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I’m Losing My Mind: Monday Randomness

9 Jun

1) Proof that I’m losing my mind: I was convinced that yesterday was Father’s Day. I brought Travis breakfast in bed (eggs, bacon, toast and coffee), gave him his present (the book Lone Survivor, some gum and hand sanitizer – an inside joke), and let him sleep in both Saturday and Sunday until 8:30. I didn’t discover that it wasn’t Father’s Day until I told Trav’s dad Al Happy Father’s Day and he looked at me weird.¬†Well crap.

2) I’m blaming the above on the fact that I went to bed at 11 pm every night this past week, which is 1-2 hours later than I normally do. After Emma went to bed, we used milk paint to refinish the hand-me-down table and chairs we received. They look awesome! We have 2 chairs left to sand and paint, but the rest are ready for distressing and waxing. We’re pumped about them. I have pictures, but I’m going to save them for a separate post. ūüėČ

3) Even though my hair is still shorter than I’d like for putting up in a ponytail, it is the perfect length for air drying. My hair is naturally stick-straight but at this length, it flips out at the bottom when I¬†let it air dry. So I haven’t used my hairdryer in over a month! Love it.

4) I was inspired by the writer/blogger/runner I met at the Park Rapids church several weeks ago to blow the proverbial dust off my book manuscript and start working on it again during Emma’s naptimes. It has been so enjoyable and I’ve made quite a bit of progress on it. It’s still too rough-draft for me to have any idea of a timeline on publishing, but I’m very excited to have a contact who has “been there, done there” with self-publishing and now with a publishing house. This is my dream!

5)¬†The power cord for the baby monitor we got when I was pregnant broke so I bought a cheapy $25 set of baby monitors at Babies R Us to replace them (for some reason, they don’t sell just power cords.) Save your money. It’s the biggest piece of crap ever. We didn’t have the cadillac of monitors before either (maybe $50-60) but this one is horrible. We’d like to buy a video monitor when we have another baby so we were trying to hold out until then, but maybe we just need to break down and get one now. Any recommendations?

6) My mom’s side of the family has a reunion every 4th of July and this summer, the theme is Super Heroes. Emma is going to be dressed as the Incredible Hulk, but named Destructobaby. I’m thinking about going as a spinoff of Wonder Woman, but instead being called Wonder Mommy or Wonder Runner. I’d be making my own costume so it could really be anything.I also thought about going as Catwoman, as a joke since Travis is allergic to cats.¬†Any other ideas?¬†

7) Emma and I are heading down to Pine City and then Rochester today to spend the week with my parents. I’m excited! But

Well, that’s all the randomness I have for today.

Undo buttons

19 May

Evidence that I’ve spent way too much time on the computer: the other day, I had pulled something out of a tight space to check it, knowing it would be hard to get back in. Once I had checked in and it was exactly what I had expected, I found myself wishing I could just press an undo button and have everything go back to how it was before I pulled it out.

Today, I was using our timing software, which is an ancient DOS-based program. No undo button in that sucker. Oh, how I wish for one though. Undo buttons make life so much easier.

But if life had an undo button, it would create a culture where people acted rashly without thinking at all about the consequences. If the consequences were negative, they could just press undo and then do it a different way.

But there are some times when I’d really like an undo button in real life.

Catching my breath

17 Mar

So the weeks since my last post have been a complete whirlwind. Work has been absolutely nuts. I go home every day with my brain hurting and my body physically exhausted. It is starting to slow down now, which is great because I can actually do things after work instead of just wanting to crash.

My grandpa died in February but we didn’t have the funeral until March 8th so that my brother Brian could come (he¬†had been in Europe touring with a band called Land of Talk). So Travis and I flew to MN on Thursday and then back to CO on Monday. It was good seeing my family and our friends. We wished we could have stayed longer but Travis only got one day of bereavement leave–crap if you ask me.

Then I’ve been training for this darn half-marathon coming up on May 4th. That’s one of the hardest parts about training for a race–it takes up so much time! (I’m up to 5 miles now). One of the best parts about training for a race is that you get to eat a lot and not feel guilty (a 5-mile run alone¬†burns 560 calories).

I’m also still teaching English to Alma and we have our care group and women’s accountability group. I finally have a busy life in CO! Travis is staying busy as well with care group, men’s accountability, running with me, and getting involved with Engineers Without Borders. He’s thinking about getting involved with the project they’re doing in Madagascar.¬†The trip falls in May so I told him that if he went over our anniversary, I was going to come with.¬†He also went to New Orleans with work and is now planning on going out to Las Vegas to see the site of the project he’s working on.

And good news! I have less than a week left until I can eat chocolate!! I have decided that instead of¬†(or maybe in addition to…) a big sundae smothered in chocolate syrup, what I really want to treat myself to on Easter Sunday is a big stack of chocolate chip pancakes. Mmmmmm… my mouth is watering already.


Ten random observations of Colorado (by a Minnesotan)

21 Feb

1. The same street can have two completely different names. On one side of the intersection, it’s South Boulder Road and on the other side, it’s Table Mesa Drive. Makes it kind of hard to follow directions.

2. They never plow the roads when you need them to and they do plow them when the snow is gone.

3. They’re not very creative with street names. The same name, for example Arapahoe, is used in any combination they can think of: Arapahoe Street, Avenue, Road, Boulevard, Circle, Square, Lane, Pathway, Alley, Sidewalk, Gutter, etc.

