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Neola Bethany: 4 Months

14 Sep

Neola turned 4 months on September 12. This post is over a week late but I wrote it right at 4 months. It just took me this long to put the photos in it!


Neola is now 15 lbs 4.5 oz (71%), 25.25 inches long (80%), with a head circumference of 16.54 inches (85%). She is starting to outgrow her 6-month sleepers but is still wearing size 2 diapers. Long and lean!


Neola is still a rockstar at night and usually gives me one stretch of between 5 and 8 hours. She usually wakes up around 3/3:30 to eat, then again at 6 or so. I usually put her back down until about 7:30 (unless I foolishly change her diaper between sides, then she’s awake for the day —which thankfully I only did once).

Not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post but Neola never did really like being swaddled for sleep (our only child who didn’t!). So she’s been using straight sleep sacks since about 6 weeks old. She is still sleeping in the Rock n Play. I’ve tried putting her in the crib a few times but her legs wake her up. I’m trying to muster up the courage to go for it (same with potty training Corbin!).

But during the day… 😩

I am extremely thankful for a healthy baby and for the fact that we have a few tried and true ways to get Neola to sleep, but this whole catnapping thing is for the birds. I was just reading Annabelle’s 4-month blog post and that girl took a 3-hour nap every day! But she was definitely our easiest baby. Neola hasn’t napped longer than 30 minutes since she was probably 2 months old. Our pediatrician said she might sleep more after getting her vaccinations — our other kids did — but nope, didn’t affect her at all. I’m glad she didn’t have a fever or anything, but couldn’t she have been just a little sleepier than normal?!

Since it’s still nice out, we swing Neola in the hammock swing for almost all of her naps. Her other naps are either in her carseat or while nursing. She likes being pushed across somewhat bumpy ground (like a yard) in the stroller or being swing back and forth in her carseat. I have some gnarly calluses on my right hand to prove that!


Neola is doing great nursing! She likes bottles less and less. I’m so happy that I didn’t give up and that I muscled through the frustration and discouragement.

I think she nurses every 1.5 to 3 hours, but I honestly do not keep track of the time. We just have more of an intuitive rhythm/flow, and a “when in doubt, nurse” kind of approach. #fourthchild Our days are so chaotic that I often look at the clock and realize that even though it only feels like 9:30, it’s actually noon and I have to make lunch!

Neola is still a spit-up, drool machine. She wears bibs almost all the time now, or we have to change her shirt every 20 minutes.

We plan to start Neola on solid foods around 6 months.


Neola is a very talkative baby, and just in the last couple of days, she has started giggling, specifically when I tickle her neck (cleaning spit-up out of it!). She’s also very smiley and patient — she puts up with so much from her siblings!

Her torticollis is getting better — she will voluntarily turn her head both directions now (though it does seem like she maybe still favors the one side a little more). We haven’t been doing the exercises very often with her 😬 but she is getting more time in the Bumbo, Baby Bjorn, and being carried around. I’m going to break out the jumperoo one of these days too. (Update: Since writing this post a week ago, I did break out the jumperoo. She loves it!)

Corbin Travis: 4 Months

26 Jul

My baby boy is already 4 months old (on July 22)! I haven’t kept track of how many weeks he is — #thirdchild — but looking at a calendar, I see that he is 17 weeks old now.IMG_9240IMG_9234Corbin’s nicknames so far are Corb Man, Little Man, Mister Man, Little Guy Guy, and Little Bud.


Corbin had his 4-month checkup on August 2 and now weighs 18 lbs (88%), is 25.25 inches long (42%), and has a head circumference of 17.32 inches (96%).

He’s still wearing 3-6 month, or 6-month clothing, and size 3 diapers.IMG_8979IMG_9043Sleeping

Corbin stays awake consistently for 90 minutes between naps. His naps range from 45 minutes (most often) to 2 hours (occasionally). He almost always goes down for the night between 6:30 and 7:30, and wakes up around 3-4 AM to nurse. He’s “up for the day” between 6:30 (most often) and 7:30 (occasionally).

