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Neola Bethany: 7 Months

16 Dec

Neola is 7 months old as of December 12.


Neola is starting to outgrow her 9-month clothes, and can easily wear her 12-month clothes now. She’s still in size 3 diapers.


Oh man. Sleep with this girl is rough. This past month, she has had a few 5-hour stretches but more often than not, she’s up every 2-3 hours. I definitely think she’s getting some more teeth (I recall from our other kids that teething can last for a month or more before the teeth pop through!) so I do give her ibuprofen every night before bed. But I’m also wondering if her poor napping habits have something to do with her bad nighttime sleep…

(She stayed sleeping on the floor for about 5 minutes after I put her down… we had to go somewhere and I went to find her carseat.)

Neola often only naps for 20-30 minutes at a time, which is just not long enough. It’s been hard to change that because 1) #fourthchild and 2) she won’t stay sleeping after you put her down and 3) she’s a pretty light sleeper around noise.

BUT in just the past couple of weeks, Neola hasn’t wanted to be swung to sleep in the chair swing. Instead, she’d rather be bounced in our arms, and then rocked in a chair, or nurse to sleep. I think that’s progress! At any rate, I’d much rather sit with her in the recliner than the chair swing.

I’m trying to focus on putting her down 2-3 hours after her previous nap (and not pushing her too long) and getting her longer naps — at least 45 minutes to an hour. Unfortunately that means pausing school during that time, and letting the older kids play unsupervised while I sit with her in the nursery. I don’t worry about Emma and Annabelle, but Corbin still gets into trouble (read: makes a huge mess or destroys something) every once in a while. But what can I do? Even sleep training gurus say that night sleep is usually the first to fall into place. On the other hand, it is sweet to rock Neola.

Neola has also been a stinker about switching to the crib, and wakes up even more often when I put her in there. I bought a weight sleep sack hoping that would help, and it did a little, but not enough (and Neola seems to only like the weighted sleep sack in small doses). So she still mostly sleeps in the Rock n Play. It’s just so hard to make changes that result in less sleep! We have talked about sleep training, but I hate to do that when she appears to be in pain.

I’m trying to remind myself that all of our kids had unique sleep challenges at this age, and there will be a day when she figures it out. All we can do right now is pray for wisdom to manage things well and keep trying to nudge things in the right direction.


Neola has been doing a great job eating solid foods! Most days, she eats 2-3 “meals” — usually around our breakfast time, around lunchtime, and right before dinner. So far, she has tried avocado, banana, applesauce, yogurt, baby cereal, cheese, and a variety of store bought purées — blueberry apple, butternut squash, sweet potato, apple banana grape, etc. She has liked almost everything, but sometimes she don’t seem very hungry and loses interest after 8-10 bites.

Before starting solid foods, she had had trouble with getting backed up and not pooping for as many as 10 days (apparently normal for a breastfed baby, but she seemed really uncomfortable), but we took her to the chiropractor 6-7 times, and that seemed to help. Since starting solid foods, she’s pooped every 1-3 days. She does still get kind of fussy right before she has to poop, and has lots of gas. When she finally does poop, more often than not it’s a blowout that requires you to wash the outfit she was wearing, plus anything else she came into contact with.


Neola hasn’t completely figured out how to roll over yet (we are still majorly slacking on tummy time 😬 but she’s close!). She is getting better at being able to sit up on her own. She is now sitting in highchairs at restaurants, in the shopping cart at stores, and in her infant sled outside.

Neola is very curious and instantly grabs anything within her reach, which now makes it impossible to do anything while I’m holding her. She also shows her affection by grabbing my hair or neck with her iron grip and digging her nails into my skin (I have scratches to prove it!). She also gives “kisses” by putting her open mouth on my face.

She’s still very talkative and gets incredibly (somewhat annoyingly) loud at times, usually when she’s getting tired. Sometimes I’m trying to instruct the older girls about something school-related quick before trying to get Neola to take a nap, but I can’t because I can’t think or be heard over her shrieking.

Neola loves being outside, and still takes a nap outside 1-2 times a week (bundled up in her stroller).

Neola has also started to develop “stranger danger” and has gotten extremely upset a few times while being taken care of or held by someone else.

