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Bisky Junior Nursery Tour

25 Mar

At long last, here are the pictures of Bisky Junior’s nursery! Since we don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl, the nursery had to be mostly gender neutral. But I felt ok with making it slightly girly because I’ll be the one spending the most time in that room (besides baby of course, but he/she won’t care how it’s decorated for a while).

We had an extra gallon of paint left over from painting our living room (Rolling Pebble from Behr), so that’s what we used on the walls.


I was inspired by pictures on Pinterest (here’s the link to my Nursery Inspiration board) to buy gold dots from WallsNeedLove.com. So fun! I bought the poms from Luna Bazaar — they are super easy to make yourself but I couldn’t find the tissue paper colors I wanted in brick ‘n’ mortar stores. There’s way more selection online. The blue pom isn’t quite the right color, so I ordered a navy blue one off Etsy. It should be coming any day now.IMG_6197The glider was a gift from my parents. We tested out chairs in a store, but ended up buying online because it was way cheaper. It’s the Dutailier Grand Gilder from Babies R Us. Love it so far! We decided on a more traditional glider this time because we found our Best recliner glider to be slightly too deep and short for our comfort — though don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great chair and we use it all the time with Emma.

IMG_6202 IMG_6215

We moved Emma’s changing table out of her room (using the top of her dresser as her changing table instead). You may be wondering where the crib is… well, we don’t want to buy a second one and plan to use the Rock n Play for the first 4-5 months anyway. So we’re hoping to transition Emma into a toddler bed by the time the baby needs the crib. We might also use our Pack n Play to fill in if the timing isn’t perfect.


This bookshelf is a built-in, and the people who built it really designed it for books only. The shelves are fairly shallow and not adjustable height-wise at all. We were at a loss on how to utilize this space (since taking the bookshelf out wasn’t an option) and discovered that old diaper boxes were the perfect size! I covered them with fabric (another Pinterest idea) and plan to use them in lieu of a dresser.


I have labels to put on the front, but am waiting until we know Junior’s gender, since that will probably affect how I label them. The fabric cost me about $45 (I used a yard for each) so they weren’t the cheapest things in the world, but they turned out well!IMG_6220

Yet another inspiration from Pinterest, I made no-sew bunting with some fun fabric. I was on the fence about whether or not this was worth the effort, but now that it’s hanging up, I’m glad I did it. If you have any questions about how I made it, let me know. But as I’ve remarked before, other bloggers do tutorials much better so I won’t go into the details here.IMG_6225

This room, like almost every room in the house, had no window treatments, so I sewed curtains (which actually turned out room-darkening enough to not necessitate blinds!) and we hung up a curtain rod.


Since the built-in bookshelf is really close to the window, we couldn’t use traditional tiebacks. I had found an idea on Pinterest to use rope, but then I was at Michael’s and found these chains in the jewelry section. Cheap and ready-made! A couple 3M hooks later (the best we could find without putting a bunch of holes in the wall) and they were done!

And just for fun, here are some pictures from behind the scenes…IMG_6230 IMG_6211Emma has been all about ‘test driving’ baby’s stuff while we wait for him/her to arrive, and she now points at my belly and says “Baby.” Any day now!

Pregnancy #2 Update: 8 Months

11 Feb

My lack of blog posts lately is the result of pregnancy exhaustion. Even though I have ideas about posts to write, I just can’t bring myself to sit down and write them. By the time Emma’s naptime rolls around, all I can think about is a nap myself. And by the time bedtime rolls around, I’m wiped and either want to read or watch TV and then hit the sack.

I’m 32 weeks as of today and being pregnant is definitely getting challenging. Being pregnant while chasing around a toddler is no joke!

32 weeks then now

I can only stand for a few minutes before needing to sit down. My big belly makes it hard to hold Emma on my lap or get down on the floor with her to play. Sleep is still decent — I get up 2-3 times a night to pee, and have started to be awake for 20-30 minutes at 3 a.m. for no apparent reason, but I can still get up before Emma 3-4 days a week. (It really just depends on when I go to bed.) I’ve started to have some back pain if I stand too long, or sit slouched over (which is easy to do when you have no core muscles!). Overall though, I am still blessed with a very easy pregnancy and a healthy, active baby. Only 2 months to go!

