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Signs of Spring 2016

11 Jun

We are now officially (at least according to Minnesotans!) into summer. While I LOVE warm evenings, open windows, al fresco dining, and beach days, I think spring is quickly becoming my favorite season. Maybe I just didn’t pay attention to these things before, but this year, I was mesmerized by the beauty of God’s creation. There were flowers everywhere! The sunrises and sunsets seemed to be consistently stunning. But I even encountered beauty in lichens on tree bark, stacked piles of birch firewood, dandelions on the edge of the driveway, and a leaf fallen on the asphalt.

A line from one of my favorite running songs says “Heaven and all the universe proclaim Your power and Your worth” (Your Love Goes on Forever by Sonicflood). How true that is.

A Mini Backpacking Trip

21 Aug

Last weekend, Travis and I headed up to White Ranch near Golden – a mere 30 minutes from our house – for a mini backpacking trip with some good friends from church and their 2 kids. I say mini backpacking trip because it was only 1 mile to our campsite and we only stayed 1 night.

But it was still a lot of fun! Since we were so close to Denver, we could see the city from the hill we were on, and at night, we could see all of the city lights.

Since it was a mile to the campsite, we packed everything like we would’ve for a longer backpacking trip. And then we saw people with rolling suitcases and wagons and armloads of stuff. I didn’t feel so sheepish about bringing my travel pillow along then (which actually worked great).

We set up camp, ate dinner and then roasted marshmallows for s’mores. The kids were obsessed with poking long sticks into the fire.


The next morning, pooches were wide awake by 5:30. At 6:45, I finally decided to get up and let them out.  This was the beautiful site I saw as I got out of the tent:

It was jaw-dropping beautiful. I just stood there for a bit looking at it. The picture does not do it justice.

After using the restrooms, pooches and I went on a little walk down the trail in the opposite direction of where we had come up the night before. When we got a little way from the campsites, I let them off their leashes and they ran around like idiots. They love being outdoors and exploring. It would be a shame if we went camping and they didn’t get to do that.

Everything was so amazingly gorgeous in that early morning light and as I hiked around, I felt so in awe of God and His creation. The heavens and earth truly do declare His praise.

After my meditative hike, pooches and I went back to the campsite and waited for everyone else to get up. I fed the dogs, ate a couple of clementines and laid down on the picnic bench, looking up at blue sky and pine boughs.

People finally got up and we ate breakfast, played on the big rocks, went on another little walk/hike, and then packed up camp. The mile back to the cars went by quickly and then Travis and I headed to Which Wich to have lunch. It was my first time eating there and while I really loved all of the options, it made it difficult to choose what to get! I ended up not being overly crazy about what I ordered but I would definitely go back. They serve breakfast sandwiches all day. Mmmm…

Travis and I are hoping to go camping once more before it snows in the high country, hopefully sometime in September.




The best smell EVER.

8 Jun

You can spot Russian Olives by looking for the bush/tree things with very light green leaves.

I absolutely LOVE the smell of Russian Olive trees. Which is good because at this time of year in Colorado, you smell them everywhere. I smell them in parking lots, on runs, walking in to work, in my car on the way to church, in my backyard – and every time I do, I stand there with my nose in the air like a hound dog or the mouse on Ratatouille, waving my hand in front of my nose to prolong my savoring of the scent.

Seriously, if there were such a thing as Russian Olive extract (there isn’t, I’ve checked), I would make potpourri, infuse my pillow cases, sprinkle my carpet, baste my walls, and wash my clothes in it. I honestly don’t think I could ever get sick of it.

Mmmm... Russian Olive

You might be wondering, why doesn’t she just plant a Russian Olive tree in her backyard and serenade it with love songs?

Well, I’ve thought about that but the thing is, they’re considering a pest plant. They use a lot of water, have long nasty thorns, and just aren’t a tree you would really want to plant in your own backyard. (Not to mention the task of finding a nursery that would sell them! Maybe I could just transplant one from the open space near my house…)

So for now, I’ll just get a good whiff (or two or three) of them whenever I step outside. I only wish its blooms were fragrant all year long!