Neola loves playing with toys and can hold them like a pro now.

And that’s Neola at 7 months!

Corbin Travis: 7 Months

27 Oct

I can’t believe our Little Bud is already 7 months old! Six months still feels like a baby… seven months feels like he’s almost 1 year old!IMG_0307Size

Corbin moved up to size 5 diapers and is wearing both 9-month and 12-month clothes. I will be putting away some of the 9-month clothing soon (like his sleepers–his feet are all the way to the end, which is why it mystifies me that they say he’s in the 15th percentile for height). He doesn’t go back to the doctor until 9 months.IMG_0049IMG_0048Eating

We’re finally consistent with feeding Corbin table food. He gets 2-3 “meals” during the day in addition to nursing/bottles. So far, he does not like any purees. His face after a bite is priceless! (Like, what the heck is this crap?!?!?) He doesn’t even like mashed banana. What kid doesn’t like banana? He also doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of scrambled eggs.

His favorites (and by favorites, I mean the only foods he will eat) are cheese, yogurt, avocado, rice cereal, applesauce, and teething wafers. We’ve also fed him random bites of what we’re eating, including chicken curry with cauliflower rice, baked beans, chili (not spicy), peanut butter, and brownie. #thirdchild He definitely seems to have a more adventurous palette than a normal baby!

I am still nursing him, and he’s only had to drink a few bottles of formula while I’m at work. But now that we know he doesn’t mind formula, I’m jonesing for a night alone. Momma needs a break! We’re planning on one at the end of November.IMG_0241Sleeping

We’ve had some wins and challenges the past month in the sleep department.


  • He is sleeping in his crib at night and for naps. And the transition went better than I could have imagined! He really didn’t fight it at all.
  • He falls asleep on his own by sucking on this thumb. (Neither of the girls did any self-soothing, so this is a nice change and huge blessing!)
  • When he’s not teething, he usually goes to bed between 5 and 6 PM, wakes up once around 4 AM to nurse, then goes back to sleep until 6 or 6:30 AM.


  • He’s still all over the place in terms of naps. He can consistently stay up for 1.5-2.5 hours between naps (depends on what we’re doing, and how much attention he’s getting). But his naps are usually only 30-45 minutes. Once in a blue moon, he takes a 2+ hour nap and it’s glorious!
  • He got his first 2 teeth (the two in the middle on the bottom), which disrupted his sleep for about a week. He was up every 2-3 hours. Brutal! Things improved slightly when we gave him Tylenol. I have a hunch his top two middle teeth are coming in now, because he has had some very rough nights recently as well.
  • He sometimes wakes up around 3 or 4 am, and is just wide awake. I change his diaper, nurse him, put him back down in his crib, and see if he’ll go back to sleep. He usually rolls around for 5-10 minutes, then starts squawking. I go back in and turn his projector on, and that usually keeps him content for another 5-10 minutes. Then if he starts crying, I just bring him out into the living room, turn on the lights and fireplace, and play with him. I also usually do my Bible study. When 90 minutes have passed since he first woke up, he’s ready to go back down. If he woke up at a more “reasonable” hour like 4:30, I usually just stay up and get some mommy time (since the girls get up between 6:30 and 7 anyway). But if he woke up more like 3:30, I go back to bed. If I could just function well on 4 hours of sleep, life would be much easier!
  • He does not like to nap on the go. He will fall asleep in his carseat if he’s tired enough, and if we keep moving, but otherwise, he just wants to sleep in his crib.


Corbin is a rolling machine these days, and loves reaching for toys. But he only rolls left to get on his belly and right to get on his back, so he sometimes boxes himself into a corner or wall, and can’t get out. At least we don’t have to worry about him rolling down the stairs (yet). He is so much more motivated to get moving than the girls were, and obviously doesn’t mind being on his belly like they did, so I bet he’ll start crawling in the next month or two. (The girls didn’t crawl until 10 and 12 months).

IMG_0273IMG_0243Corbin is also doing really well sitting up on his own, and doesn’t fall over at all unless he reaches for a toy and loses his balance.IMG_0282He is a talker and sometimes is super loud. Thankfully, most people seem to think he’s adorable instead of annoying, but the girls sometimes complain about not being able to hear when he’s screeching.