BUT… the night before he turned 4 months, he started the 4-month sleep regression and was up every 2-3 hours. The next night was pretty much the same, and last night was only mildly better — he went to bed around 8 PM and woke up at 2, 4, and 7. So who knows what his sleep is going to look like going forward.

Corbin is still sleeping in his Rock n Play for naps and bedtime. Over this next month, I’m going to set Corbin’s crib up in his room, and have him start taking a few naps in the crib. We’re also going to start transitioning Corbin out of the swaddle… I just started swaddling him with one arm out. After we do that for a while, we’ll go to both arms out and the swaddle wrapped around his torso. And then we’ll be done!IMG_9029IMG_8923Eating

Probably the biggest change this past month has been Corbin’s nursing habits. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s gotten so used to taking a bottle, or if I’m just not producing as much milk, but he is really squirmy while nursing, and only nurses for 5 minutes or less per side. He has also started to be really distracted while nursing, often pulling off to look around.

When I pump at work, I usually get between 5-6 oz each session (pumping twice over 7 hours). I have no freezer milk left, so I have to start pumping every night before I go to bed, and I’m going to buy some formula to have on reserve for the days I work. Before Corbin was born, I said that I was totally fine with supplementing with formula, and that I wasn’t going to bend over backwards to continue nursing him. But now I’m like, “No, I’m not ready for this to be over yet!” So I’m going to try to keep it going as long as I can, but realize I might need to start supplementing on the days I work.IMG_9113IMG_9114Development

Corbin can now sit up in his Bumbo seat with very minimal head bobbing. I actually gave him his first haircut last week while he was sitting in it. (Giving an almost-4-month-old a haircut is tricky! But his hair was starting to look scraggly, and now he looks so dapper.) He was actually totally fine with getting his hair cut for a good 10-15 minutes; then he was over it.IMG_9107IMG_9049He can bring his hands to his mouth when he wants, and loves to suck on them. He can also reach for and grab dangling toys and bring them to his mouth. (A new skill in just the past couple of days! They change so fast!!) He also still loves his pacifier, and needs it to go to sleep. We give him his pacifier when he’s going down for a nap, in the carseat, or in the Baby Bjorn (when he’s tired).

Corbin loves facing out in the Baby Bjorn, so I put him in there whenever he’s awake and we’re outside (and sometimes when I need to make dinner). But he still prefers to lie on his back and kick his little legs while he’s awake, versus being held. Right around his 4-month birthday, he started rolling on to his side and can now spin himself around while on his back. One night while we were eating dinner, he spun himself around 180 degrees several times. Each time we looked over at him, his head was at the other end of his playmat! I have yet to see how he spins himself around though…IMG_9244Tummy time is still not a favorite activity, but a couple times, he has tolerated it for probably 3-4 minutes, and actually lifted his head up off the floor, so progress! I plan to do more tummy time with him now that he doesn’t absolutely hate it.IMG_9108I’ve taken him on a few short stroller rides (with him reclined in our jogging stroller), but the girls are the limiting factor there (they’d rather do other things instead of going on walks, though that’s changing now that they can both ride their bikes).

Corbin has started talking more, but in a very different way than either of the girls talked at this age. Instead of a loud and high-pitched cooing, he does more grunting, groaning, and blowing bubbles. #allboy It’s going to be really fun to see how he differs from the girls.

The girls still give Corbin a ton of attention, and for the most part, he loves it and tolerates it very well. Annabelle has only made him cry a few times.IMG_9236 As a parent, it’s nice to have other people to entertain the baby if I need to get something done. The other day, I was just finishing painting my toenails when Corbin woke up, and I sent Emma in to his room to entertain him while I finished. And she did…by putting makeup on his face to make him look beautiful. 😉IMG_9099A few milestones for Corbin this month were his first trip to the cabin on Lake Namakan (which also means first boat ride, since you can’t drive to the cabin), first time meeting all 4 of his cousins (on my side), and first time swimming in a pool (which he actually enjoyed!).IMG_8959IMG_8960IMG_8956IMG_2373IMG_2321IMG_8279And that’s Corbin at 4 months!IMG_9230

Annabelle Lyn: 4 Months

29 Jul

Annabelle was 4 months old on Monday!
She doesn’t have her 4-month well-baby checkup until August 11 so I won’t know her measurements until then. But I can say that she has adorable, chunky thighs!
Annabelle is such a good sport. She is so easygoing and happy just to take it all in.