I made a ridiculously long to-do list of all the stuff — baby-related and otherwise — I want to get done before Junior comes. I’m trying to do at least 30-45 minutes of something during Emma’s naps instead of heading straight to my bed after putting her down, but some days that doesn’t happen! I keep waiting for that whole nesting instinct to kick in, but so far, it hasn’t.

Junior’s nursery is pretty much done though, so at least there’s that. We hung up the curtain rod this past weekend, and I found and hung picture frames for the prints that I made. I still have to paint the frames though, and finish a few minor details. I also bought newborn diapers and a few more gender-neutral sleepers so we’re good to go on that stuff until we find out if Junior is a boy or girl. Slowly but surely! I’ll do a separate post on the nursery once it’s all done.

So far, since signing up for the Northwoods Triathlon on August 8, I’ve swam and biked twice each. My speed and stamina are pretty pathetic (I’m blaming pregnancy), but I only want to get familiar with those activities again before giving birth, not actually make much progress. I swam for about 30 minutes each time (doing about 1,000 yards total I would guess). As for the bike, my butt is SO not used to a bike seat (I set my tri bike up on the trainer in the basement), so I’ve only lasted 5-7 minutes before switching to our elliptical. And my belly is too big for me to reach the handlebars, so I just hold myself up with my fingertips on the aerobar pads… But still, it’s better than nothing! I have to admit, I’m a little nervous about this whole thing, but it has been good motivation.

I haven’t done one of these ‘lists’ yet so I’ll close with one for this post:

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, back pain, exhaustion, some inner thigh/pelvic pain

Cravings: Chocolate, but I think that’s mostly because Travis and I have been doing this ‘diet’ for the past month where we can’t eat sweets or refined carbs (more on that in a separate post)

Weight gained: 23 lbs at last week’s prenatal appointment (same as last pregnancy)

Movement: Baby is kicking a soccer ball in my belly — and only on the right side! I am noticing more defined times of activity and rest though.

Rings on or off: On, but sometimes tight in the morning

Belly button in or out: Starting to poke out!

Stretch marks: None that I can tell

What I Miss: Running! Wine. And my pre-pregnancy clothes.

Favorite Moment This Week: It’s not a single moment, but Emma has been really fun the past couple of weeks — I’ve been loving her quirkiness and crazy antics!

Least Favorite Moment: One of our dogs having diarrhea all over our carpet, causing an impromptu carpet cleaning on Saturday.

Looking Forward To: My sister-in-law having her baby — she’s due March 7!

Pregnancy #2 Update: 6 Months

19 Dec

24weekcompI was 24 weeks along this past Wednesday – and my belly is definitely bigger than last time! Seems like pregnancy exhaustion is kicking back in because I am very behind on blogging, but just can’t seem to ever bring myself to do it! I’ve been taking naps during Emma’s naps and vegging in front of the TV after she goes to bed (which means I stay up too late, adding to my exhaustion).

The biggest change since my 5-month update is that I can no longer run. I went on a 2-mile run with my friend Brenda the weekend after Thanksgiving weekend and my pelvis was so angry afterward that I could barely walk. So… I had hoped to keep up the more intense workouts for longer this time, but it appears my body has other ideas. For now, I’m sticking with walking, the elliptical and my prenatal Pilates video. We’re talking about joining the Y, which means I could get back into swimming. I’m entertaining the idea of signing up for a local sprint triathlon that is in August next year. It sells out fast, and registration starts on Jan 2, so I have to decide soon!

Besides running, everything else is still going smoothly. Baby is very active! I’m starting to get to the point of pregnancy where it’s hard to sit up, roll over and good sleep is hit or miss (hence the naps). I’m also having weird dreams, which I had last time. But still no food cravings, no face acne and no linea negra (so maybe it’s a boy this time?). I’ve gained about 12-13 pounds so far. When I was pregnant with Emma, I tried to gain 1-2 lbs every week during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. This time, I’m only concerned about gaining too much! I know now that the weight piles on faster at the end so no need to worry. Plus, I’d like to gain fewer than 35 pounds this time.

