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Emma’s 4th and Annabelle’s 2nd Birthday Party

17 May

We celebrated Emma’s 4th birthday and Annabelle’s 2nd birthday with friends on the Saturday after Emma’s birthday. (The girls’ birthdays are only a week and a half apart on the calendar so we are doing joint parties for now!)

This year, we did a mermaid/beach theme because those are currently a couple of Emma’s favorite things, and Annabelle likes whatever big sister likes. Emma wore her mermaid costume from Halloween (for about the first 30 minutes) and I found a dress for Annabelle that looked mermaid-ish but could still be worn for other things.I tried to keep the decorations inexpensive, or use things I already had (like all the shells, I had collected on beach vacations). After spending oodles on Gerber daisies last year (unknowingly), I went with regular ones this time. 

I had taken a lot more pictures of the decorations with Travis’ phone, but he updated his iPhone soon afterward and couldn’t remember his iCloud password, so they were all lost. 😞

For an activity this year, the kids made “I Spy” bottles. I emptied bottles of ICE sparkling water, added sand from the decor section at Walmart, and found small trinkets at the dollar store and Big Lots, which I put in a muffin tin for easy assembly. The kids put one of each thing in their bottle and the adults helped superglue the bottles shut. I printed out a list with pictures of all the things they had added so they knew what to look for when playing with their bottles later. The girls have really enjoyed theirs! After the activity, it was time to eat! We had turkey and cheese croissants (with googly eyes to look like crabs), fruit salad, trail mix, goldfish crackers, and spinach & artichoke dip with chips. All Pinterest ideas but I ran out of time to make tent cards with creative names so the food choices probably seemed pretty random. 😂Then it was time for cake! I took the easy route this year and bought a tuxedo mousse cake from Costco. After cake, we opened gifts quickly and then went outside to play because we finally had a nice warm day! That doesn’t happen often at the beginning of April.  After most people had left, we tried to get a family photo. The girls were not very cooperative. Oh well. That night, we took advantage of the warm weather and the girls took a pool bath on the deck. So fun!!

Emma’s 2nd Birthday Party

8 Apr

Today was Annabelle’s due date. Since Emma’s actual birthday was just yesterday, we decided to have her party early so that we didn’t have to worry about having a newborn and throwing a party (or having to cancel the party because I was in the hospital). Good thing we did because Annabelle arrived the weekend after we had Emma’s party!

Since Emma loves dogs, we decided to have a puppy theme. We kept things pretty lowkey, though, because she’s only 2. There’s plenty of time for more elaborate parties later on. For party decorations, we did balloons, streamers and paw prints that I printed at home (and colored in by hand, since our printer is out of yellow ink).

IMG_6165 IMG_6167 IMG_6169 IMG_6170

We invited all of our immediate family, as well as a few of Emma’s friends. We had a great turnout! My parents, Travis’ parents, Trav’s brother, and Emma’s friends all came — so there were 6 kids under 5 including Emma (though one was a baby). (I now realize we didn’t take pictures of Emma with all the grandparents or her friends that day! Bummer.)

IMG_4253 IMG_4249

For the one activity that I planned, I cut dog ears out of paper that the kids could decorate with markers and stickers, and then make into a hat/headband, but the kids were much more interested in playing with toys, so that’s what we did for the first hour of the party.

IMG_6173 IMG_6174

Then we ate lunch — again, we kept it simple with Papa Murphy’s pizza, fruit salad, carrots & dip, and puppy chow.


For Emma’s birthday cake, I made a pawprint — which was just a 2-layer round cake with 4 cupcakes for the toes. The red frosting did not turn out how I had envisioned. Next time, I will just buy the can of frosting with a cake tip instead of trying to squeeze it out of a ziploc bag! At least it tasted good.


After the kids were done eating, we sang Happy Birthday and had Emma blow out her candles (she had help from mommy).



The kids ate cake and then we opened gifts. Emma received fun toys from her friends, a pair of rain boots from G&G Kluthe, a Radio Flyer trike from mommy and daddy, and a stool from G&G Moen.

IMG_6190 IMG_6182

The party ended “on time”, but I told everyone to feel free to stick around as long as they wanted, and they left about an hour later. We gave each kid a goodie bag with a couple packs of Scooby Doo fruit snacks, puppy stickers and a small bottle of bubbles.

It was a great party!

Let the fun begin!

16 Dec

Today at work, I only have to work sit at my desk until 11 and then I get to go shopping and partying! During work hours! Our department is sponsoring 2 families through Safehouse and we roll the shopping and gift-wrapping into our holiday party. I think it’s a pretty good idea, except Travis is bummed that he’s not invited (but I wasn’t invited to their potluck either this year).

Tomorrow, we’re running The Christmas Carol 5k – I’ll be wearing a hat similar to this one.

I would also like to find or make a tutu but it might be too late for that…

I’m hoping to get a nap in tomorrow after the race and then we’re having dinner with friends. Sunday, we’re still planning on going up to Evergreen for ice skating and dinner.

Have a good weekend! I might get ambitious tomorrow and post pictures of my tea table and our Christmas decorations. And hopefully my new 5k PR! 😉 Maybe.

Happy Birthday to my sweetie!

2 Dec

It’s Travis’ 24th birthday today. I have a hard time believing that all this time, he was just 23. That seems so…young. He said this morning that he felt old…like he’s halfway between highschool and 30 (that’s what he would always tell me to make me feel bad about being older than him…by a year and a half).

I already gave him his birthday present (he wanted to open it on Sunday). I bought him a polo for work, a Avalanche t-shirt, and new headphones for his iPod. He was pumped.

To celebrate, we are going to have some people over tonight. We invited our whole care group, plus a few other friends from church. How many will actually show up, I have no idea. But hopefully people do or else, I know Travis would be sad. I even made his favorite cake–strawberry shortcake. And this year, I made real shortcake from scratch, not angel food cake from a box. 🙂 The strawberries are still frozen though and we’re using Cool Whip. Ah, well. Good enough.

I am very thankful for this day, the day my amazing husband was born. I love him and appreciate him so much. There are so many different things I love about him… he is thoughtful, sweet, handsome, funny, smart, handy, wise, athletic, loving, playful and more. But most of all, I am so blessed by the way he loves me. He will do things differently just because he knows I like them done that way. I can echo Faith Hill’s song… “It’s not right, it’s not fair, what you’re doing over there. Someday I’ll find a way to show you just how lucky I am to know you. Ooo, I love the way you love the way you love me. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be. Ooo, to feel the way I feel with your arms around me. I only wish that you could see the way you love me.”

Reading a book the other day, the author said that the way you know a certain person is The One is that they make you want to be a better person. I pondered that for a moment, trying to think of the ways Travis makes we want to be a better person. I realized that the way Travis makes me want to be a better person is not through his hobbies and activities (sorry, no desire to go ice fishing or drink beer with the guys like he does) but through the way he loves me. The way he is understanding and forgiving when I really don’t deserve it. The way he chooses to do things for my benefit and happiness instead of his own. The way he takes care of me when I’m sick, hurt, or sad. The way he tells me that I’m beautiful and a good wife when I’m struggling to believe that’s true. The way he reflects the love and grace of Christ, who is the Ultimate Husband.

My husband isn’t perfect. But he is an amazing man, a wonderful husband, and my very bestest friend.