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Pregnancy #4: 32 Weeks

29 Mar

I hit 32 weeks on Corbin’s birthday, March 22 (so now I’m actually 33 weeks). Hitting 8 months feels both like the end is in sight, and I still have such a long way to go. But considering we’re in the middle of house projects and have nothing set up for baby yet, I guess it’s better to have some time!

OB Appointments

I just went in last Friday, and everything looks good. I was expecting that maybe my appointments would start being more frequent but my OB said I didn’t need to come back again until 36 weeks. OK then! With every other pregnancy, I’ve been annoyed with how many prenatal appointments I was supposed to have, but with this pregnancy and my anxiety surrounding it (which has continued to find ways to manifest itself), I like the reassurance of the appointments.


Speaking of the anxiety… Since hitting 32 weeks, I’ve had a LOT of Braxton Hicks and some have been more painful than uncomfortable. I’ve also had a lot of downward pressure at night in bed, which has made me worry about my water breaking early. (My water broke in bed with my first two, but I was full term.) My OB said that the fact I’ve had three full-term pregnancies is the best indication that I’ll go full-term with this one too. So I’ll try to take a chill pill and stop worrying about it, but it’s hard when I keep having contractions. (Not to mention that it’s uncomfortable and keeps me awake at night!)

Other symptoms I’ve had are still the pelvic pain (which comes and goes) and exhaustion (I take a nap everyday, no shame). I’ve also started feeling the first trimester sick “blah” feeling in the afternoons and evenings, and can’t decide if that’s caused by hormones or acid reflux. I also have mild swelling — I took my wedding ring off a few months ago and my legs have indents from my pants in the morning. But nothing like when I was pregnant with Emma and working full-time at a desk!

Food and Cravings

For the most part, my cravings have gone away. I am still loving rice and Asian food. My favorite breakfast lately has been an English muffin with PB & J, and a glass of milk. I have toned down my consumption of candy, but now it’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg season (my fave), so I’ve had at least one of those (mini ones!) a day. So far, I’ve gained about 25 lbs.


It took me almost a full week to recover from our time in Florida (it didn’t help that Corbin was beyond exhausted too, and his sleep schedule was wonky for several days with wakeup times in the 4s), and since then, I’ve pretty much decided that I’m just bagging the workouts. This happens to me every pregnancy — I have the desire to keep being consistent, but the reality of life is that I have a finite amount of energy. And between the activities of daily living, homeschooling, nesting, house projects, and spring yard cleanup, the reality is that I just would rather use my energy for other things. It is disheartening to lose the fitness I worked so hard for over the past couple years, but I know that I will get it back. This is just a season!


I’ve started taking 1 mg of melatonin every night. It helps me avoid the restless leg, wide-awake-at-3-am problems. I also bought a Belly Bunker inflatable maternity pillow on Amazon. While it hasn’t been the sleep panacea that I was hoping for, it has been nice to have an alternative for those times when I do wake up and it isn’t morning time, but I’m also so over sleeping on my sides. I’ve used it a handful of times so far, and while I don’t usually fall back asleep on my stomach, I’m able to relax until drowsy, then roll to my side. The main problem I have with it is that the kids love playing with it, and will probably pop it before my pregnancy is over.


We are making progress on the house and bedroom situation! We are closing off a space in our basement that could have been made into a legal bedroom but wasn’t when the basement was finished by previous owners. We have the wall and sheetrock up, and the door installed (hardware was installed since I took these pictures). The only other things we’re planning to do to this room before baby comes is finish the outside of the wall (facing the room with the couches) with barnwood. This room is actually going to be Travis’ office.

The girls have been sleeping in that space for the past several months, giving us the opportunity to repaint their old room upstairs. Travis has been using their old upstairs room for his office since January:

We painted the room a color that would work both for Travis’ office and Baby’s nursery, because we were unsure of our plans for the bedroom situation then. But this will be Baby’s nursery after all! I am really excited about the green accent wall. This is my inspiration for the nursery:

I am anxious to get started on setting up the nursery, but unfortunately that is several steps down the road. We just finished painting the girls’ new bedroom. Once we set up their new bunk bed, we can move the girls in there, Travis can move to his new office space, and then I can start on the nursery. Whew! Musical bedrooms.

