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Cankles are here to stay.

3 Apr

canklesPretty, huh?

It’s actually kind of funny to see them after I wear socks. I’ll spare you though.

For a while, my ankles only got swollen after sitting all day at work, or traveling, or standing on my feet for a while. Now they’re just constantly swollen. Even the three pairs of flats that I’ve been wearing to work for the past 3 months are getting tight. When I wear tennis shoes on my walks, they’re laced up almost as loose as they’ll go (when it’s nice outside, I just go for the flip flops instead). When I kneel and sit on my heels, it feels like I’m wearing gel pads on the tops of my feet. And twisting my feet to the side is actually pretty uncomfortable.

Anyway, it’s not that bothersome, just kind of humorous (my doctor is not concerned about the swelling, since my blood pressure is fine) – and one more reason why I’m glad that Friday is my last day of work!