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Comfort and Deprivation {Lent 2022}

27 Mar

We’re about halfway through the Lenten season. I don’t always give up something for Lent (I don’t believe it’s biblically necessary to do so) but I do like how it increases the anticipation of Easter, much like Advent does for Christmas.

Often when someone gives something up for Lent, they use the time or resources they would’ve spent on said thing and focus on God instead. Instead of scrolling social media, they pray. Instead of buying Starbucks, they donate to a charity. Travis and I gave up grains for Lent, which hasn’t really resulted in either a time or money savings (in fact, it has cost more money and taken more time to prepare foods that don’t contain grains).

So what’s the purpose then? Well, not eating grains has prevented me from eating the usual low-hanging fruit of cereal, bagels, quesadillas, toast, mac & cheese. And those first few days were rough, because it felt like I was hungry all the time, but couldn’t just go grab something. I had to slow down and make something to eat. As I reflected on that, I saw how my soul is constantly thirsty, but I often try to appease it by grabbing the easiest thing — another cup of coffee, a glass of wine, a movie, a book, shopping, social media. My real need is to slow down and nourish my soul with God’s word.

After those first few days, we adapted and it wasn’t as big of a struggle to not eat grains. But as the days went by, I noticed how much comfort I usually derive from my food. Not that I was emotionally overeating before, but I never felt deprived. Now I felt deprived, because certain foods that I enjoyed and wanted to eat were off-limits. The feeling of deprivation is the reason why I don’t do diets, but for the period of Lent, I let that feeling remind me that I’m not supposed to feel comfortable and satisfied here on Earth. This world is not my home. I am a sojourner, an exile.

Because we stopped buying bread, tortillas, mac & cheese, etc. during this time, the kids have also been “deprived” of their normal foods (though they do still eat some grains in the form of crackers and stuff). They have done well overall with the difference, but it gave us an opportunity to talk with the girls about the anticipation of heaven, and how we shouldn’t feel completely at home here, because the world does not love Jesus.

I will confess that I haven’t stuck to no grains 100%. There have been a few times when I was so. hungry. (breastfeeding mom here!) that I caved and ate a bowl of oatmeal. It’s also birthday season in our house (all our kids’ birthdays are March, April, and May), and we had Neola’s dedication. So there’s been some cake. But giving up something for Lent is about the heart, not some legalistic requirement. Since it has caused me to reflect on and examine my desires for creature comforts and the lack of deprivation in any area of my life (except sleep!), I would say that it has accomplished its purpose so far.

It has also shown me that while I don’t plan to continue the no-grains thing indefinitely, I do differentiate between grains that are worth eating, and grains that are not. A grain that is worth it for me is a burger bun. Eating a burger without a bun is just soooo not the same. Another would be pizza — I love me some pizza (though the cauliflower crust kind from Costco is great too!). A grain that is not worth it for me is spaghetti, or really any type of pasta. I don’t ever crave pasta, so I don’t feel deprived not eating it.

Only 3 weeks to go until Easter!

Easter 2015

14 Apr

Even though Miss Annabelle decided to arrive early, our Easter plans pretty much stayed the same and were executed with success! We ended up going to the second church service at 10:45 instead of the first one at 9:00, and only planned to stay for the worship at the beginning. Emma had thrown up the night before (from teething mucus we think) so we didn’t put her in the nursery like we usually do, and she doesn’t have a very good track record of making it through a church service. But when the worship was over and both girls were still content, we decided that we’d just stay until one of them started to crack. And we made it through the whole service! Annabelle ended up being held by Travis, and I had to entertain Emma with games on my phone but I was impressed that we were able to stay for the whole thing.

After church, we headed back to the house to pack up the rest of our stuff, I nursed Annabelle, we loaded up the dogs and girls, and were on our way to Nevis by 1 pm. We got there an hour later and poor Emma woke up the minute we parked the car, so her nap was very short. She rallied though and had plenty of energy to enjoy her new toys from G&G and Auntie, and do her first Easter egg hunt.


IMG_6325 IMG_4280 IMG_6334

She also went on the swing and slide.


Annabelle met her Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Matthew and Cousin Drew for the first time.


IMG_4270 IMG_4271

We ate Easter dinner around 4 pm. It was delicious. After dinner, the guys went out to move snowmobiles into storage and jockey boats. We bought Travis’ parents’ old fishing boat and were going to tow it back but didn’t have the right ball hitch. (We tried towing it back last weekend too but couldn’t get the trailer lights to work. I told Travis, one more strike and it just wasn’t meant to be. 😉 )

Around 6 or 7, we ate strawberry shortcake for dessert and then packed up our stuff to head home. It was a short but sweet trip! Both girls did really well.


Without fail, Travis always makes a goofy face in the best picture of the rest of us.

Emma’s 1st Easter

26 Apr

Travis, Emma and I drove down to Rochester on Saturday after the Hot Chocolate race. My brother and sister-in-law were there when we arrived so we got to visit with them for a while. Then, Travis went to study, Chris and Meg went to her dad’s house, and the rest of us went out to pizza at a new place called Toppers. Yummy.

Sunday morning, we went to the 8 am service at my parents’ Lutheran church, ate breakfast in the fellowship hall and then hung out at home until it was time to eat again. 😉20140420_105758 20140420_104106 20140420_104106-MIXThe reality of how hard it is to get a good picture… I didn’t worry too much about it though, because we got professional pictures taken of Emma in her Easter dress during her 1-year photo shoot.

Travis unfortunately had to study for his PE test the whole day. He did break to eat lunch with us though, which was delicious. My mom made this dish called Pineapple Bread Bake to go with the ham and it was amazing.

After our lunch digested a bit, we ate angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert and then Travis packed up his stuff and headed up to the Cities, since his PE test was at 8:30 on Monday morning. The rest of us went over to my aunt and uncle’s house to see them, 3 of my cousins and their wives, and Emma’s second cousin Morgan, who is 19 months. She loved to give Emma hugs! They had fun ‘playing’ with each other.

1512297_735121823184809_7088956606253318788_nWhen it was (past) Emma’s naptime, we headed home. We tried carrying her carseat in while she was sleeping, but she woke up – dangit! Instead of fight her for a nap that late, I just kept her up and we all went on a walk around the cul-de-sac outside. Emma loves being outside. Then it was bedtime for little girls. My parents and I stayed up late marathon-watching Scandal on Netflix. That show is so bad, and so good at the same time.

Monday, Emma, my mom and I drove up to the Cities and met Travis at Olive Garden for lunch after his test. Freedom! He felt that the test had gone well – very challenging but he felt like he got enough questions correct to pass. I hope so! He won’t find out for a couple of months though.

Then Travis, Emma and I drove up to Nevis while my mom headed back down to Rochester. It was a good Easter, though weird since we didn’t see Travis much. Glad that test is over! And glad that I got this post up before a whole week had gone by.


20 Feb

Just a little side note: I didn’t really notice how much chocolate I had been eating until I stopped eating if for Lent. It’s everywhere and I ate a lot of it! And as much as I have desired some–and been offered chocolate chip cookies, Milano cookies, expensive chocolate/hazelnut things, and even made a giant chocolate chip cookie for my husband–I haven’t caved! Only 32 more days to go!!