4. They named the road in front of our apartment Table Mesa Drive. Mesa means table in Spanish. So technically they named the street Table Table Drive. ???

5. No matter what the temperature, Coloradoans always complain about it being cold outside. It can be 65 and sunny and they’re still complaining. Try living in Minnesota for a week. That’ll shut you up.

6. There are organic, overpriced grocery stores everywhere and they’re just as big as the regular grocery stores. There are literally four in Boulder alone. I personally have not yet stepped foot in one, anywhere.

7. It must be a hoppin’ auto market out here because I see more people driving around with the registration paper taped to their back window than I do people with actual license plates. (When you buy a car and are waiting for the registration to be processed by the DMV, you put the paper in your back window…we are one of those people.)

8. People regularly drive under the speed limit. This is unheard of in Minnesota. Absolutely unheard of. Are people just happier out here? More laidback? Or maybe their feet are lighter on the gas pedal because of the higher altitude?

9. Everybody loves to talk about how the weather is so great in Colorado. Except for this winter. And last winter. And the winter before that. Well, the weather is great in theory at least.

10. I love Colorado: 300 days of sunshine…………….5 days of winter.


7 Feb

Last night was the most relaxing night I’ve had in a while. When I got home from work, I cleaned up the kitchen for about 5 minutes (so Travis wouldn’t come home to a dirty kitchen). Then I read the Bible for about 20 minutes and took a¬†20 minute nap. I really could’ve gone to bed right then but it was only 7:00 and I had other things I wanted to do.

I¬†think that I am severely sleep-deprived because I can’t read a book or watch a movie without falling asleep within 20 minutes. I try to sit up straight and concentrate but it doesn’t work. I end up falling¬†asleep anyway. I¬†read about 5 pages of a book each night and there is a¬†list of movies that I’ve only seen the beginning¬†and end of.¬†I keep telling Travis it’s because our bed is too small (we just have a my full-size from pre-marriage days) but we really don’t have the extra cash to spring for a bigger bed right now. Maybe if we buy a house, we can roll one into our mortgage…

Anyway, after my power nap (as my mom calls it), I did Pilates and then took a bubble bath while singing along to Christian worship songs. I like taking baths but really wish I had one of those clawfoot tubs that were actually made for taking baths in. The bath/shower combos today really aren’t made for adults to relax and take a bubble bath. It’s too short for my 5′ 6″ frame and my neck has to stay rigidly straight because of the wall. Why do they even make tubs like that? I guess if you wanted to give your kid or your dog a bath it would work well.

After that, Travis came home and we fell asleep reading in bed, me about 20 minutes before him. What a great night.

Pictures that I like

23 Jan




Trav and me on our way up to Black Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park


A funny ad from once upon a time


The picture in my siggy on The Nest–I think it’s funny and I love the 50s era.

A car, a house, and a marriage

22 Jan

Lots of stuff in the works in the Kluthe household–buying a second car and buying a house. We spent almost all day last Saturday looking at cars. It was fun and exciting for a few hours but then around 5:00, I hit a wall and just wanted to go home. I am the kind of person who looks until I find something I like that I think is a good deal. Then I just go for it. Travis, on the other hand, is the kind of person who wants to research and inspect every little detail. I was in a bratty mood for a while when we were car shopping but finally, it was over! We’ve narrowed it down to about 2 cars but Travis is making the call. I’m pretty indifferent to which one we get–he can decide as long as I don’t have to go shopping for them again!

We’re also wanting to buy a house. For it to work, we¬†have to have one lined up¬†by the beginning of June because our apartment lease ends August 6 and we have to give 60 days notice about what we plan on doing. I’ve found some cute houses online but you can only tell so much from 2-D pictures! I’m anxious to contact a realtor and get out there and see some properties! But that is another thing Travis and I differ on–he’s not sure about getting a realtor. I am reminding myself daily that God is in charge and He has the perfect house and timing already chosen. I am called to lift my requests up to Him and trust Him and the peace of Christ will guard my heart from having an emotional meltdown. I really like our apartment in Boulder. But it’s small and so far away from work and¬†everyone we know! AND I am¬†very excited to decorate our first house (and be able to enjoy it for more than a year at a time!)

Marriage is hard lately. I’ve been in a weird, cold, heartless funk.¬†A lot of times I feel so¬†indifferent toward Travis. I condemn myself for¬†not feeling the way a newlywed is “supposed” to feel: giddy and in love.¬†All I feel is reality–my life. It’s not floating in the clouds, everything’s coming up roses. It’s messy,¬†chaotic, and¬†busy.¬†I started teaching¬†English to a woman named Alma and we meet twice a week at her house in Erie. That has stretched the whole one-car thing to a¬†new limit. We are more anxious than ever to get another car. I’m a little sad to get another car because it means¬†less time that¬†Travis and I will get to spend together. But¬†it also¬†means that we get some time apart, which¬†I think will strengthen our¬†marriage. You know the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”¬†I take Travis for granted a lot because I¬†hardly ever experience his not being right next to me. It will¬†be good to have some space so that we can appreciate our togetherness¬†more.

Another weird thing: I woke up this morning with a huge cold blister thingy on my lip. It¬†completely developed overnight–what the heck? It’s more annoying than¬†anything…¬†