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Corbin Travis: 6 Months

22 Sep

Little Bud is already 6 months old! Time is flying!IMG_9914 (Large)IMG_9888 (Large)Size

Corbin didn’t have his 6-month checkup until October 5 (he was 6 months on September 22), but he is a chunk! He was 20 lbs 11 oz (91%), 26 inches (15%?!?!), with a head circumference in the 87th percentile. I have put away all of his 6-month clothes and some of his 9-month clothes (sleepers, shirts, pants) already barely fit. He has a very thick torso and chubby thighs, so there have been several pairs of pants that he didn’t wear at all because we couldn’t get them on, or the waist was too tight! So we might be pulling his 12-month clothing out before long.IMG_9931 (Large)And he’s still in size 4 diapers.


Corbin is not the greatest sleeper these days, during the day or at night. He’s still right around 90-120 minutes of awake time between naps but has started taking short 30 minute naps as his norm–or he “naps” while I nurse him and then decides he’s fine and is awake for another couple of hours. o_O He’s almost always happy when he’s awake (though if he is really tired, he’s only happy being held), but man, having a baby who doesn’t nap plus two other kids who no longer nap is EXHAUSTING. This momma doesn’t get anything done without letting the girls watch iPad for hours on end. (And since I don’t want to let them watch iPad for hours on end, I get nothing done.)

And then there’s Corbin’s nighttime sleep. He is getting his first tooth ‚̧ so he has been waking up every 2-3 hours at night for about the past week (and maybe even longer? Honestly, things are mostly a blur at this point). Thankfully, he almost always goes right back to sleep after nursing. I’m hoping that once his bottom two teeth pop through, he’ll go back to his “normal” sleeping habits (whatever those are–he’s so unpredictable!!).

Another change this month is that Corbin no longer likes being bounced on the exercise ball. He just wants us to put him down in his Rock n Play, where he sucks his thumb and falls asleep on his own (unless he’s already asleep from nursing). Yep, he’s still in the Rock n Play. Now that he’s getting close to sitting up on his own, he should probably be in his crib, but… man, I dread transitions. They’re always more horrible in my mind though, so we should probably just bite the bullet. Stay tuned until next month…IMG_9948 (Large)IMG_9944 (Large)IMG_9851 (Large)Eating

Corbin is still breastfeeding, and still refuses to nurse unless he’s ready for a nap. If I try any other time (even when he is quite certainly hungry), he’ll nurse for 30 seconds to a minute, then pull off and look around. Sometimes he pulls off to suck his thumb. ūüėÄ Silly boy.IMG_9796 (Large)Corbin has now tried avocado and banana in addition to rice cereal. He loves avocado, but could take or leave the banana. My plan is to start feeding him two meals a day, one in the morning right after he wakes up, and another right before dinner. It always takes me a while to get into the swing of a new habit, and this is no different, so I haven’t been consistent on this yet (especially when I’m getting 7,389 snacks for my other two children each day). But this could help him sleep more during the night too. Right?IMG_9697 (Large)Finally, Corbin is done taking his acid reflux meds. Soon after he turned 5 months, I just kind of stopped giving it to him and he was fine. So we’re done with that, hallelujah. We have been giving him some infant Tylenol for his teething pain, and he HATES it. He didn’t like the taste of his acid reflux meds either, but you can tell that he hates the Tylenol even more. He also doesn’t drool or spit up as much now either.