He took his first bath with Annabelle not using the infant tub (I held him the whole time) and seemed to really like it. We might try him in the Bumbo in the bathtub soon (obviously with lots of supervision).IMG_0194Corbin LOVES being outside. He can be super fussy and seemingly ready for a nap, but then you take him outside and he’s happy as a clam. He loves swinging in our infant swing on the swingset, and enjoys walks in the stroller as well. At the end of September, we took him on a “hike” in Crow Wing State Park, and he didn’t make a peep the entire time!

We love this little boy so much!IMG_0287

Annabelle Lyn: 7 Months

2 Nov

Little Miss Annabelle was 7 months (30.5 weeks) back on October 27.


Annabelle is still wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. I only used cloth diapers for about 3 weeks before getting frustrated that they kept soaking through her clothes. Maybe I’ll try again but for now, we’re doing 100% disposable.
In the past month, Annabelle:

* Got her first two teeth — the ones in the bottom middle
* Started sitting up on her own, still with lots of supervision because she tips over a lot
* Went on her first (and second) airplane rides with mommy and big sis to visit her cousins in Evansville, Indiana (post coming soon)
* Hit her head for the first time 😦
* Got her first cold with a runny nose and cough 😦
* Started eating solid foods 1-2 times a day (new foods she tried this month were oatmeal cereal, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, apple blueberry and grape banana plum purees, and banana Baby Mum Mums — she’s liked everything but I did mix some of the veggies with applesauce)

Annabelle likes:

* Jumping in her jumperoo
* Sitting up and playing with toys
* Eating and nursing
* Watching big sister’s antics (she laughs at her often, which makes my mommy heart swoon)
* Taking baths
* Playing peekaboo
* Grabbing everything she can get her hands on (we call her Grabby McGrabberton)
* Playing with my hair and face while nursing
* Sucking on everything, including her toes (it seems like it took her longer to develop this habit than Emma but she’s definitely there now!)
* Smiling and sticking her tongue out
Annabelle does not like:

* Getting her sleep sack put on when she’s hungry and/or tired
* Sleeping in her crib (she’s still in her swing folks)
* Going to sleep sometimes (I think might be a result of teething and/or being sick)
* Getting her face/nose/hands wiped
* Sleeping through the night (she almost always wakes up once now to nurse, sometimes twice — ugh)
Annabelle is a favorite at the church nursery and MOPS because she is so easygoing and smiley. Such a little sweetheart. We love her to pieces!

My favorite moment this past month was when Emma was playing in Annabelle’s crib and Annabelle was playing in her swing (also in her room). I ran to the kitchen to jot something down but could still hear them. Emma said “Baby look” and then did something that made Annabelle totally crack up. It was the first time they had bonded without me present and it was so sweet!







A Day in the Life {At Work}

18 Nov

Before I went back to work, I looked online for examples of what working mothers’  schedules looked like. How did they handle dinner? When was bedtime? How did they get stuff ready for the next day? After scouring the interwebs, I didn’t really find any examples of workday schedules. So I thought it would be interesting, and hopefully helpful to some, to write a “Day in the Life” post about a typical day in the life of a working mom (and a 7-month old). 

I also wanted to mention that at first, going back to work and figuring out what to do when and how was very overwhelming (I seriously made about 15 different schedules trying to ‘nail it down’). But after a week or 2, we fell into our own rhythm and it works pretty well. Mornings when Travis isn’t home are definitely more hectic but we manage. Anyway… here was our day last Thursday.

3:00 am – Emma’s crying. She sounds pretty upset. I find her on her belly in her crib. Since she usually wakes up to nurse about this time, I nurse her and put her back down after bouncing her a little.

5:50 – Emma’s crying again. Usually when she wakes up for the day, she’s happy and just coos in her crib for a while. Not today. I find her on her belly again! Silly girl. It’s like she forgets that she knows how to roll over. I change her diaper, clean out her stuffy nose with saline drops and a bulb syringe, and nurse her.

6:15 – Emma plays on her playmat while I let the dogs out, feed them and brew a cup of coffee. I turn on the news and play with Emma while I drink my coffee. Ahh…

6:35 – I give Travis his 10-minute warning (he was up late playing hockey) and feed Emma mango for breakfast.

