped at Trader Joe’s, the regular grocery store and the Apache Mall
* Gone on a long walk with Grandma K and mommy
* Been bathed 3 times in 3 different tubs/sinks
* Spent lots of time outside at the cabin
* Been held almost all daytime hours by loving relatives
* Drank many bottles of expressed breastmilk


At 2 months, Emma:

* Gets excited about things she can see, like the mobile on the swing my parents have, people’s faces, and noisy rattles – her little arms and legs really get going!
* Loves to lie on her back and kick or have her legs bicycled
* Smiles often
* Talks when she’s starting to get sleepy
* Is starting to want to be entertained when she’s awake
* Likes getting a bath but not getting out or having lotion put on
* Eats 4-5 oz per feeding, or nurses for 45-60 minutes
* Generally follows an eat-play-sleep routine – she nurses every 3 hours for 45-60 minutes, plays for 30-45 minutes and sleeps for 1-2 hours
* Often nurses every 2 hours in the morning
* Sleeps for 4-6 hours as her longest nighttime stretch

We don’t have Emma’s 2 month pediatrician appointment until next week so I don’t know her growth stats yet, but I’ll post them when I do.