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When Your Husband Travels for Work

11 Mar

Like Murphy’s Law, it seems that the Law of Your Husband Traveling is that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Back in February, Emma and I were playing in the basement on the second night of Travis’ 4-day work trip. She went around the corner where the stairs are. Being pregnant-lazy, I didn’t follow. Thirty seconds later, I hear her tumbling down the stairs. I race over to her and luckily she’s ok, just scared. Momma is not ok however. That quick movement made my pelvis and hips hate me. If I was moving at a turtle pace before, I was now moving at the speed of a beached whale. Luckily, the pain went away after a few days. Later that night, Emma slipped in the bathtub and bit her tongue, but thankfully it wasn’t bad enough to need medical attention.

Last week, right after our babymoon, Travis went out of town for a work trip. 5 nights, 6 days. Sunday night, I ate a couple of Tums before bed (which I do a lot these days) and hit the sack. A few minutes later, I felt like I was going to explode on both ends. Thankfully, that lasted for only about 10 minutes, I did some business and felt better enough to go back to bed instead of sit in the bathroom. But I couldn’t lay down without feeling awful so I watched an episode of Parenthood and then I could at least recline enough to sleep.

Monday, I still felt off but good enough to venture out to MOPS. (Whenever sickness prevents me and Emma from going to our normally scheduled activities, the week DRAGS by.) I felt mostly fine all day until nighttime came.  I was so miserable that night, I literally got up and drank a cup of coffee at 12:30 to see if it would get things moving, then took a shower and watched a couple episodes of Parenthood. When I finally did get to sleep, it was propped up against the wall in bed.

Tuesday, I had my prenatal appt and my doctor said it didn’t sound like anything to ‘fix’. Since Emma was at daycare and I felt awful, I spent the whole day on the couch. Then Tuesday night happened, which I will elaborate on shortly.

Wednesday, after talking with my mom, I started to think my problem might be acid reflux and not constipation. So I started avoiding trigger foods (citrus, tomatoes, caffeine) and by the end of the day, I was feeling significantly better. Thursday, I felt fine. Acid reflux is a nasty thing!

So Tuesday night. Ugh. I had just fed Emma dinner and was going to give her a bath right after I took the dogs out to go to the bathroom. But somehow, I
got locked out of the house — with Emma locked inside. After unsuccessfully trying to coach Emma to unlock the door (it’s a latch on the knob) and checking for a key in the garage and front door area, I started sobbing and decided my only option was to run to the neighbors’ house to use their phone, even though it meant leaving Emma, who I could hear was crying on the other side of the door. Of course it had to also be the day that we got 6 inches of snow and I was only wearing loafers. Luckily Travis had left a jacket in the garage or I wouldn’t have had one of those either!

Imagine a woman 35 weeks pregnant waddle-running in 10 degrees through snowy, icy roads and down 2 driveways that haven’t been plowed. That was me.

Luckily, my neighbor was home. I called Travis first to ask if we had any spare keys hidden. Nope. They were all in the house. He suggested calling 911 and having the fire dept come out. So that’s what I did. I didn’t want to spend time researching locksmiths. My wonderful neighbor loaded up her 8-month pregnant self and 3-year-old son to drive me back to my house.

When we got back, I went to the front door where we have a window and pounded on it to get Emma to at least come where I could see her. But she wouldn’t. I could hear her screaming hysterically and that made me cry even harder. I decided to head back to the door between the kitchen and garage (where Emma was). I took one step down the front stairs and ended up on my tailbone. I just kneeled in the snow for a few minutes, bawling and thinking,  “Could this night get ANY worse? Please let the baby be ok. OMG, this is so painful. And I’m cold. Travis is never traveling EVER AGAIN!”

The fire dept showed up around 5 minutes later but it felt like an eternity. They tried picking the lock but ended up using an axe between the door and jamb to open the door. Little Emma was fine — shaken up but not hurt. It seemed like she got over the trauma as soon as I picked her up.

