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Pregnancy Update: 35 Weeks

5 Mar

20130305_083039Last Monday (8 days ago), I had another prenatal appointment. The doctor said that everything looks perfect and confirmed that Emma is head down. I go back next Monday for another appointment (during which they’ll test me for Group B Strep) and then I start going in every week! The reality of the situation is really starting to set in – I’m really going to have to give birth and we’re really going to have a baby. A child! It’s craziness. But very exciting.

This past week, I have been a productivity machine. I wouldn’t call it nesting so much as stubbornness and the determination that I will get this stuff done before she comes. The bathroom we remodeled is so close to being done! All Travis has left to do is put up the trim and baseboards, and I just need to buy a couple new towels and figure out what to put on the walls. But since the bathroom is now clean and functional, it has dropped way down on the priority list.

I also got the nursery organized with everything we have so far, and bought dye- and scent-free laundry detergent to wash Emma’s clothes and blankets. I updated our list of things to buy so that after my baby shower this weekend, I’ll be ready to get whatever else we need. I still need to decide if I want to buy baby hangers and size separators to organize the closet, vs. folding things. Thoughts?

What I spent the majority of the weekend doing, though, was deep-cleaning our house. The bathroom remodel project nicely coated everything in dust, and I hadn’t cleaned in about a month so it was majorly disgusting. I was able to deep-clean both bathrooms and thoroughly dust and vacuum/mop the entire house (including the tops of door frames and behind the washer and dryer, which was GROSS – so much dog hair). It doesn’t sound like much but things take longer when you actually clean off shelves, move furniture and scrub walls. I may have overdone things on Sunday a bit – it was ridiculously painful to move around in bed that night and the next day I felt old and decrepit. Lesson learned (sort of). I mostly only have the kitchen left to focus on (the refrigerator, stove and microwave all need help). Even though I hate cleaning, I LOVE having a clean house. I told Travis that this is the cleanest our house will ever be.

So you can probably guess that my energy levels are still pretty good. (Nothing motivates like a to-do list.) I’m still having a TON of Braxton Hicks contractions. I probably have at least a couple an hour, all day long, if not more. Some days I even time them to see if they’re coming more often than every 15 minutes (in which case, it’s recommended you call your doctor) but they end up only being every 20-30 minutes. It definitely feels more frequent! It seems like they’ve increased in intensity too, which I’ve read is normal. And annoying. Seriously. I just hope that since my uterus is getting all this practice in, it’s more efficient when the real thing comes along. Practice makes perfect, right?


My workouts last week:

W: 20 min prenatal pilates

S: 1.7 mile walk + 3-4 hours cleaning


Symptoms: Braxton Hicks; hip pain (at night); zombie mornings; swelling of ankles, feet, hands and wrists

Cravings: Sweets of every kind, specifically froyo and Australian licorice

Emotions: Excitement! and I’m ready to be done with work (my last day is a month from today if Emma doesn’t come early!)

Weight Gained: 2 lbs (29 lbs total)

Rings on or off: Off

Belly button in or out: Just flat, I don’t think it’s going to ‘pop’

Stretch marks: Maybe one right above my belly button? I’ve never had stretch marks so I’m not sure. It looks very shiny.

Baby purchases this week: Medela Breast Pump in Style with On-the-Go Tote (I paid $216 before shipping), baby books from the thrift store

What I Miss: Wearing regular clothes, feeling skinny, sleeping on my stomach, running (last night I actually dreamed that I was running a 5k pregnant)

Best moment this past week: Having dinner Saturday night and lunch Sunday afternoon with friends – enjoying it while we can easily do so!

Looking forward to: Baby shower with friends this weekend!