We had our ultrasound at 22 weeks. Everything looked great. Baby was laying like a taco, with his/her legs over her head.


The ultrasound technician was super nice and even did some 3D imaging for us while waiting for the baby to move so she could get a better image of the heart valves.

1509037_850898904940433_6891209828618443299_nI’m still a little apprehensive about not finding out the gender ahead of time, but we’re sticking with it!

I made some more progress on the nursery since my last update – I sewed curtains and stuck up wall dots (from Walls Need Love).

1507940_847382471958743_748364470285530591_n 10628045_847382508625406_6811728264417116824_nI’ve pretty much decided on the other decorations I’m going to do for the nursery, but they are going to be after-Christmas projects. Too much stuff going on before then!

Well, I think that’s about it!

Pregnancy #2 Update: 5 Months

19 Nov

I’m 20 weeks along today – halfway there!


Never mind that bad picture…

Here’s me at 20 weeks with Emma:

20w0d 001 crop

We have our ultrasound the day after Thanksgiving but we’re still planning on keeping the gender a surprise until the baby is born.

I feel bad saying this but honestly, this pregnancy has been pretty much a breeze so far. I’d say that I’m a little more tired than usual, but I was used to taking naps during Emma’s naps even before I got pregnant so… I guess that’s pretty much the same. I’m still attempting to get up before her in the morning, but she has decided recently to start waking up at 6, which is as early as I’m willing to get up. Frustrating…

I haven’t had any weird aches or pains (that last, at least), I’m still sleeping pretty well (on my stomach sometimes even!), and I haven’t had really any food cravings. I’m still running – we signed up for a Turkey Trot 5K on Thanksgiving so I’ve been “training” for that by running about twice a week. I’ve worked up to 2.5 miles so far. Even though I had gotten back into running shape last spring, I wasn’t running more than a couple miles at a time all summer. Now that we seem to be in the thick of winter, I’ll probably be done running for a while after the race (unless I join a gym).

I started feeling the baby move a couple of weeks ago. The movements are very slight flutters at this point, but fun to feel and also reassuring that the baby is doing well. I’ve gained about 12 lbs so far.

We finally made some progress on the nursery this past weekend. My parents were up so we moved the futon downstairs and painted. We had a gallon of paint left over from when we painted our main room, and it was the color I had decided to go with anyway, so it worked out! I LOVE it.




I bought some wall dots from Walls Need Love after seeing them on Pinterest and plan to do a design like this or this. I am going to spray paint the lamp we already have – gold for the shade and navy blue for the base. And just today I bought fabric to sew curtains – it’s a navy blue and white fretwork design (which I just happen to be obsessed with).

I went through Emma’s baby clothes and we have only a few gender-neutral things, so I’m going to look around for some more in newborn / 0-3 month sizes.

And Emma is crying again from her cough that will. not. go. away. so that’s all I have for now!


Nursery Tour

21 Mar

I’m so excited to finally share pictures of the nursery! It’s not completely done – I still have 2 picture frames and the diaper pail coming from Minnesota that I got at my shower, and I still would like to get a small side table for next to the glider, but otherwise, it’s finished. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

This is what you see when you walk into the room:

IMG_4345 (Large)

The glider/recliner is the TRYP of the Best Storytime Series and it is amazingly comfortable for both me and Travis.

To the left of the crib:

IMG_4353 (Large)

The crib is the Graco Lauren 4-in-1IMG_4341 (Large)My friend Carrie gave me those adorable etsy prints for my shower gift. I had wanted to use that picture frame for something but couldn’t find a poster the right size. Those prints worked perfectly, and we backed it with some of the extra fabric we had left from the curtains and crib skirt. The tissue paper poms were made by my friends who hosted my shower.

The closet (unpictured) is on that same wall, to the left of the etsy prints.

IMG_4343 (Large)So many amazing homemade baby gifts! All of these were made by friends (except for the sheet). They work perfectly in the nursery.