Wednesday, I went to the hospital to be monitored just to make sure baby was ok. I wasn’t concerned since I had felt the baby move plenty since my fall but better to be on the safe side. Everything checked out.

Thankfully, the rest of the week was uneventful. I was so happy when Travis finally got home!

He traveled again this past Monday just for a (19 hour) day. Emma had developed a cold over the weekend and had very labored breathing so I took her to the doctor. They prescribed an albuterol nebulizer 3x a day, antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection, and steroids for inflammation. Poor girl! I swear, every time I’ve taken Emma to the doctor for being sick, Travis has been out of town.

Now you can see why I’m scared to have a newborn to take care of too, right? Travis is done traveling for the next couple of months though. It’ll be nice to have him at home.

Our San Francisco Trip {Brill’s Wedding Weekend}, Part One

19 Sep

Our trip to San Francisco for my brother’s wedding over Labor Day weekend was a whirlwind. It went well overall, and we enjoyed all the wedding-related festivities, but let’s just say that being in downtown San Francisco for a wedding with a 1.5-year-old is CRAZY exhausting and stressful. We weren’t able to relax and enjoy everything like we would have wanted to, but we did our best given the circumstances.

IMG_5845 (Large)

IMG_5847 (Large)My family rented a VRBO house that had 2 bathrooms, 6 bedrooms and slept 14, so we had my 2 other brothers and sisters-in-law, nephew, 3 cousins and 1 boyfriend, 2 uncles, 1 aunt, my parents plus me, Travis and Emma all staying in the same house. Luckily, our oven was broken when we arrived and the owners compensated us by giving us access to the downstairs unit, which had 4 more bedrooms and a bathroom. So we had plenty of space to spread out in the end.

IMG_5851 (Large) IMG_5848 (Large) IMG_5849 (Large)The first day, we went down to Fisherman’s Wharf with my aunt, uncle, brother, sis-in-law and nephew, and toured the SS Jeremiah O’Brien, a ship used during WWII.

IMG_5853 (Large)


IMG_5869 (Large) IMG_5868 (Large) IMG_5867 (Large)

IMG_5905 IMG_5900

IMG_5892 (Large) IMG_5870 (Large) IMG_5871 (Large) IMG_5883 (Large)

That afternoon, Jill (the bride) had a ‘bridal bash’ where a group of us ladies went on a chocolate tour in downtown San Fran. We learned a lot about gourmet chocolate, the history of the area, and ate/drank chocolate until we were sick of it. It was fun!

10655317_10101615742606072_5129077424676176044_o 10454901_10101615742476332_1121215095516802134_o

After that, we went to dinner at the Biergarten, a casual outdoor German restaurant. The food was delicious, but unfortunately Emma was not the happiest camper sitting around, so Travis and I had to take her across the street to a park for a bit, and then we headed home early.

Saturday, we hung out at the house and park across the street until the Welcome Picnic in the Redwoods that Brian and Jill (Brill) were hosting. It was a beautiful setting, and the sandwiches, potato salad, chips and dessert really hit the spot (so much so that I ate way too much). Emma loved running around and getting dirty.

IMG_5932 (Large) IMG_5915 (Large) IMG_5920 (Large) IMG_5926 (Large)

IMG_5928 (Large)

Jen and I got dropped off with the kids at the Conservatory of Music on the way back by our aunt and uncle for the rehearsal and groom’s dinner. During the rehearsal, we decided that Emma would just come in during the procession with me and Travis instead of her walking with the other (older) flower girl – which, it turned out, was a very good decision. The groom’s dinner was on the bottom floor of the Conservatory and was BBQ catered by one of Brian and Jill’s friends. It was tasty! There were also 3 cakes for dessert – the one I tried was pineapple and coconut. Delicious.

Without my aunt and uncle’s car, we had too many people to fit in just the one minivan so my brother Chris and SIL Meg ended up walking the 1.5 miles back to our house – and they had to push our jogging stroller (empty) because it wouldn’t fit in the car either. It was a very hilly 1.5 miles home, but they were troopers.

