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Neola Bethany: 3 Months

19 Aug

Our sweet baby girl is now 3 months old! We have officially survived the Fourth Trimester. 🤪


Neola doesn’t go back to the doctor until 4 months but she is starting to wear her 3-6 and 6-month clothes and wears size 2 diapers.


The biggest news this month is that Neola is officially nursing 100%! Back in her 2-month post, I mentioned that Neola was nursing better, and that whenever I offered her a bottle, she only drank 1-2 oz. Slowly, that amount dwindled down to nothing. I did still do a bottle in the middle of the night (and then pumped) for another week or so after that, but one night, I just decided to nurse her and see how it would go. And it went great! I was more than happy to not have to pump anymore, so we are done with bottles. She still does drink a bottle of formula every now and again (nice to still have the flexibility of not being the only one who can feed her), but I am so happy that nursing is working out for us, after our rocky start. (I will say that feeding Neola bottles when we were out and about, instead of nursing with a cover-up in this intense summer heat, was very nice. But whatcha gonna do.)

Similar to Corbin as a baby, Neola makes a clicking sound when she nurses, which lets her swallow a lot of air, which causes her to burp and spit up quite a bit. I’m not concerned about it (Corbin outgrew it), but it does make for a lot of laundry! Thankfully Neola seems to be past the “gassy and uncomfortable” phase of things.

I don’t keep track of how often Neola eats. I only know that 1) it’s enough and 2) she’s content. I do really enjoy the days that Corbin’s nap coincides with Neola needing to eat (which it does fairly often) so I can sit in my rocking chair, in the silence (while the girls have their screen time), and take a little nap while she nurses (because it’s one of the few times she actually naps peacefully).


Neola is thankfully very consistent at night (if she wasn’t, I would be losing my mind!). She usually goes to sleep for her longest stretch between 8 and 9, and wakes up between 1:30 and 2:30. She goes right back down and wakes up again between 4:30 and 5:30 (usually 3 hours from when she first woke up). Then she usually falls back to sleep for another hour before she’s “up” for the day.

So we start our days around 6/6:30, which is generally when Corbin wakes up too. Neola has stretched her awake time out to be… honestly, I don’t even know. 😂 Who has time to keep track of the time? The days are just a blur.

Part of what makes things tricky to keep track of us that Neola is queen of the catnap. She frequently falls asleep nursing but wakes up right when she’s done. (I don’t want to cut her off because I want to make sure she’s getting as much milk from each feeding as possible.) She also doesn’t like being put down even after we get her to sleep in our arms. If we try putting her down, she often wakes up after just 5-10 minutes. Even if you hold her, her naps are most often only 30-45 minutes.

She’s also a little tricky to get to sleep for naps. If we’re at home, swinging her in the chair swing outside is a sure bet. She loves that thing. Another trick we use is to put her in her carseat and either swing her like a pendulum, carry the carseat around while we load the car and get ready to leave, or attach the carseat to the stroller and push her slowly through the grass (she likes it bumpy, but not too bumpy). If we don’t get her to the point of being almost asleep or sleeping in her carseat before putting her carseat in the car, she just cries on the car ride. (She’s kind of a high maintenance baby!) Thankfully, Neola is very happy and content whenever she’s not tired or hungry.

Neola is still sleeping in her Rock n Play at night, but we are going to start transitioning her to her crib. It’s just hard to rock the boat when things are going so smoothly at night! But she’s getting too old for the Rock n Play.


Neola has started babbling and cooing quite a bit, and I just love it! As of 3 months, she was just starting to find her hands, but I’m a week late finishing this post and she chews on her fists quite a bit now!

We have seen a physical therapist for Neola’s torticollis (keeping her head mostly turned to one direction) twice now. Neola had almost full range of motion (passive) at her first appointment and made even some progress in the three weeks between appointments. We are supposed to do stretching and strengthening exercises with her whenever we can, which some days is not at all, and some days is a couple of times. We also try to have her spend time not laying on the back of her head while she’s awake. She actually doesn’t mind tummy time (all of our other kids hated it). She also likes sitting in her Bumbo and being worn in the baby carrier facing out (but since her neck muscles are still a little floppy, we don’t do that for very long). She doesn’t like the baby carrier if she’s facing us.