To the right of the crib and glider, we hung our shelves (in high gloss gray) from Ikea.

IMG_4346 (Large)

IMG_4347 (Large)I found the piggy bank and books at the thrift store. I had the pink frame (need to switch the pic out) and bears and made the LOVE print based on an idea I found on etsy (it has Psalm 139:13:18 on it). The bigger bear is very special because I gave it to my grandma (my mom’s mom) in the hospital before she died, so it reminds me of her.

IMG_4348 (Large)The book on the right is our baby book and the bear is from my Minnesota shower. I also plan to put the square picture frame on this shelf and hang the 1st year collage underneath the shelf.

Looking at the wall opposite the crib:

IMG_4350 (Large)I plan on putting our diaper pail between the dresser and changing table.

IMG_4349 (Large)While the dresser would ideally be white to match the rest of the room, we already had the dresser and didn’t have anywhere to store it, so I let it go.

IMG_4351 (Large)Our changing table is from Ikea. I had planned to put the 3 pink drawers all in a row, but the table isn’t wide enough. This works for now (I’ll probably end up rearranging things later). The top shelf has disposable diapers (loose ones in the drawer) and all diaper changing essentials. The bottom shelf has all of the hygiene supplies, mommy supplies, toys, etc. Underneath is a CD player and a box that holds all of her headbands and barrettes. I found the changing pad cover at the same store as the glider – Firefly Furnishings.

IMG_4352 (Large)The paper bunting was also made by my friends for my shower – I had wanted to hang some on that wall and what they created was perfect.

For Emma’s name, I bought the white frames and scrapbook paper.  Then I printed the letters, cut stencils, and traced the letters. It was tedious and I ended up adding a pink background behind the letters after seeing that the white alone didn’t stand out enough, but I like how they turned out.

And that’s it! We’re ready for you Emma!

Sewing Adventures

3 Jan

Last Saturday, I didn’t have anything going on and since it was pretty much the last open weekend we have until March, I decided it was the perfect time to finish my sewing projects.

First up was redoing Travis’ Christmas stocking and making Emma’s. I am happy to say that these stockings went MUCH smoother than the last ones and I am a LOT better at using the sewing machine. Funny how practicing something makes you better at it.

Though they’re still not perfect, my OCD self is very pleased with how these turned out.

blendsgiving 026 (Large)I think Emma’s stocking (in the middle) is the cutest. I’d be tempted to claim it as my own if she weren’t my daughter.

blendsgiving 027 (Large)Next up was the crib skirt for the nursery. I unfortunately can’t find the blog tutorial I used to get the general idea of how to make this crib skirt, but there are a lot of them out there. And since I am possibly the least qualified person to explain how to make this, I will leave it to others.

I’ll just say that I cut a white rectangle of fabric to go under the mattress, and then sewed 4 other rectangles of 2 different sizes to the edges (after hemming the exposed edges first). There are brackets on each corner of the crib that hold the metal springy thing (what the mattress sits on) in place and they interfere a bit with how the crib skirt falls. If I were to do this again, I might look into just tacking 4 pieces of fabric directly to the crib, instead of sewing them all together (there are tutorials for that too). BUT, since my sewing skills have dramatically improved over the past couple of months, I am thrilled with how this crib skirt turned out.

blendsgiving 024 (Large)My last sewing project for yesterday was to cover a pillow for the glider. Again, I will spare you the tutorial, since I got the whole thing done and it was twice as wide as it needed to be. It was a simple fix – I just cut it in two and sewed those edges. And I ended up with 2 pillowcases for the effort of 1! (Though I’m not sure I need 2.)

blendsgiving 022 (Large) And here is how the nursery looks with all of the chevron pattern together:

blendsgiving 025 (Large)That’s a lot of zig zags. But I love it.

I also love being able to put my sewing machine away for another year! 😉 Sewing, for me, is a means to an end. I don’t sew for fun. I sew to save money and still get what I want. And I’m happy to say I accomplished that.

(If for some reason, you’re really interested in how I made these, email me and I’ll let you know.)

