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Am I serious about this?

12 Feb

This past week brought about some changes in my employment status. First, the church no longer has funds to pay me so my part-time job there is no more. I was making about $240 a month more working there than just collecting unemployment so it’s somewhat unfortunate.

What really is unfortunate, though, is that I found out that since I quit my job at Dare 2 Share for “no good reason under the law” and since I worked there within the past 5 quarters (3-month periods used to calculate unemployment benefits), I am now only qualified for about half of the unemployment benefits I had calculated. It appears that I will still get the same amount every week (which is a definite blessing!) but that instead of getting unemployment for 6 months, I will now only get it for 3. Considering the fact that the average unemployment stint these days is 9 months, I’m sure hoping that God has another plan in mind!

That means that I kind of have to get my butt in gear and actually start taking the job search seriously, as well as tackle my book project with more gusto and intentionality than had previously been applied. It is reassuring to remind myself, however, that even though this realization has changed my perception of the situation, the actual situation has not changed at all – God knew this all along and nothing has changed in His purpose or plan for me.

Nonetheless, it is a reality that my perception of the situation has changed. I no longer have “all the time in the world.” I have 3 months. Three months to find a job or to start making money from my writing. The question then becomes: am I serious about this whole writing thing? Am I willing to commit my financial future to it, over pursuing a reliable job?

I have been praying that God would direct me to either put the majority of my efforts into finding a job or into writing my book. I have not received any clear direction either way, so I am going to continue on with the leading that I have been operating out of until this point – writing my book. I’ve asked God to give me a clear sign that writing is not what I’m supposed to pursue. But until I get such a sign, I still feel like I am called to be serious about being a writer – or rather, a published author.

Plus, submitting queries for freelance work qualifies as  a job contact, right?


The busyness of leisure.

7 Feb

When I first entertained thoughts of being unemployed or working part-time (which I am currently), I thought “Imagine all the free time I’ll have! I will be able to get so much accomplished, have full days of relaxation, and still have extra time to boot!”

Hmmm… not so much.

It appears that the more free time you have, the more things you find to fill up that time. All those things that you never think about doing because you “don’t have the time,” you end up doing because well, frankly, you do have the time. But add up enough of those things and your free days are gone.

That’s where I am right now. Some people don’t know what to do with themselves when they don’t have a job. I am not one of them. I have lists and lists of stuff I want to do and my only problem is that I don’t have the time to do it all.

So what have I been doing, you might ask?

Reading. Writing. Sleeping in – glorious! Reading. Coffee dates. Laundry. Dishes. Writing. Painting. Crafts. Reading. Cleaning. Cooking.

And my new favorite thing… Yoga.

I love yoga. Back in high school, I got turned on to Pilates. And since yoga is similar to Pilates, I bought a yoga video about 3 years ago. Then about a year ago, I went to a class at a yoga studio and it kicked my butt. I also learned that I had been doing some of the poses wrong. But yoga is expensive, the studio wasn’t very close, and the class schedule didn’t jive with a 9-to-5.

So imagine my joy when I discovered that the Wheat Ridge Rec Center is now offering yoga. It’s on Mondays and Thursdays in the morning/afternoon, the class is free with a Rec membership, and the Rec is only 3 minutes from my house. It works out well for me, since I work at the church on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Obviously, if/when I get a full-time job again, the yoga classes won’t work with my schedule but I’m really enjoying it right now!

The thing I love the most about yoga is that it gives me a feeling of taking care of my body. Instead of trying to push my body beyond its limits as in endurance sports, ignoring it when it tells me to stop, I learn to listen to my body, respond to it, and appreciate it. I’m not into the whole spiritual stuff like “Become one with yourself” or “Bring in the energy” but I do believe that God calls us to be good stewards of our bodies and yoga helps me do that.

I’m still planning on getting back into triathlon training starting in March but I hope to keep going to the yoga classes. They’re great for flexibility, calming me down, and I love getting stronger without lifting weights. It’s a win-win.