Neola is such a sweet, happy girl, and gives big grins to the people she recognizes (and even some she doesn’t!). She loves the attention she gets from her siblings (which is a lot!) and hardly fusses at all even when they are carrying her around, sitting her up, moving her from here to there. Emma took it upon herself to learn how to change Neola’s (non-poopy) diapers. And she does a great job! When Neola is fussing, Emma or Annabelle will go pick her up and calm her down. They can even lift her carseat to swing it a little. It is so great to have older kids who are able and willing to help!

My dad and stepmom came to help with the kids at the end of July while Travis went on a team-building trip with his co-workers in Key West. We went to Pillager Beach together, and then I took the older kids to the bouncy house one day and the park another while Susan watched Neola.

And that’s Neola at 3 months!

Corbin Travis: 3 Months

23 Jun

Corbin is already 3 months old (13 weeks)!

Wow, that went fast. Some people feel sad when the newborn stage is over, but I’m excited that he’s starting to interact with us, play with toys, and coo more. And since he wasn’t an easy newborn, I’m kinda breathing a sigh of relief that the first three months are over!Size

He won’t go back to the doctor until 4 months so no weight or height stats for ya, but Corbin has been in 6-month clothing for at least 3 weeks now. Even 6-month pants mostly fit him. He doesn’t have a bunch of rolls though–he’s just a solid little boy. He’s also in size 3 diapers now too. Size 2 still fits him technically but I’d rather not chance the blowouts (sometimes they even happen in size 3 because he saves up for days and then lets it rip).Eating/Sleeping

Corbin has stretched his awake time out to 75-90 minutes (including feeding time). That gives us a good 30-45 minutes to actually play and interact with him before he needs to nap, which is nice. Generally speaking, he goes to bed between 7 and 9 PM, and wakes up between 4 and 6 AM to nurse. If he wakes up more like 4 AM, he goes right back to sleep for another couple of hours. If he wakes up at 6 AM, he’s usually “up for the day” (aka up for an hour before he needs his first nap).

His naps are usually about an hour long, with the exception of his late afternoon nap, which tends to be 2-3 hours long (from about 3-6). He still goes to bed at the normal time and sleeps through the night, so I guess it works for him!Corbin usually drinks 5-6 ounces from a bottle for a feeding, so I would assume he gets roughly the same amount nursing. He’s been a champ with the bottle (praise Jesus!), and has done really well with the nanny we hired. He is still taking his acid reflux meds. I didn’t give them to him for a day before his 2-month checkup and he seemed to be fussier, so we’re sticking with them for now.He still loves being swaddled, though he’s started to be able to get his hands out once he wakes up. He has been able to find and suck on his hands more too, so maybe we’re nearing the one-arm swaddle? I can’t imagine him giving up the swaddle altogether yet, because he loves it so much. When he’s ready for a nap, he wails like the world is ending. We swaddle him, sometimes give him a pacifier, and 85% of the time, he totally relaxes and is content to be carried around and bounced. Sometimes he’s still a little fussy (having a hard time settling down) but after only about 5 minutes, he starts getting sleepy. It still takes 15-20 minutes to get him to sleep though.

He fell asleep once in my arms unswaddled. The thing that makes him the fussiest is either not getting a good nap or getting woken up from a nap. Then he is a beast! But as long as he gets good naps (whether in the Bjorn or Rock n Play), he’s a pretty happy guy.Development

Corbin seems to be a pretty mellow baby so far. He does smile a fair amount, though not nearly as much as Emma and Annabelle did (though we were told by several people that Emma smiled more than the average baby). Emma and Annabelle were also considerably more vocal than Corbin has been, but maybe I’m remembering them at more like 4 months?

Since Corbin has distinct awake times now beyond just feeding, we can tell that he’s a pretty happy baby overall. His favorite thing is to lay on his back and kick his legs, whether on his playmat or in his bouncy seat. He has also sat in the Bumbo a few times, and seems to like that (we make sure to support his head if it bobs around too much but he has pretty good neck strength). He does not like tummy time though AT ALL. Seriously, 5-10 seconds and he’s done. Oh well.I put Corbin forward-facing in the Baby Bjorn yesterday for the first time and he seemed to really like it! That might start making it more possible for me to be outside with the girls while he’s awake. I also take him on very short stroller rides (to the mailbox and back). That’s usually his limit!