Corbin is staying in his current room, but I’ve decided to update his decor a little to make it more boy-ish. He loves trucks so I’m going to put these on his walls ( graphics bought on Etsy from SweetandDimple, I just tweaked them a bit in GIMP to fit my vision more):

I also bought graphics on Etsy for the nursery and the girls’ new room:

Other nesting I’ve done is buy outfits for Easter and family pictures after baby is born. I was pleased to see that Carter’s now offers coordinating outfits in baby, toddler, and big kid sizes.

I’m targeting 37 weeks to have hospital bag packed, baby stuff bought and set up, and clothes in a dresser. I’m also itching to get the rest of the house organized (so many things are displaced right now with the room shuffle) and to sell/get rid of some more stuff. The challenge is to find the energy for all that with all the other things on my plate! But we have time.

Pregnancy Update: 33 and 34 Weeks

26 Feb

IMG_4223 (Large)

Our Florida vacation went by way too fast! And… we came back to 8 inches of snow. But I’m not too sad about being home because I have a lot of fun baby preparation stuff to do. ­čÖé Emma could be here anytime in the next 3 – 8 weeks!

The last couple of weeks have been fairly uneventful pregnancy-wise. Traveling to both Minnesota and Florida went beautifully. My feet and ankles definitely swelled up (but I didn’t wear compression socks like I heard recommended) and I tried to only carry on my purse and a book but otherwise, it was just like flying not pregnant. I expected to get a lot of weird looks from people (a pregnant woman flying?) but besides the one comment I got when flying home from Minnesota, everything was perfectly normal.

I’ve still been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. They’re kind of annoying even though they don’t hurt. And if I have to pee at all, a contraction makes it 10 times worse.

Emma has been moving around like a crazy girl lately! Maybe it’s because she’s bigger, or there’s less amniotic fluid in there, but it feels like she’s constantly kicking, moving, poking and squirming. And almost all of her movements are visible from the outside, which is fun to watch. I keep trying to show Travis her antics but it seems that she always settles down once daddy is watching. He did get to see it a few times though.

While we were in Florida, Travis and I slept in a room that had 2 queen beds. After a few nights of uncomfortable sleep, I decided to try out sleeping in my own bed. It was wonderful. I got a lot of great sleep on vacation. I’d go to bed around 9:30/10 and get up around 8:30/9. I wish I could do that every night! Now that we’re back, I’ve discovered that my body pillow actually makes my back hurt worse than sleeping without it. So I’m switching to just a regular pillow, mostly to go under the belly. Much better!

Something else I’ve noticed lately is tiredness settling back in. It’s not the first trimester coma feeling but I get worn out very quickly. I can’t stand or walk very long before needing to sit down. I frequently feel out of breath doing nothing but standing. My workouts have pretty much dropped off completely. I walked 2 times during Week 33 and did a little walking last week on vacation, but that’s about it. I want to keep working out at least 3-4 times a week but it’s hard when there are so many other things I’d rather do (like organize the nursery)! Once I recover from vacation (and the snow melts), I’ll try to get back into my morning workout routine.

I was expecting to have gained a bunch of weight from vacation (hello ice cream every day and no exercise!) but in the last 2 weeks, I actually only gained a pound. I’ll take it.


Symptoms: Braxton Hicks,  tiredness, increased body temperature, swelling

Cravings: Sweets of every kind, juice

Emotions: Excitement mixed with feeling a little overwhelmed by my to-do list

Weight Gained: 1 lb (27 lbs total)

Rings on or off: Off

Belly button in or out: Mostly just flat

Stretch marks: None so far

Best moment the past 2 weeks: Spending time with my family at the pool in Florida! And having my maternity pictures taken – I’ll post them once I get them.

Looking forward to: Time with friends this weekend – soaking it up before Emma comes!