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Annabelle Lyn: 20-22 Months

26 Jan

This little girl is growing up so fast, I can’t keep up on the updates! Annabelle was 20 months on November 27, 21 months on December 27, and 22 months tomorrow, on January 27.img_1725img_1813Size

Annabelle is still wearing 2T clothes, size 5 shoes, and size 4 diapers.img_1787img_1736Eating

Annabelle is still a picky eater, and still lactose intolerant. Over the holidays, she apparently ate too many Hershey’s kisses because her diarrhea returned for a bit. Her favorite foods lately have been yogurt (non-dairy), applesauce, mandarin oranges, peaches, toast, and bacon. She eats like a bird—she won’t eat many foods, and the ones she will eat, she doesn’t eat much of. But she doesn’t have any problem eating her weight in candy, suckers, or gum (not that we let her…).img_2494img_2233Sleeping

Annabelle is still waking up 1-3 times at night. The past month or so, she will often not even let us put her down in her crib at night. Those nights, the only way she will settle down and go to sleep is if we lay down on the floor with her—on the mattress that has been on the floor in her room since last summer. I read in my last update on Annabelle that I thought she was getting her 2-year molars, but she still hasn’t! Uffda, teething seems to take forever. Once she does get her 2-year molars, though, we’ll get serious about getting Annabelle to sleep all night in her crib.

Annabelle takes one nap a day for about two hours, from about 1:30 to 3:30.img_2267img_1816Development

Annabelle is an active, daring, little monkey! She loves to climb, dive, slide, jump, run, and spin.

She has also started talking a bunch, and can say about 15 words, including Dada, Mama, Emma, Abell (Annabelle), cracker, bubble, purple, yellow, honey, ball, doggy, all done, oh no, and dough know (I don’t know). So cute!img_2235img_2070img_2523Annabelle LOVES her big sister Emma and they play together most of the time—though sometimes the age difference makes getting along a little difficult.img_2280img_1757img_1785I started working two days a week at the beginning of January, and Annabelle started going to daycare at the same center Emma has been going to. She has handled the transition well, and the workers say that she only cries for a few minutes a couple times a day, and the rest of the time she is pretty happy. A couple times during the day, Emma and Annabelle get to play together in the gym, and the workers say that they play together the whole time. One day when I came to pick them up, they were both riding a trike—Emma was sitting in front, pedaling, and Annabelle was riding on the back.

Annabelle’s favorite things lately have been:

  • Blocks—she loves building towers
  • Books—she will sit for 4-5 books, and often grabs a book, finds me or Travis, and motions that she wants to sit on our lap and have us read a book to her
  • Rough-housing—she still loves to be “thrown” onto the bed, held upside down, spun in circles, etc.
  • Mommy’s phone or iPad—she loves playing games and watching short YouTube videos… I just have to be careful to keep her from calling anyone (which she has done more than a handful of times!)
  • Painting—Annabelle really enjoys painting with either finger paints or with brushes on an easel… we just don’t do it often because it’s an ordeal 😉
  • Cuddling–Annabelle is a cuddle bug, which I love–unless she’s sleeping, then she wants to be left alone.


And that’s Annabelle at 22 months!

Emma Grace: 20 Months

6 Dec

Emma is 20 months today! I feel like 24 is going to be here before we know it. (And with it, a brother or sister for Emma!)

This past month has been somewhat of a doozy with Miss Emma (and a mostly undocumented doozy at that – I took hardly any pictures!). We have been convinced that she’s getting her 2-year molars and then no teeth appear. She’s had many rough nights, won’t  nap without being held, is sometimes ridiculously picky about what she eats, seems to be in pain often, is drooling a ton, sucking on her whole hand and often whiny and clingy. But still, no teeth. (Lots of ibuprofen though.)

I think at least part of the problem is that her separation anxiety with mommy has increased exponentially over the past month. She used to just run off at MOPS or daycare to play with toys but now she has to be pushed through the door and held sobbing by someone else while I say goodbye and leave. Breaks my heart. But she gets over it pretty quickly.

People often remark on how busy Emma is and it’s true – she’s a little tornado. I’m going to do a separate post on the messes she makes but suffice it to say, leave her alone for 30 minutes and every room upstairs will be torn apart.


Favorites this month have been:

* Emptying all the clothes out of her dresser, especially socks
* Being pushed around in the laundry hamper
* Wasting toilet paper, tissues, Q-tips and napkins by ripping them into little shreds
* Sitting on the dogs, or even daddy’s head
* Being rolled up like a burrito in a blanket
* Playing in a fort (under a blanket)
* Sitting in mommy’s closet
* Going down slides all by herself
* Eating applesauce and yogurt (the 2 foods she requests almost everyday)


We found out that Emma does qualify for ‘speech therapy’ or whatever they call it. She is in the 6th percentile for language development, which was the cutoff for aid. (But she’s in the 95th percentile for cognitive ability! I’ve always said she has an engineering brain like her daddy.) So that means we have a special education teacher and speech clinician come to our house once a week for the next year to play games with Emma, with the focus of increasing her vocabulary. They also work with us as parents to give us ideas on how to help Emma start communicating, even if it’s just by using sign language. So we’ve started learning more signs and teaching them to her. She’s a lot more receptive to them now than she was even just a few months ago. We’re seeing progress!

It’s funny – this is the kind of situation that seems like would be hard to not feel like a failure as a parent or wonder why Emma isn’t more like other ‘normal’ kids. But neither Travis nor I feel like that at all. Sure we’re complete amateurs at this whole parenting thing but we love Emma for who she is and she just happens to be behind in speech. It’s nice to have ‘experts’ help us help her. So if you have any questions about our experience, ask away!


What Emma lacks in speech, though, she makes up for in facial expressions and friendliness. She loves other kids and is so goofy and silly. She’s started walking backwards and spinning in circles. She also does this thing where she flaps her little hands (like a wave) close to her face – pretty much the cutest thing ever. She’ll also open her mouth really wide with a shocked expression on her face while she tickles my head/hair with both hands. Even though this age has its challenges, I love seeing Emma’s personality. It still amazes me that she’s only 4 months from being 2!