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Pregnancy #3: 22 Weeks

21 Nov

This pregnancy is flying by! I can’t believe that I’m over halfway already.

23722368_1675810179115964_8792944856374028945_nThere’s not a whole ton more to talk about in the past 4 weeks that I didn’t address in my first bump update but we did have our anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks and found out that…


We actually had the ultrasound technician write the gender down on a piece of paper without telling us what it was, then we gave it to our neighbor, Andrea, along with a black balloon and both blue and pink paint, and she filled the balloon for us. Then we pinned the filled balloon to a blank canvas and shot it with a shotgun (a little overkill?). The paint was blue! I posted the video on Instagram if you’re interested in watching (@specialkkluthe).

Travis is very excited about having a boy, and I am too, though ever the practical/responsible one, I’m also thinking through all the clothes, blankets, etc. that we’ll have to get for a boy, since all of our stuff after having two girls is pink and ruffles. But I’m trying to look at it as being exciting and not a chore. 😉

Annabelle had no reaction to the news that Jellybean is a boy, but Emma started sobbing over how she had wanted a sister (even though whenever we asked her before finding out, she said she wanted a brother). She’s not that sad anymore (though she still refers to the baby as a “she”), and I’m sure she’s going to have a blast with a little brother. I did remind her that I grew up with a younger brother, and I dressed him in dresses, put makeup on him, played Barbies with him–just because he’s a boy, doesn’t mean he won’t do stuff like that. But he’ll also think of fun games to play with Emma that she wouldn’t have thought of. And she likes rough-housing and getting dirty, so I’m guessing they’ll get along just fine.


We had a boy’s name picked out for Annabelle (since we didn’t know what gender she was until she was born) so both Travis and I had assumed that we would just use that name, since we both still like it. But we apparently can’t agree on whether the full name would be what Jellybean goes by, or if he would go by a nickname. Travis says nickname, I say full name. I feel very strongly that we should name him what we want him to be called (that was the same case with Annabelle…she is not Anna or Belle, her name is Annabelle). So the jury is still out on the name.


I started feeling Jellybean kick around in my belly around 18 weeks. At first, it was just when I was lying down or being still, but now it’s pretty much all day long. It’ll be fun when his kicks are strong and consistent enough for the girls to feel them from the outside! (We took both of them to my 20-week ultrasound, thinking they’d find it interesting, but their attention span lasted about 5 minutes. Live and learn.)


I’m pretty much fully in maternity clothes now. I still have some pre-pregnancy shirts that fit, but most mornings, it’s just easier to put on a maternity shirt, since I know it will fit. I bought a few more maternity shirts from Target, but they’re the kind without ruching on the sides, so I can wear them even after baby comes. 😉

I’m definitely needing more maternity pants, though. I lamented this when pregnant with Emma, and it’s still an issue–you would think that finding maternity pants that fit would be easier than finding regular pants because of the whole stretchy waistband thing, but nope, it’s just as hard. I looked at the limited stores around here with no luck, which is not surprising. I do love the jeans I bought from Old Navy a few months ago, and am probably going to just buy another pair since I know they fit well.

I also really want some maternity leggings and ordered some from Blanqi, but I tried them on and even though they were super comfy, they attracted dog hair like no tomorrow. So back they go. They’re not something I would wear to work, and if I can’t wear them around the house without being covered in dog hair, they are pretty much useless.

Food & Cravings

I don’t really have that many cravings these days, though I have been loving raw veggies and dip, and spinach artichoke dip. My main challenge these days is that I’m so tired, and have been so busy (way, way too busy), and Travis has been traveling for work, so I haven’t been meal planning like usual. But after Thanksgiving, my schedule is a lot more open, and Travis is done traveling for a while, so I’m hoping to get back into the habit of actual dinners.


This is also something that has suffered with Travis’ travel schedule. I just do not have the energy to work out and watch the kids at the same time, or get up early/stay up late to work out when they’re sleeping. And since I usually end up falling asleep with Annabelle for her nap, that time doesn’t work either. So I haven’t been working out really at all. With Travis back now, I’m hoping to start doing at least 1-2 days of Pilates, and walking on the treadmill or outside. The girls and I haven’t played outside in weeks! (yikes) We’re due.


The last couple weeks of sleep have been less than stellar. I’m already sick of sleeping on my sides, but my belly is not really comfy anymore, and my back is only comfy for so long. But if this is the worst of my pregnancy woes, I’m still lucky.

And that’s about it for 22 weeks!

Pregnancy Update: 22 Weeks

3 Dec

22w0d 002


The belly from above

Some thoughts:

  • It’s getting harder to bend over in general as well as pull on pants. And when I do bend over, all the blood rushes to my head.
  • Many nights, I have vivid dreams related to things that happened during the day – sewing Christmas stockings, Travis working on the nursery window, Harry Potter, etc. It’s like my brain gets stuck on replay.
  • My bladder is the size of a grape. I pee pretty much every hour (when I’m drinking as much water as I should) but never very much at one time.
  • My cravings are back! Especially for salty things and any form of potatoes. I have never loved potatoes so much. I walked out of work Wednesday night and smelled French fries (how, I’m not sure). Immediately, I decided to have McDonald’s for dinner. But even with my less-than-healthy dinners, I didn’t gain at all this week — a result of being more active, I think. I gained 2 lbs the week of Thanksgiving so it was a good to have a non-gaining week and even it out.
  • I wogged 3 miles on Saturday. Between walking, slow jogging and the million stops that the dogs make to sniff/pee/poop, it took me 50 minutes. I was totally beat afterward. I think that’s a sign that 2 miles is more my speed right now.

Speaking of which, I had a very good week workout-wise:

W: 1.7 mile wog (walk/jog)

Th: 40 min strength

F: 1.7 mile wog

Sa: 3.04 mile wog

My plan right now is to exercise every weekday morning, with cardio (walk or wog) on M, W, F and strength on T and Th. I’ve been completely consistent so far!

Symptoms: A few close calls on leg cramps, but I’ve learned to stretch with my feet flexed. Still breaking out on my face (darn girl hormones!). And I feel out of breath fairly often. Sleep is decent – I have some good nights and some not-so-restful nights.

Cravings: Potatoes. Mexican Food. Ice Water.

Movement: Same as past weeks – nothing that really feels like a kick or punch.

Weight Gained: 15 lbs (same as last week)

Favorite Moment This Week: Finding out we’re having a baby girl!

What I Miss: Wine of course. And cold deli sandwiches. Having to warm the meat up is SO not the same! What I wouldn’t give for Erbert’s & Gerbert’s right now. Mmm… I told Travis “After I give birth, I want a glass of wine and a sub.” 😉

What I’m Looking Forward to: Christmas! I love this season. Baby stuff is on hold for the month of December.