Stay tuned for Part Two…

How to Pack a Carry-on Suitcase

8 Dec

Since my husband is a savvy traveler and refuses to check anything but a box of meat (which we just did on our trip to Minnesota), I have learned to pack in such a way that I don’t have to check a bag either. And the amazing thing is, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be.

I have a Leisure suitcase that I bought from Herberger’s (a department store like Macy’s). It looks like the smaller upright suitcase in this picture (except mine is a bright cerulean):

So for those of you who are traveling for the holidays, here are my tips to fitting all your stuff for a 4-5 day trip into a carry-on suitcase:

1. Roll your clothes.

You’ve probably heard this tip before, but that’s because it’s true. Not only does rolling your clothes save space and prevent wrinkles better than folding, it also makes getting clothes out a breeze (no unpacking to pull out something from the bottom!). I pile all of my clothes rolls on one side length of the suitcase, leaving about 10 inches in front for my toiletry bag and shoes.

2. Plan a wardrobe, not outfits.

If you have a thing about re-wearing clothes before washing them, then this tip is not for you. But for the rest of us, this is a great way to save space, while still looking cute. On this most recent trip when I was packing for 4 days (not including the first day of travel), I brought 2 pairs of pants, plus the one I was wearing. I brought a shirt to wear with the vest I had on, plus 3 other top combinations. I brought 2 pairs of shoes – 1 pair of brown flats and 1 pair of black flats, and wore my snow boots (which, it turned out, I needed more in Denver than in Minnesota). As a general rule, I mostly bring solid color basics that can go with multiple things and then jazz things up with a tank or t-shirt (because they’re small) or jewelry (also small).

3. Bring the beauty basics.

I bring travel sizes of shampoo, conditioner, body wash (when I remember to buy it), toothpaste, face wash (even though it isn’t my normal brand), body lotion, and perfume. I also bring my regular toothbrush, regular makeup bag, ponytail holders/barrettes, comb, hairdryer and either a straightener or curling iron. But the rest of the beauty products I use normally? I leave them at home. Luckily, my skin isn’t very temperamental and I can get by without my normal products for a short trip. I realize not everyone is in the same boat but even then, you can get travel-sized plastic containers to hold the amount of product you need on your trip.

4. Choose the least bulky items.

Given the choice between two sweaters, bring the one that takes up the least space in your suitcase. As much as I love my chunky wool sweaters (and definitely take advantage of the opportunity to pack them in our biggest suitcase when we’re driving back), if I’m trying to pack a carry-on for a flight, they’re not coming with. If you just can’t handle the idea of leaving your precious item behind, then make sure to plan the rest of your wardrobe so that you have a few different outfits you can wear with it. Same thing goes with shoes – if you can, pack flats or heels over boots (though I did bring back 2 pairs of boots in October and still carried my suitcase on the plane). Better yet, plan to wear the bulkiest items when you’re traveling, so that you don’t have to worry about packing them at all (like I did with my vest and snow boots for this trip).

5. Pack fun jewelry.

A fun necklace can take a regular long-sleeved shirt from daytime to nighttime and it takes up hardly any room in your suitcase. To keep dainty necklaces from getting tangled in travel, I hang them all on my hand and tie a twisty tie around the top, banding all the chains together. Then I gently lay them in an empty Altoids box, cover with tissue or toilet paper so that they can’t move around at all. I do the same thing with earrings (minus the twisty tie, obviously). For bulky necklaces, I put them in individual plastic baggies. All my jewelry goes into my toiletry bag, which also helps them to not move around much.


What’s your tip for saving room in your suitcase when traveling?


2 Mar

I have been really out of the computer loop because I was just in Columbus for 5 days with Dare 2 Share for the National Youth Ministry Conference (my first business trip!!) And since I don’t have a work laptop (and my personal one weighs like 10 lbs), I didn’t have access to the internet the whole time we were there (which I was actually ok with!) The conference was a whirlwind but a total blast. I want to spend some QT with my husband right now so I will wait until tomorrow (which I have off!) to recap the weekend.

Until then…