This past month, she has gone swimming at the beach 4 times and in the pool once. I had almost returned a little swimsuit we got for her as a gift, thinking we would never use it before she’d outgrow it, but I was wrong! Annabelle has gone swimming more in her first 4 months than Emma did her first 2 years. But we are living in the Land of 10,000 Lakes now — swimming is just what you do in the summer!
Each time Annabelle went swimming at the beach, I changed her from her swimsuit back into warm, dry clothes and set her down in her carseat — and she just drifted off to sleep on her own! That should tell you what an easy baby she is. The complete opposite of Emma.

I had no intention of putting Annabelle on a schedule, but she kind of did it herself! Here’s her general schedule/routine:

6:30 — Wake up and nurse

7:00 — Back to sleep

7:45 — Wake up, hang out in the Rock n Play while Big Sis and Mommy eat breakfast

8:00 — Nurse

8:30 — Play on playmat while Mommy gets herself and Big Sis ready for the day

9:30 — Naptime, either in the swing or carseat if we’re going somewhere

11:00 — Wake up and nurse

11:30 — Hang out, Mommy and Sis eat lunch around 12/12:30

1:30 — Nurse in Emma’s room while Mommy tries to get her down for a nap

2:00 — Down for afternoon nap

5:00 — Wake up and nurse

5:30 — Play in bouncy seat or on playmat while Mommy makes dinner; Hang out in Rock n Play while family eats dinner

7:00 — Down for a short nap, sometimes just in the Baby Bjorn while we play outside

7:30 — Wake up; Play a little before getting ready for bed (which usually just consists of changing her diaper, putting on pajamas and wrapping her in the same swaddle she uses for naps)

8:00 — Nurse

8:30 — Bedtime!

This is a very general schedule, and since Annabelle is so agreeable, we push her naptimes and feedings around a little depending on what we’re doing. I often nurse her until she’s sleepy, then quickly swaddle her and put her down. She still loves the Baby Bjorn, so if we’re out and about during her naptime, I can just put her in there and she looks around for a while before falling asleep. We’re planning to buy an Ergobaby or Boba carrier soon, since the Bjorn is killing my shoulders now that Annabelle is heavier! I know we’ll get a ton of use out of it — just hesitant to spend the $150.
Besides swimming, this past month Annabelle has:

* Gone on a hike with Mommy and Daddy in Crow Wing State Park (no Emma)

* Gone garage sale-ing for her second time

* Watched Mommy and Daddy eat dinner outside on the patio at Jake’s

* Started grabbing for toys with her hands a lot more

Emma’s 4 Month Stats

21 Aug

Here are Emma’s stats from her 4-month appointment:

Weight: 14 lb 10.5 oz (55.68 percentile)

Height: 24.5″ (47.17 percentile)

Head circumference: 16.54″ (84 percentile)

Baby girl has a big head! But she’s still cute.

20130811_100633She ended up getting a little bit of diarrhea and irritability from her shots. She had a really bad night of sleep after her appointment – woke up several times, and then wouldn’t let me put her back down starting at 4 am. So I had a very early morning. It was a triple whammy because Travis was gone on a work trip AND I had to work. The diarrhea cleared up after a day or so, and she went back to sleeping well at night after that first night. But I am going to schedule her appointments for Fridays from now on, so that I can be with her for those fussy days and not have to go to work on 5 hours of sleep.

Also somewhat strange, since her appointment, Emma has been really upset in the mornings at daycare. She’ll cry on and off for hours no matter what Charlotte does to calm her, until she wears herself out and takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. I feel so bad! But both me and Charlotte are at a loss for what the cause could be. When she’s with me, she seems to want a little bit more attention and gets bored faster but she’s not that much fussier. Anyway, I’m hoping it gets better. I can’t stand being at work when I know my little girl is upset!