Little Man is getting closer and closer to sitting up on his own. He can now sit up in carts and strollers without leaning too much, and can sit up on the floor for a few seconds if he leans all the way forward. He is a curious little guy and loves being able to see what’s going on, so it’ll be nice when he can sit up on his own.¬†IMG_9889 (Large)Corbin loves toys, especially ones he can chew on. His favorites are Mortimer the Moose; a half fabric, half plastic ring with a bird on it; a jingly ball that reminds me of a cat toy; a pink dog that has a wooden ring on one end; and a plastic circular rattle in the shape of a fish.IMG_9869 (Large) He still likes his playmat, and loves the jumperoo. He enjoys stroller rides and facing out in the Baby Bjorn (he actually does still fit in it–turns out I had the straps adjusted too tight).¬†IMG_9826 (Large)And a new thing–Corbin loves swinging. He still for the most part needs to be propped up with thin blankets in our swing at home so that he doesn’t end up slouching, but he can sit up in the baby swings at parks too. And he loves it!¬†IMG_9813 (Large)Those cheeks ‚̧

Corbin has really found his voice, and shrieks often. He doesn’t laugh very often, but when he does, it’s the cutest sound in the world. Emma is actually the person who can get him to laugh the most often with her crazy antics. One day when he was swinging, she pushed him a few times and then held him up in the swing leaning forward, and he thought that was hilarious. Of course, he stopped doing it the minute we got our phones out, but it was so cute. Travis can also get him to laugh sometimes by blowing on his neck.

The girls still give him lots of attention, and have started to want to carry Corbin around. One morning when we were getting ready for church, Annabelle made him cry a few times by trying to pick him up when we weren’t watching. But he’s probably over 20 pounds by now so he’s not that much lighter than she is! And whenever we send Annabelle in to entertain Corbin after a nap when we’re busy doing something, she makes sure that he has plenty of toys.¬†IMG_9808 (Large)IMG_9761 (Large)IMG_9843 (Large)IMG_9700 (Large)We also braved the Minnesota State Fair this year with all three kids (plus two of my brothers and their wives, their two babies, and my dad), and it wasn’t a disaster!IMG_9737 (Large)IMG_9711 (Large)And that’s Corbin at 6 months!

Annabelle Lyn: 6 Months

6 Oct

Our sweet little Annabelle is already 6 months old (back on September 27)!


It’s hard to believe that much time has gone by already. At her doctor appointment today, she was a little over 27 weeks, 19 lbs 5 oz (91%), 26 inches long (50%) with a head circumference of 17.76 inches (98%). She’s wearing 6-9 month clothes, and has been wearing¬†9 month sleepers and shirts for about a month already. She has a long torso and short little legs!

Annabelle has rolled over from her belly to her back a half dozen times but a week will pass between rolls, and she hasn’t done it at all for the past 3 weeks. It’s like she forgets that she knows how to do it. (Our doctor said that she is probably just choosing to not do it, and that we won’t worry about it until 9 months.) She has good neck control during tummy time though and is getting close to being able to sit up on her own. She’s also stronger standing up. No attempts at rolling from back to belly, though she does roll onto her side quite a bit.


The best part about the past month is that her personality has really started coming out.

Things she loves:

* Making funny noises with her mouth — squawking, gurgling, sighing, spitting, farting
* Hearing other people make fake fart noises — one of the things that has made her laugh the most so far was the air being let out of a partially inflated balloon. We did it over and over to hear that cute giggle.
* Watching big sister’s antics
* Having raspberries blown on her belly and (almost nonexistent) neck — this also makes her laugh, but only sometimes
* Hanging upside down
* Swinging and stroller rides
* Taking baths — she splashes herself in the face because she’s so excited
* Nursing
* Chewing on rubber/plastic spatulas and spoons
* Jumping in her jumperoo — it took probably 3 weeks but she’s finally doing some jumping!
* Sitting in the Bumbo or bouncy seat watching mommy do stuff in the kitchen
* Playing with toys that jingle and/or are a good thing to chew/suck on — she’s gotten good at seeing toys she wants and reaching for them. One of her favorite toys is a jingly blue and yellow ball that reminds me of a cat toy.