6:45 – I put Emma in bed with Travis while I jump in the shower. Then I do my hair, makeup and get dressed while Emma jumps in her jumperoo.

7:10 – While Travis dresses Emma, I make my lunch, get the bottles and diaper bag ready, make another cup of coffee and 2 pieces of peanut butter toast, and load my car with the following: purse, breast pump, pumping cooler, Emma’s bottle cooler, diaper bag, lunch bag, water bottle, peanut butter toast and coffee mug. So much stuff!

20131114_174059Travis was going to pair magenta pants with this shirt… I will never understand what goes through his mind regarding color combinations. 

7:30 – We’re out of the door on time! I eat my toast in the car as we drive to daycare.

7:53 – Arrive at Charlotte’s house. We chat for a bit and then I drive to work.

8:28 – Arrive at work.

9:50 – First pumping session. I get 5 oz!

10:30 – Back at my desk for snack time!

20131114_10322311:30 – I’m still hungry so I eat lunch.

20131114_11285812:45 – Second pumping session. Only 3 oz this time.

1:10 – Back at my desk.

1:50 – Snack time again! I am a bottomless pit today.

20131114_1352042:40 – I’m yawning so I go get a peppermint mocha from our on-campus coffee shop with a co-worker.

3:30 – Third (and final) pumping session. I get 3 oz.

4:30 – Leave work to go pick up Emma. I’m done for the week! (Usually I leave at 5, but today I need to pick Emma up early.) On the way to my car, I run into a co-worker who had a baby 3 weeks after me but then moved to our Seattle office. We catch up for 10 minutes.

5:05 – Pick Emma up from Charlotte’s. She had a good day at daycare, with one fussy period, and has been awake since 4:00.

5:30 – Get home. Emma has a poopy diaper, so I change it and feed her pureed spinach/banana for dinner. It’s the first time she’s tried it and she really likes it! Then while Travis watches Emma, I make dinner for us – homemade macaroni and cheese with mixed veggies. It’s the best I could do – I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow. (Often, Travis makes dinner while I feed Emma.)

20131114_1824396:30 – Bath time! We read Emma some of Little House in the Big Woods while she splashes. Then we put on her diaper, lotion and jammies, sing a song and pray.

6:50 – I nurse Emma.

7:15 – Emma’s asleep! I’m glad that she went down easy instead of being wide awake for another 30 minutes. I drink a couple glasses of wine while Travis and I watch Breaking Bad and hang out.

9:20 – Bedtime!

11:30 – Emma’s awake. Ugh. Apparently she traded going down easy with being awake for 2.5 hours in the middle of the night. After nursing, letting her play in her crib, bouncing, rocking and everything else, I’m at the end of my rope. We let her cry for a bit until she gets really upset and then Travis goes in to get her back to sleep. It takes him about 30 minutes.

And that’s a wrap!


If you missed A Day in the Life {At Home}, click here.

A Day in the Life {At Home}

10 Nov

This day turned out to be rather atypical for Emma in terms of naps/sleep, and Travis was gone on a work trip, but otherwise, it was a pretty typical Friday for us.

4:30 am – I hear Emma on the monitor. I give her a chance to fall back asleep on her own.

4:45 – Emma’s still awake, so I get up and nurse her.

5:10 – I put Emma back down after a little bouncing, crossing my fingers she stays asleep (at that hour, it’s always a crapshoot.)

5:15 – Emma’s awake. Darn. She’s still tired though, so I hold her until she really wakes up.

6:10 – She’s awake for the day. I change her diaper and put her on her playmat, while I let the dogs out, feed them and brew myself a cup of coffee. I drink my coffee and watch the news while Emma plays. I also put a stack of cloth diapers away.

20131108_0629286:50 – Attempt to nurse Emma but she’s not really interested. So I feed her some peach yogurt instead, while I eat oatmeal with peanut butter and brown sugar (my favorite way to eat oatmeal right now). After breakfast, Emma bounces in her jumperoo while I do dishes.

7:35 – Tummy time on Mommy! And Super Baby time – where I hold her like Superman. It’s a way to strength her core muscles that she actually likes, for a few minutes. Then we just play sitting up until it’s time for her next nap.