Well, gotta go pick up my little sweetheart!


Emma Grace: 4 Months

7 Aug

Our little Emma is 4 months old today (17.5 weeks)! She goes for her 4-month checkup next Monday, so I don’t have any stats yet. But I can definitely tell that she’s growing!


She has started wearing some 3-6 months clothes, and has started growing out of her smaller 3 month clothes. We still swaddle her for all of her naps and sleeping at night. Sometimes we swaddle her with one arm out because she LOVES sucking on her hands. In the next month or so, I think we’re going to start transitioning her to sleeping in her crib and being unswaddled. I’ve already started putting her down for naps in her crib sometimes. It has gone decently well. She seems to wake up a little bit sooner than when she’s in her Rock N Play but not too bad.

Speaking of naps, Emma still regularly sleeps for only 45 minutes when she’s put down – though she has taken longer naps at daycare, which is good! I think maybe we’re putting her down before she’s really tired and that’s why she doesn’t sleep longer? Every once in a while, though, she surprises us with a 1.5-2 hour nap on her own. I still hold her for at least one nap every day, just so she’ll sleep (and because now that I’m back to work, I want that time with her!). But I know she benefits from taking naps on her own too, so I put her down for naps too.

Night sleep continues to be great. Bedtime is between 8:30 and 9:30 every night and she sleeps until between 5:00 and 6:30 every morning. If she wakes up around 5, she’ll go back to sleep for a few hours. If she wakes up closer to 6:30, she’s up for the day (I mean, for 1.5 hours until she needs to take a nap). Emma can now stay awake for 1.5 – 2 hours between naps and be in a good mood almost the whole time.


She drools almost constantly and in just the past week and a half, she has started talking a LOT – and very loud! Here’s a video of her squealing. How cute is she?!?

She’s also started making motions like she wants to roll over, both when she’s on her belly and on her back. She hasn’t quite figured it out yet but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. Here’s a video of her squirming and making her attempts at rolling over.


She seems to like her playmat less at this age, and hasn’t been a huge fan of walks lately, but she does enjoy tolerate her carseat better and still LOVES her Bumbo seat. I’m going to start looking around for a used jumperoo, because I think she’d like the extra stimulation.


When Emma is on her back and we hold a toy close to her chest, she can put her hands together and grab the toy. She can also hold on to a toy and bring it up to her mouth. She follows voices and objects with her eyes.

She’s still not a huge fan of tummy time but it’s slowly getting better. She has really good neck strength though, and can keep her head in line with her body when pulled up to sitting.


The big milestone for Month 4 was that Emma took her first camping trip! We went up to Jefferson Lake with our care group for our annual camping trip and stayed 2 nights in a tent. I was really dreading it before we went, having visions of Emma waking up really early and needing to be bounced outside the tent to get back to sleep. But she actually slept really well! She woke up a few times, but we got her back to sleep fairly easily. And we didn’t have to get up early at all – the first morning she slept until 7:30 and the second, until 8:15!

1082151_607427572620902_1172592550_o 1091192_607427502620909_1214236618_o

If you’re wondering how you go camping with a 4-month-old, we brought her Rock N Play along to sleep in, and at night, we bundled her up in a long-sleeve sleeper, a fleece sleepsack swaddler, and then put a doubled-up fleece blanket on top of her. I know – GAH loose blanket! But she can’t move around in her Rock N Play so it wasn’t a big deal. We also put a hat on her. She seemed to stay warm! 1097212_607427729287553_1835218033_o 1102599_607427889287537_2014112910_o 1147535_607427845954208_2056956933_oHappy 4 Months Emma Elf!

P.S. I went back to work on July 30 (3 days a week) and so far everything is going really well! Emma is doing well at daycare and I’ve been able to pump enough milk every day for 3 full meals for Emma. Work is CRAZY busy, so it’s been a little stressful, but overall, I’m happy with my decision to return to work part-time. I would definitely have a hard time leaving Emma 5 days in a row though!