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Week 10 Training: 4/23 – 4/29

1 May

We spontaneously planted a tree on Sunday!

The bottom is hidden in shadows, so you can’t see our landscaping but we had some really pretty Yarrow planted there. This is what it looked like last year:

But apparently, Yarrow is an invasive species of plant. Meaning it TOOK OVER. And as I told Travis, I don’t allow rogue plants in my landscaping. They have to stay where they’re planted or I’m ripping it out (sorry plant). I’m kicking myself now that we didn’t get a before picture because those plants were massive. Each plant epicenter + its intricate, shallow root base had to have been 3 feet in diameter.

In place of the Yarrow, we planted an Autumn Blaze Maple tree. It has small white blossoms in the spring and turns bright red in the fall. It’s also hardy enough to withstand a lot of wind – which is key since this poor little tree is on the west side of our house (the strongest winds always come from the west).

As you can imagine, the Yarrow left quite a big empty gap so there’s still more room for us to plant some more perennials. But now I’ll be on guard against ROGUE PLANTS.

Last week’s training went fairly well. My legs were pretty tight so I ended up wearing my compression tights to bed 4 nights in a row. They really do help!!

Monday: 3.24 mile easy run (36:52, 11:23/mile); Drop 10 Workout from Self

Tuesday: 4.11 mile run with 4 Yasso 800s (50:14; 12:13/mile)

I warmed up for .5 mile, ran 4 x 800 with 2-2:30 rest in between, ran .5 mile  home to drop off pooches and finished with 1 mile moderate. 800s were 4:56, 5:01, 5:01, 4:53. If these 800s are supposed to determine how fast I can run a marathon, I think that keeping them around 5:00 – 5:30 is a good goal (since that’s roughly my marathon goal, in hours obviously).

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: 7 mile run (1:13:50, 10:28/mile); UB weights + 30 one-legged squats

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 15 mile long run (2:55:07; 11:50/mile); 1.15 mile walk with pooches

Sunday: 1.5 mile walk with pooches; 2 hours of gardening + cleaning

Total Running Miles: 29.4


For my long run last Saturday, I tried out a new hairstyle. My hair is about the longest I’ve ever had it (tied with the length of my hair when I got married in 2007) and so, my go-to hairstyles no longer work. But the front layers of my hair are too short to be practical for long hairstyles so I’ve been extremely frustrated. I seem to have the greatest hair problems whenever I go on a run with Travis. Anyway, I tried a hairstyle I’ve seen and heard from other ladies with long hair: the braided ponytail.

I had to wet my ponytail a bit so that my hair didn’t slip out of the braid (my hair is ridiculously fine and doesn’t stay anywhere you put it) but I really liked this. It didn’t bounce all over the place like a regular ponytail and I didn’t have to comb a rats nest out later. Win, win.

How do you wear your hair for workouts?

Have you had any experience with rogue plants?

Our Vegetable Garden

24 May

In my last post, I mentioned that we planted our vegetable garden this past weekend (finally!). We probably won’t get much produce before August or September but it will be fun to watch them grow over the next couple of months and then reap the benefits!

We followed the Square Foot Gardeningtechnique taught by Mel Bartholomew. Thus, our cute little 4′ x 4′ boxes:

Our Lovely Little Garden

The idea of this technique is that by eliminating space between rows and growing your vine plants vertically instead of along the ground, you can have more garden in less space. I like that idea! Since we planted so late, we bought mostly plants from our local nursery but some fast-growing plants (spinach, green beans, carrots, and sugar snap peas) we are (attempting to) grow from seeds.

Please note the deliberate fencing effort. That was to keep the dogs out. Yesterday afternoon, we caught Katy inside the garden. She had jumped the fence. Argh!
A few more pics of our landscaping and garden:
Look at how green everything is! That will be gone in a month because of the Colorado dryness (we actually got over 4 inches of rain this month – almost a record!) I’m enjoying it while it lasts.