8:20 – Emma’s starting to fuss, so I put her in her sleepsack and down in her crib for a nap. She whimpers a little bit, but goes to sleep on her own. I brew my second cup of coffee and drink it while I spend some time praying. I spend 15 minutes on downloading pictures to add to Emma’s 12-month picture frame  (similar to this one).

9:45 – Emma’s awake. I change her diaper and nurse her.

10:00 – I change into running clothes, load Emma, the dogs and the stroller into the car, and drive to a park for a 2-mile run.

20131108_10421710:45 – We’re done! 2 miles in 22:50. When we get home, I change Emma’s clothes and take her 7-month pictures. Then I change her into a practical outfit and make a turkey sandwich before calling my friend, Amy, who lives in Hawaii to chat.

11:45 – Emma’s down for a nap, but not happy about it.

12:00 pm – I end my call with Amy because Emma’s still screaming. I go in to bounce/rock her but she keeps crying, so I decide to try nursing her. Her last nursing session was pretty quick. I change out of my sports bras and nurse her. It helps calm her down.

12:15 – Emma’s asleep. I take a shower and dry my hair most of the way. I also spend about 30 seconds doing my makeup. I work on Emma’s 7-month blog update a bit.

12:45 – Emma’s awake. I try to get her back to sleep but she’s wide awake so I change her diaper and feed her lunch. I try to give her avocado thinned with formula but she makes a face and refuses to eat it (she really does not like things combined with formula!), so I break out some food I got from a co-worker. I guessed it was sweet potato puree but after a few bites, I notice printing on the side that says “Mac cheese”. Interesting… Emma eats about half. I take a little bite and it’s not too bad, but not great either.

1:10 – Emma plays with toys while I eat a yogurt and banana, and make a grocery list.

1:30 – We head to Target.

20131108_135417I am in love with this wreath, and plan to try making it myself for cheaper.

2:15 – Emma bounces in her jumperoo while I put groceries away. She’s so happy that I sit next to her and look at photo albums. Then we play on the floor some more.

2:45 – Put Emma down for a nap. Again, she cries so I go in and nurse her. Something definitely seems to be off with her. Usually I can calm her down by just holding her, but today, she seems out of sorts. I give her some Tylenol just in case she’s in pain.

3:15 – Emma’s asleep.

3:30 – Emma’s awake. I try to get her back to sleep again so I could just hold her for her nap, but she’s awake. So I make an egg sandwich, grab an apple and we go for a drive up Clear Creek Canyon (beautiful!) to get Emma to sleep. It works! I also listen to Tim Keller’s sermon ‘Blessed Self-Forgetfulness‘, which gets better every time I listen to it.

5:15 – After sitting in the driveway for 15 minutes finishing Emma’s 7-month update, I take Emma inside. She stays sleeping and I put her in the nursery while I make dinner. I knew letting her sleep could either be a good idea or could backfire but I decided to risk it.

5:45 – Emma’s awake. I feed her pureed blueberries for dinner. They are messy!

6:15 – Bathtime! Followed by Emma’s nighttime routine.

7:15 – Emma is still wide awake. I think we can say the long nap before bed backfired. I sit next to Emma playing in her crib while I read blogs on my phone in the dark.

7:45 – Emma has a poopy diaper, so I change it and then try to bounce her a bit. She still seems uncomfortable/in pain, so I give her some more Tylenol.

8:00 – Emma’s finally asleep, albeit lightly, so I rock her while watching How I Met Your Mother on my phone.

8:30 – Emma wakes up crying and wriggling while I’m holding her, and I’m at a loss for what’s wrong, so I put some Orajel on her top and bottom gums. Maybe she’s getting more teeth? It seems to calm her down at any rate. I hold her for another episode.

8:50 – I finally put Emma down. Travis should be home in the next 30 minutes, but I’m exhausted so I eat a bowl of cereal, wash my face, brush my teeth and go to bed. I watch another episode of HIMYM (I’m obsessed!) before turning the lights out. Travis gets home right as I’m done watching, so I talk to him for a few minutes before going to sleep.

9:30 – Sleep!

