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31 Dec

Since getting back from vacation, I have felt like my whole body is filled with lead. I feel lethargic and sapped of energy. Even though I’m still carrying on with my daily activities (going to work, exercising, unpacking, cooking, grocery shopping, laundry), I feel like I’m doing it all in a haze. If it weren’t for my stubbornness and OCD-organization, I probably would have just gone to bed the minute I got home last night. That’s what I really felt like doing.

But no, I made myself cook dinner (which was supposed to be 15 Bean Soup that I got from Carolyn, Travis’ sister…until I read the directions and found out the beans take 2.5 hours to simmer…but I had already soaked them so I was kind of committed to making the soup, even if we weren’t going to eat it right away…so I trudged through it…until 10:00 PM when it was FINALLY done!). I also did all the dishes (there were a lot!), did Pilates, and put away the folded laundry. I also got up this morning at 5:10 AM to go to my aerobics class (note to self: don’t do Pilates the day before aerobics…puts a severe damper on your energy). All of this activity usually comes naturally. But not this time. I even had to force myself to read my book while waiting a whole $&%@ hour for the &$!% italian sausage to cook so I could add it to the soup (I was not a happy camper by the end of it…hopefully the soup is worth it).

The thing that’s really weird, though, is that the bed in our guest bedroom has tons of stuff piled on top that needs to be put away. We also need to take down all of our Christmas decorations. But even my anal, tidy self can’t muster up the energy to do those 2 things. I keep throwing more things into the guest bedroom, telling myself “I really need to take care of this stuff,” words that normally force me into action. But these words are falling on voluntarily deaf ears.

Eh, maybe I’ll do it tomorrow…

[Update 1/2/09: I actually did put away and take down all that stuff on New Year’s Day…but not until I had watched football and taken a 2-hour nap. :)]

I can’t help but wonder if my lethargy is a carryover from work. I’m stuck in a state of having some work, but not enough to fill 8 hours. Having to work without the motivation of a time crunch is more draining, I think, than having so much work to do, you don’t know if you can get it all done. I would much prefer the latter. This slowness is killing me…and possibly turning me into a tortoise.

We’re going to some friends’ house tonight to ring in the New Year. It’ll be good to see our friends from church…but to be honest, I would be perfectly content sitting lethargically on the couch watching movies and drinking champagne. Guess I’ll have to force myself to party too. 🙂 Shucks.