Helping mommy with laundry

Annabelle does NOT like:
* Being put down when she’s tired or hungry (she’ll be fine being held for a while though)
* Solid foods — so far, we’ve tried rice cereal mixed with breastmilk, banana, avocado, applesauce and rice rusks. 99% of it came right back out but she really liked the applesauce. We’ll keep trying! Next up will be probably sweet potatoes or butternut squash.
* Bottles — still won’t take one. I’ve pretty much given up on that — we’re going straight to a sippy cup instead!
* Sleeping flat — she will now sleep without vibration so we have made some progress (though I do still revert to vibration on occasion because she definitely sleeps better/longer with it on)!


Annabelle¬†is still such a happy, easygoing sweetheart. It takes a lot for her to get worked up and when she’s starting to get upset, her pitiful little whimper just pulls at my heartstrings! There have been a handful of times when she was tired and hungry as we were driving home after¬†eating dinner at a restaurant. She would cry for about 5 minutes and then just fall asleep. In contrast, Emma at that age would’ve screamed¬†harder and harder and harder all the way home, falling asleep right as we were pulling in the driveway. ūüėČ

She takes 2 good naps a day, and sometimes a third catnap in the evening. I can almost always time her afternoon nap for when Emma is taking hers so I get a glorious break! She had been sleeping through the night up until about 3 weeks ago, but now she wakes up hungry between 3:30 and 4:30. She goes right back down after nursing though. She also might be teething (who knows?) because she’s had a few nights of waking up 3-4 times and being unhappy (which is unlike her). She still squawks instead of crying 90% of the time. When she actually does cry, you know she has HAD IT and needs to nurse/sleep NOW. What a sweetheart.


Annabelle likes stroller rides!20150902_192848

Annabelle fell asleep with me holding her during dinner one night. We didn’t realize it until Emma looked over and said “Baby’s sleeping!”

Annabelle’s passport photo attempts (for our trip to Mexico this coming Feb) — the top one was the winner.


And that’s Annabelle at 6 months!

Emma Grace: 6 Months

7 Oct

Emma is 6 months old today! This is a big milestone, not only because it’s half a year, but because Emma is now old enough to go to the gym daycare and children’s ministry at our church! I am excited to workout more and go to a whole church service. I checked her into the children’s ministry yesterday, even though I knew she might have a meltdown. She did, but I at least I got to hear almost the whole sermon before having to go get her!

Emma6Month 024 (Large)


At her 6-month appointment this morning, Emma weighed 16 lbs, 6 oz (54%). She was 26 inches tall (54%) and her head circumference was 16.73 inches (58%). Still growing well!

Emma is wearing mostly 3-6 or 6 month clothes, but some of her 3 month clothes still fit too (Carter’s runs really long!). She’s wearing size 3 diapers. Weirdly, Emma’s feet haven’t grown hardly at all since birth – I compared her feet now to her footprints from birth and they’re only like 1/2 inch longer! She has 2 pairs of shoes that say they’re for 3-6 months and they are still about 2 inches too long on her. Our pediatrician says that feet don’t grow linearly, so she might have abnormally small right feet, but they’ll eventually catch up. She’s just focusing her growth on other areas. Like her cheeks.


She wasn’t sure what to think about riding in the shopping cart.


Emma still takes 3-4 naps a day, which range from 40 minutes to 2.5 hours (though those long naps aren’t very common). She stays awake between her naps for about 2 – 3 hours.

At night, Emma sleeps for about 10 hours total. She went through a stretch of sleeping 10 hours straight but for the past 3-4 weeks, she’s only slept about 4-8 hours in a single stretch. I think it might be because she gets hungry in the middle of the night, so we’re going to try giving her a bottle before bed to see if that helps. We’re also going to try to cut out her 4th nap (but sometimes she falls asleep in the car on the way home from daycare).

Emma6Month 011 (Large)


I’m still breastfeeding Emma about 6 times a day, roughly every 3 hours, for about 15 minutes. She’s gotten very distractible and doesn’t have the patience to spend a long time nursing anymore.