Emma woke up 3 times that night, at around 12:30, 2:45 and 4:45, and didn’t go back to sleep after that last wakening (at least, according to how my sleep-deprived brain remembers it!). I fed her each time, because when she’s so uncomfortable, it’s the only thing that settles her down enough to fall back asleep. During the second nursing, I spaced out and when I opened my eyes again, I panicked because I thought Emma was upside down (with her butt above her head). It took me a good 20 seconds to realize that I was looking at the wrong end. Oy. I really hope this passes quickly!

Emma Grace: 7 Months

8 Nov

For some reason, 7 months sounds so old! It’s kind of hard to believe that 7 months have already passed since Emma was born. I’ve been saying this is Emma’s mini golden birthday, because she’s 7 months on the 7th. 😉

Emma7Month 037 (Large)Here’s what Emma is up to:


Emma doesn’t have another pediatrician appointment until 9 months, so I’m not sure what her weight and height are now. But she keeps growing! She has almost grown out of all her 6 month sleepers – the 9 month ones are still pretty big on her though, so she’s stuck between sizes. She got a few new Oshgosh B’Gosh dresses this past month and they run small so they’re 12 month size. And she’s still wearing size 3 diapers. But she did go up a snap on her cloth diapers!

Her feet are finally big enough for her 3-6 month shoes, but she loves to kick her heels against whatever she’s sitting in or laying on, so the shoes (and socks) last about a minute before they’re off.


Emma has officially dropped her 4th nap, and sometimes only takes 2 longer naps a day. Most days though, she takes 3. She’s up for the day around 6:00, takes naps around 8:00, 11:00, and 3:00, and goes to bed around 6:30/7:00. For me at least, she is not consistent with how long her naps are, but they are usually between 45 and 90 minutes.

Emma’s sleep got disrupted quite a bit when we went up to elk camp, and then she got two teeth! 

Emma7Month 032 (Large)She was up a lot during the night then too, poor baby. We could tell that she was in pain. But thankfully, we all got through that with some Baby Orajel and baby acetaminophen, and now Emma is sleeping 8-10 hours straight again, as long as she gets a full belly before going to bed. (If she doesn’t, she wakes up after about 6 hours to eat.)


I’m still mostly breastfeeding, though I do supplement with formula for a feeding here and there if Emma wants a bottle before bed, or if I didn’t pump enough during the previous workday. I fed Emma a lot during the night when she was teething and that helped my supply out a ton! But now that she’s sleeping better at night, my supply has gone back to normal.

Emma’s eating routine is a bit different on the days I work than the days I’m home. But generally speaking, she nurses 4-5 times a day (she drinks 2 bottles of 6 oz each at daycare, sometimes 3), and then eats 2-3 meals of solid foods. For breakfast, she eats fruit or oatmeal cereal. Dinner is usually a vegetable. And lunch is whatever she didn’t have at another meal, like yogurt. I try to give her 1 fruit, 1 vegetable and 1 grain or protein a day. Seems like a good balance. If only I ate that healthy!

20131027_072836I haven’t made much of her baby food lately, mostly because I have been busy with other stuff on the days I don’t work. But pre-made baby food is expensive and not as healthy as real food, so I’m planning to take a few hours this coming weekend and made a lot of food at once to freeze.

I can tell that Emma prefers to eat solid foods over nursing – she has to be coaxed to nurse most of the time (she’d rather just look around at what’s going on, even when we’re alone in a dark room with no noise!). But when I put her in her high chair, she gets all excited, kicks her little legs around and eagerly awaits her first bite.

At first she only ate about half a yogurt, or a couple ounces of vegetables, for a feeding but now she eats the whole thing! When eating, she loves to kick her legs against the chair pad and crumple up her bib into her mouth between bites. She also loves it when we ‘airplane’ the bites to her but then she’s smiling so much that it’s hard for her to keep the food in her mouth. Silly girl. Here’s a video of it.

Other foods she’s tried since her 6-month update: Broccoli, lentils, yogurt (peach & strawberry), eggs, mandarin oranges, red pepper hummus and several flavors of store-bought baby food, like banana + mango, green beans, and sweet potato + carrot (that one was completely disgusting, but Emma ate it up!). Emma was not a fan of the broccoli, eggs or hummus. The hummus definitely got the best ‘ewww’ face from her so far. (I got the idea for trying that from this BabyCenter article.)