And that’s Corbin at 3 months!

Annabelle Lyn: 3 Months

28 Jun

Annabelle was exactly 3 months yesterday (she was 13 weeks last Friday though).


She is still such a delightful baby! Annabelle has really redeemed the whole newborn experience for us. I am able to enjoy her so much more than I enjoyed Emma at this age. That sounds horrible but I was just so far at my wit’s end with Emma that I couldn’t help but be ready for her to get older — and easier.

Miss Annabelle on the other hand is so easygoing and happy. She doesn’t cry over much — mostly just when she’s hungry, though she does get a little fussy when she’s tired. She still loves the Baby Bjorn but she has slept for several longer naps in her swing this past week, which I really appreciate! It is so much harder doing dishes, laundry and tidying up when you have a baby strapped to your chest!


Me holding Annabelle and a friend’s baby while she made lunch

I can usually swaddle Annabelle in a blanket, put her in the swing, turn it on and she’s asleep in 5-10 minutes. She also likes to be held vertical on our chests, or lying in our arms if she’s swaddled, but she seems to sleep best either in the Bjorn or swing. The other night, we went out to eat and even though Annabelle was awake when we got there, she fell asleep in her carseat and slept until it was time to go. What a champ!


At night, Annabelle usually sleeps from around 9:30 pm to 6:30 am. My new morning routine is reading the Bible on my phone while nursing Annabelle. She goes back to sleep for an hour or 2 but I stay up and exercise (or take care of Emma if she woke up early). Having some time to myself each morning makes a surprising difference in my attitude. Plus, it’s a great feeling having my workout done by 8 am!


Annabelle is still nursing well — we’ve hit our nursing stride, I guess you could say. She nurses about every 3 hours during the day. In the evening, she often nurses more frequently for comfort. She’s doesn’t like a pacifier and so far, has only taken a bottle once. We’re going to keep working on it, but maybe she’ll go straight to a sippy cup?
Despite all the ways that Annabelle is the opposite of Emma (hence her nickname “Anti-bisk” — we call Emma “Bisky” short for “Biscuit”), she has Emma’s smile and sunny disposition. Annabelle smiles often and wide when she sees us. What a cutie!

Her hair elicits comments from anyone and everyone. It is a thing to behold.


Things that Annabelle has done the past month are going to the beach twice, spending a week down in Rochester (and meeting uncle Brian), hanging out in our living room fort, having her two first major poop blowouts, getting her first tick pulled off her, finding her hands (yay!), and taking a bath with Big Sister (mommy held her). So much fun!




Annabelle doesn’t have her next checkup until 4 months but as of right now, she is on the verge of moving on to size 3 diapers, wearing some 6-month clothes but mostly 3 month, and rocking the cloth diapers when we’re hanging at home. Yep, I’m doing cloth again. Mostly because I have them,  and why not? They’re really not that much work while she’s exclusively breastfed and it saves on disposable diapers. Not sure what I’m going to do when she starts eating solid foods but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.



And that’s Annabelle at 3 months!

Emma’s 3-Month Pictures

21 Jul

When we were back in Minnesota for the 4th of July, we had our good friend Jen from Kitestrings Photography take Emma’s 3-month pictures. I was hoping to capture Emma’s great wide smile but unfortunately, she was not in a very smiley mood during our photo shoot, due to her only taking a 10-minute nap on our way down to the Cities. We got some great pictures anyway though, thanks to Jen’s talent! These are some of my favorites:

IMG_6832 (Large)

IMG_6918 (Large)

IMG_7112bw (Large) IMG_6961bw (Large) IMG_6999 (Large) IMG_7037 (Large) IMG_7071 (Large) IMG_7073bw (Large) IMG_7078 (Large) IMG_7083 (Large) IMG_7088 (Large)

IMG_7028 (Large)

IMG_7021bw (Large)IMG_7040bw (Large)Ok, so I had a lot of favorites. If you’re in the Twin Cities area and are looking for a great outdoor photographer, check Jen out – though you might have to wait a few months because she’s 8 months pregnant with a little girl of her own!