Pregnancy Update: 19 Weeks

13 Nov

Pictures taken in our newly painted nursery! (The first picture is the most accurate representation of the color.) Here’s what the room looked like before:

It’s SO much brighter in there! I love it. We ended up going with this color paint:

It took 3 coats of paint + primer (in one) to cover that aqua color but it’s finally done. In addition to that project, Travis and my dad also replaced the window in that room. While they did that, my mom and I were busy sewing curtains (which I’ll post about once they’re hung up) and shopping for a nursery glider. We had success with both (though the curtains were a close call – luckily, I have an amazing dad who was able to fix my sewing machine after we had almost given up!) Here’s the glider recliner we ended up ordering:


We ordered it in a solid charcoal gray. I had been planning to get a glider with an ottoman because I honestly didn’t know they made glider recliners. But since our nursery is on the smaller side, I thought it’d be nice to not have an ottoman to always get in the way. This chair is also super comfortable and good for tall people (since the back is taller than a lot of other gliders.) It’ll take about 6 weeks to come in so I’m glad we ordered it early! (If you’re in the Denver area, Firefly Furnishings has lots of VERY CUTE stuff.)

On top of all that, we went to Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam show on Saturday night. It was the first time I had been to a Cirque show and it definitely lives up to the hype. It was so impressive what some people can do! It was also very weird and random, but I’m glad we went.


Last week was my best showing workout-wise since I got pregnant:

Su: 1.15 mile walk, 15 minute strength

M: 15 minutes light strength + stretching

T: 1.97 mile walk/jog

W: 1.7 mile walk

Th: 1.15 mile walk

Sa: 1.15 mile walk

Too bad I cancelled it out with unhealthy dinners. ;(


Cravings: I’m loving cheese in, on and with everything, and froyo sounds amazing but overall, my cravings are back to normal

Weight gain: 12 lbs total

Baby-related activities: Painted the nursery, sewed curtains and signed up for childbirth/breastfeeding/newborn care classes

Baby-related purchases: Crib, mattress, curtain + crib skirt fabric, changing table, futon for office (kind of baby-related)


Last but not least, my wonderful sister-in-law sent a giant bag of maternity clothes with my parents so now I have lots of things to wear! (The red sweater above is one of the things she loaned me). Thanks Jen!


Nursery plans

3 Nov

You’d think that because we’re going to find out the gender of our baby (on November 27!!!), I’d want to decorate the nursery gender-specific. (At least I thought I would.) But I don’t. I’m not into princesses or jungle animals. I could do elephants, whales or birds I guess. But really, I’d just prefer a simple, clean design similar to this:

LOVE the combination of yellow and gray. I want to do a more pastel yellow than such a “banana” yellow (which is what they call it) but I just love that room. I don’t love Carousel Design‘s prices though. A lovely crib skirt would run me about $125. At first, I thought that was worth it to get what I wanted (because I have not been able to find this kind of fabric or design anywhere else, and believe me, I’ve looked!). But then, I discovered that they sell the fabric for only $7.50 a yard. I can totally make my own crib skirt and curtains for that price! Here’s the fabric:

We’re going to paint the walls a light pastel yellow similar to this color (we haven’t fully decided yet):

We’re also going to use yellow sheets in the crib (which are also harder to find than you would expect!).

This is my vision for the glider:

(Mostly just the color, not really the style.) My parents said that they would buy us a glider as their baby gift to us! So I’m extremely excited about that. (Otherwise, I was going to buy a cheaper one from Walmart.) My parents are so generous.

The furniture isn’t going to be as coordinated. We’re getting a white crib and white changing station, but we’re using an oak-colored dresser that we already have (and it’s too nice to paint over) and a dark cherry-colored bookshelf (that I may or may not paint white). We don’t want to get rid of the furniture we currently have (since we’ll want it when we move) but we also have nowhere to store it. So I’ll just make do until we move to Minnesota (and get a bigger house). The closet doors in the nursery are also an oak color so at least it somewhat matches.

Once we get all of the big pieces situated, I’ll start thinking more specifically about what to hang on the walls. I might opt to make some of those more gender-specific. We’ll see. My parents are coming out here next weekend so let the (fun) nursery preparations begin!