{Sidenote: We ended up buying the Chicco Polly SE high chair after looking at the BabyTrend Standard high chair and the Graco DuoDiner high chair at Target. We liked the vinyl material of the chair cushion, the big tray that latches on both sides so that babies can’t remove it themselves, the height and recline settings, the easy but effective 5-point harness, and the wheels on each leg. Emma is still pretty small for it, and can’t feed herself yet, so we just use it without the tray right now.}

20131031_070407Her shirt said ‘Don’t scare me. I poop easily.’


Emma has been a pro at rolling over from her belly to her back for several months now, and can totally roll over from her back to belly (we’ve found her like that in her crib 3 mornings) but overall, she still doesn’t have any interest in being on her belly. She might be one of those babies that never crawls, who knows? So needless to say, she’s not really mobile in any sense yet. Though she has accidentally made her playmat collapse on her by pushing against the supports!

Emma loves sitting up playing with toys and does a great job until she tries to reach for something a little too far away, and then over she goes. And she goes down fast! So we set up pillows around her, even though we’re sitting there watching her, so that she doesn’t bump her head on the ground. (But sadly, she has still done that several times.)

20131101_094152She also loves standing, and can stand up briefly on her own by holding onto furniture. She can’t get herself up to standing, but she can stay there for a bit! I always get a kick out of her standing – she looks so small, and so big, all at the same time!

20131108_064303 20131108_064237

Emma continues to like the dogs – and now when she sees them, she’ll smile and squeal a little. They still don’t really like to be petted by her, but little do they know what’s coming…

A few funny things that Emma does: She likes to rake things with her fingernails – the chair, high chair, blankets, my stomach (ow!). Maybe she’s reminding me that I need to cut her nails more often? She also plays with my hair a lot while nursing. She’ll grab a fistful and stretch her arm back, pulling on my hair (which hurts a bit sometimes). Then she’ll let it go, wait a bit, grab another fistful and repeat. I let her do it because I think it’s funny, but I’ve drawn the line at her grabbing handfuls of my face.

One day this past month, Emma was playing with a small plastic hanger and when I took it away, she cried. I thought to myself, “And so it begins!” I can’t believe we’re getting to the point of having to discipline and teach Emma about limits, manners and all that stuff! It definitely adds another dimension to being a parent.

Emma has been to the church nursery every Sunday since she turned 6 months, but I always get called back early, since she usually naps at 11 – which is right in the middle of the service – and when she gets tired, she wants Mommy. Still, I’ve been able to hear most of the sermons so it’s been nice.

She’s also been to the gym daycare once. That also went well. I nursed her before taking her and worked out for an hour. I was called back early there too, because she had a poopy diaper (and the daycare doesn’t do diaper changes or feedings, which is understandable). But I got a great run in around the track! I felt AWESOME both physically and mentally and the first 1.3 miles, I just ran as fast as I could while listening to Mumford & Sons, Passion Pit, and The Temper Trap. Turns out ‘as fast as I can’ is a 10:00 mile! My 2nd mile was quite a bit slower… 12:00. But hey, I finished with a huge runner’s high. It’s times like that remind me, exercise makes me happy. I need to make that kind of time for myself. It makes me a better wife and mom.

20131107_071853Anyway, each month that passes, I feel more and more  like I’m getting the hang of this motherhood thing. Most importantly, my love for Emma grows. No matter what time she wakes up, when I go in and she’s smiling and cooing at me, I can’t help but love her. I can’t wait to pick her up from daycare, and spend several minutes just hugging and kissing her. She is so precious, and such a blessing. I am so thankful to God for her being in our lives, and for me being able to really, truly enjoy her. 

Emma7Month 047 (Large)Emma makes that face often.

Emma7Month 054 (Large)I don’t think I blogged about this yet, but we took Emma to a corn maze a few weeks back – it was a pretty sad corn maze compared to the ones in Minnesota. The corn was all dead and only about 3 feet tall, so you could see everyone and all the different paths. It was fun anyway though. Oh and we ate a funnel cake while we were there. So. delicious. (Unfortunately, Emma did not partake.)