Thanks again Jen for the great pictures!


Emma Grace: 3 Months

7 Jul

At 3 months (13 weeks), Emma is roughly 12.5 lbs, 25 inches long with a head circumference of 16 inches (according to my measurements since she doesn’t go back to the doctor until she’s 4 months old). At her 2-month appointment on June 10, she was 10 lbs 5.5 oz (22nd percentile), 23.5 inches long (86th percentile) with a head circumference of 15.16 inches (53rd percentile). So she’s growing well!
Since she’s so tall, she’s outgrown some of her 0-3 month clothes, especially when she wears cloth diapers. And because it’s finally summer and we still swaddle Emma at night and for naps, she hasn’t gotten much use out of the long-sleeved sleepers that fit her right now – and probably won’t before she’s too big for them. Sad!
Emma is a very smiley girl and is the happiest in the morning. I love going into her room in the morning and being greeted by her big toothless grin. She smiles a lot after her good naps too.
Little by little, Emma has started to like things she didn’t before. She goes longer on walks without crying or fussing – we can make it a full 20 minutes now! She’ll fall asleep in her carseat in the car (but still after she cries for 5-10 minutes) and she’s mostly stopped crying when we take her out of the bathtub. She hardly ever cries when getting her diaper changed or getting dressed.
In the past week, Emma has really discovered her hands. She loves to look at them and put them in her mouth. She also looks at people when they talk to her, and follows them and toys with her eyes.

Emma likes to make noises when she’s awake but she almost never grunts in her sleep anymore. Glad she outgrew that! She’s started to laugh in her sleep, which makes me hopeful that real laughing is just right around the corner.
Emma consistently sleeps 7-8 hours as her long stretch at night, except the past couple nights when she’s been going through a growth spurt. She goes down for the night around 9:30 and sleeps until about 5. After I feed her, she’ll go right back to sleep for another couple of hours. She usually is ‘up for the day’ between 6 and 7:30. We still swaddle her but she’s on the verge of outgrowing it, now that she likes her hands so much.
Emma still naps the best in my arms and gets really difficult when she’s overtired. But I’ve been having a hard time sitting around so much, so I’ve started alternating putting her down and holding her for naps. If I put her down (after she’s already asleep), she’ll only last about 45 minutes. I use that time for showering, laundry, cleaning, prayer/Bible study and other projects. If I hold Emma during her nap, she sleeps 1.5 – 2 hours. So I use that time to read, watch Netflix, email, blog, research things, etc. It’s working for now. And since she’s sleeping so well at night, I don’t really feel the need to change it (though going back to work might change my mind).
Things Emma does when she’s awake:

* Plays on her playmat, watching the blinking star that plays music and batting at the hanging toys, especially the frog
* Listens to music while mommy holds her reclined on her legs and moves her arms to the beat like she’s dancing
* Swings or sits on mommy’s lap while being read a book or her Big Picture Story Bible
* Goes on a walk around the yard or neighborhood
* Lies on her back while kicking her legs and inspecting her hands
* Attempts tummy time for a few minutes (not a big fan)
* Gets a bath or grooming (which consists of washing her sticky hands, arms, face and neck)
* Eats! She has cut her nursing time down to about 20-30 minutes (10-15 on each side)
* Watches mommy work in the kitchen or do laundry
* Takes in all the new sights and sounds when she goes shopping or to one of mommy’s friend’s houses
Even though Emma isn’t a big fan of tummy time, she has pretty good neck control, I think from the way I nurse her. This past week, we bought her a Bumbo seat. She likes it a lot!
But it’s a lot of work for a little girl! So she only stays in there for 5-10 minutes.

Last Tuesday, we had Emma’s 3-month pictures taken by our good friend, Jen. I can’t wait to see how they turned out in a few weeks! Emma was a little fussy during pictures but Jen said she did really well compared to some other kids she’s photographed.

And that’s Emma at 3 months!