I estimate that she drinks 4-6 oz when she nurses (depending on time of day). I had been giving her only three 4 oz bottles while I’m at work but I’m going to start bumping that up to 5 or 6 oz, because she seems to be hungrier in the past week or so. Unfortunately, this means we’re going to have to start supplementing with formula because I can usually only pump 3 – 4 oz, 5 if I’m lucky. I haven’t done *absolutely everything* I can to keep breastfeeding, but honestly, I don’t have the energy or desire to bend over backwards to keep it going. I am going to try a few other supplements though (like Mother’s Milk and fenugreek), just in case they help. And I will keep breastfeeding Emma as much as I can.

About 3 weeks ago, we started solids. So far, Emma loves eating and has done really well. She’s a natural! She has tried (in order) avocado, banana, applesauce, oatmeal cereal with cinnamon, sweet potatoes and peas. She usually gets a meal in the morning and evening, though we are definitely not consistent yet.


She didn’t make any funny faces except with the sweet potatoes – but I think that may have been because I took them out of a soup I made and she may have gotten some onion with it. Next up, we’re going to try apples, carrots and lentils. We’ve been feeding her in her Bumbo seat so far, but we are planning to buy a high chair soon. Any recommendations?


Emma likes being around people. She’ll be content in her jumperoo, swing or on her playmat if you sit next to her and watch, but if you get up to go do something, she gets frustrated pretty fast!

She loves to smile. Sometimes, she’ll smile at someone she doesn’t know and then turn and bury her head in our shoulder, like she’s shy.


She talks a LOT. She coos, sighs, shrieks, and giggles. It’s really cute but when she gets really loud, it’s hard to hear anything else! She also laughs a lot at funny noises.


Emma has no interest in things she can’t put in her mouth. Everything you hand her, she looks at for about 10 seconds and into her mouth it goes. She still loves to suck on her hands and toes, but now that she can hold toys so well, she likes to suck on those a bunch too.


I’ve tried playing easy iPad games or reading books with her – after a minute or 2, she says it’s time to move on to the next thing. The only way I can get her to listen to a story is if she’s doing something else she enjoys.

Speaking of which, her favorite thing to do by far is lay on her back and suck on toys. She’ll put her little legs up and roll over from side to side, but never rolls on to her belly – I think because she still doesn’t like being on her tummy! When we put her on her stomach, she immediately rolls over. To get some tummy time in, we lay down and put her on our chest, but even then, she wants to roll off after just a couple minutes! (Which is fun game to play on the bed, BTW).

We just recently bought Emma a Rainforest Jumperoo¬†for $40 on Craigslist (before, we had a Bounce Bounce Baby which was really hard for her to bounce on) and SHE LOVES IT! It’s funny too, because she’ll keep bouncing even after she gets tired, so she starts looking (and sounding) upset but keeps bouncing anyway.


She still likes her swing and playmat, but the Bumbo seat has lost its appeal for playing – though we’re still using it for feeding her, as I mentioned before. Emma can sit up¬†on her own¬†for 5-10 seconds before tipping over.

Emma loves to grab things (like hair and faces – OUCH!), and doesn’t mind getting dirty. She and I were soaking up the warm weather two weekends ago and she was so excited about pulling out clumps of grass and dirt – and trying to eat them! I kept telling her “Yucky” but she still snuck some in her mouth. That love of grass and dirt is from her daddy, not me!




Emma really only cries about 2 things: 1) being overtired and 2) getting a shirt put on. When she’s hungry, she just whines a little bit, but put a shirt over her head and the world is coming to an end. And watch out if you combine the two and put a shirt on her when she’s tired!

Other random facts about Emma:

  • Still loves baths.
  • No teeth yet.
  • Doesn’t mind getting her nails cut.
  • Had her first stuffy nose.
  • Loves being outdoors.
  • Has been on 6 plane flights – that averages out to 1 a month!
  • Rode in the stroller facing forward for the first time


  • Also rode in the Baby Bjorn facing forward for the first time

20131006_151749What a big girl!

Emma6Month 015 (Large)